Southeast Asia and South Asia


The Research Group carrying its research on Southeast Asia and South Asia has developed its work mainly focusing on the following subjects: State-Building (and associated phenomena like State fragility or collapse), from a perspective of cross-linking International Relations, Political Science and Anthropology; in this same interdisciplinary view, this group has studied expressions and evolution of the nationalist phenomenon, and security, in a multidimensional perspective, taking into account its most recent interpretations (e.g. human security or energetic security). This Research Group has also investigated the regional integration process in Southeast Asia, namely studying ASEAN specificities and evolution, in its political, economic and security dimensions. Some topics have deserved a special attention, like Indo-Pacific new concept, State-Building in East Timor, energy security in Southeast Asia (in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia), nationalism (and irredentism) in the Indian Union, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia, and ASEAN’s institutional development, among others.  


Projects underway:

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