The Instituto do Oriente organizes, on October 7, 2021, at 5 pm, a lecture entitled “Iraq and the Middle East Geopolitics: New Trends and Dynamics”.

The speakers of this lecture will be H.I. Saywan Barzani, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Lisbon and Dr. Vasco da Cruz Amador, Founder and CEO of Global Intelligence Insight. Professor Teresa de Almeida e Silva, Coordinator of the UC of International Relations at ISCSP and Vice President of Instituto do Oriente will moderate the lecture.

The event will take place in-person format (at the Óscar Soares Barata Auditorium – ISCSP) and online (Zoom Platform), simultaneously, requiring registration through the following link:


Panels Submitted and Accepted to the Congress:


RC18 Asian and Pacific Studies

Panel: “ Contemporary Nationalism, Populism and its Reflections on Foreign Policy: A Blueprint for Near East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia”

       Convenor: Tiago André Lopes 

       Chair: Tiago André Lopes 



       Nuno Canas Mendes  “Duterte and Political Culture in Philippines”

       Marcos Farias Ferreira  “Post-transition in the Russian World: Narratives, Ideas and Practices for a New Historic Bloc”

       Tânia Ganito “Cultural Memory and the ‘Rural-Chic’ Aesthetics: Textures and Images of Soft Power in Contemporary China”

       Andrea Valente  “Resource nationalism in Southeast Asia: in search of a new analytical framework”


OI Researchers Participation in the Congress:


LOC05 International Relations | Relações Internacionais

Panel: “Russia, Eurasia and the Crisis of the Liberal Order”

          Papergiver/ Author: Tiago André Lopes “Contesting the Liberal World Order: Russia and the War in Ukraine”


GS06 Authoritarianism, Democracies and Regime Changes

Panel: "Post-Erdogan Imaginaries: Continuity and Change in Turkish Society, Culture and Politics in the 21st Century"

       Chair: Isabel David 

       Discussant: Isabel David 


RC46 Migration and Citizenship 

Panel: "The Political Implications of Unwanted and Return Migration"

       Papergiver/ Co-Author: Isabel David "The “Return” of Turkish Sephardic Jews to Portugal: Exit without a Voice"  


In partnership with the Scientific and Pedagogical Strategy Coordination Unit (ISCSP/UL), the Instituto do Oriente organized the Webinar on "Strategic Cultures in Debate: USA, China and Russia". This event took place on May 14th at 6 pm, via ZOOM. It was attended by Professor Heitor Romana, Professor Maria Raquel Freire and Professor Diana Soller, moderated by Professor Andrea Valente and Professor Maria João Militão Ferreira.

Available on YouTube at



More than two decades after the creation of the Special Autonomous Region of Macao, and against the backdrop of the major economic and political changes that have taken place in the People's Republic of China since then, a reflection on the evolution and perspectives of the formula “ One country, two systems” in Macao seemed timely. For this reason, the Orient Institute organized the videoconference 'CHINA/MACAO: "ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEMS", which took place on April 22, 2021, between 17:00 and 18:30 (GMT). The speakers of this conference were Ambassador Duarte de Jesus, Dr. Carlos Monjardino, Prof. Heitor Romana, Dr. José Luís de Sales Marques and Prof. Raquel Vaz-Pinto.
The Webinar is available on the Instituto do Oriente's Youtube channel: 

As part of the celebrations of the 160th anniversary of the Peace, Friendship and Commerce Treaty between Japan and Portugal, a webinar was held in collaboration with the Japan Foundation of Madrid, the Japanese Embassy, the Research Institute of Indo-Pacific Affairs (RIIPA) and the Orient Institute. The topics covered ranged from the relations between the two countries to Japan's role in international relations.

The webinar is available on the Japan Foundation's Youtube channel:

Under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), and pointing out more than four decades of dialogue between the EU and ASEAN, the Orient Institute, the ASEAN Commission in Lisbon and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal held a webinar on the advancement of the ASEAN-EU partnership.

The "Webinar on Advancing ASEAN-European Union Partenership" is available on the Instituto do Oriente's Youtube channel:


Under the context of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), the EU's dialogue with India, as well as the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Orient Institute and the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis (MP- IDSA) a webinar was organized with the presence of experts from both institutions. This event was intended to promote dialogue and deliberate on potential areas of mutual cooperation.

The event took place on February 8, at 15:00 IST (GMT +5.5) / 9:30 (GMT).

You can access the webinar through the following link: