IPSA - 26th World Congress of Political Science


Panels Submitted and Accepted to the Congress:


RC18 Asian and Pacific Studies

Panel: “ Contemporary Nationalism, Populism and its Reflections on Foreign Policy: A Blueprint for Near East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia”

       Convenor: Tiago André Lopes 

       Chair: Tiago André Lopes 



       Nuno Canas Mendes  “Duterte and Political Culture in Philippines”

       Marcos Farias Ferreira  “Post-transition in the Russian World: Narratives, Ideas and Practices for a New Historic Bloc”

       Tânia Ganito “Cultural Memory and the ‘Rural-Chic’ Aesthetics: Textures and Images of Soft Power in Contemporary China”

       Andrea Valente  “Resource nationalism in Southeast Asia: in search of a new analytical framework”


OI Researchers Participation in the Congress:


LOC05 International Relations | Relações Internacionais

Panel: “Russia, Eurasia and the Crisis of the Liberal Order”

          Papergiver/ Author: Tiago André Lopes “Contesting the Liberal World Order: Russia and the War in Ukraine”


GS06 Authoritarianism, Democracies and Regime Changes

Panel: "Post-Erdogan Imaginaries: Continuity and Change in Turkish Society, Culture and Politics in the 21st Century"

       Chair: Isabel David 

       Discussant: Isabel David 


RC46 Migration and Citizenship 

Panel: "The Political Implications of Unwanted and Return Migration"

       Papergiver/ Co-Author: Isabel David "The “Return” of Turkish Sephardic Jews to Portugal: Exit without a Voice"