Completed Projects


Identity Reformulations in the Special Administrative Region of Macao (2011-2021)

CRISEA - Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia (Horizon 2020) (2017-2021)

Crisis and Migratory Policies: New Mobility Regimes Created by Golden Visa (2016-2017)

Selected Bibliographies (2012-2017)

The State Building and State Failure Debate in International Relations: The Case of East Timor (2007-2011)

Macao - A Revolving Platform between the PRC and Portuguese-speaking Africa (2005-2010)

Barometer of Business Relations between China and Portuguese-Countries: An Economic, Commercial and Cultural Approach (2014-2015)

Analysis and Monitoring of the Transition of the Special Administrative Region of Macao (2000-2004)

An Administration for Timor Lorosae (1999-2004)

Development Factors in the Pearl River Delta: Spatial Integration and Systemic Coherence (1996-2000)