About us

Orient Institute

Founded in 1989, the Instituto do Oriente /Orient Institute (IO) is dedicated to research, advanced training, and scientific dissemination in the area of ​​Asian Studies. Marking a unique space in the Portuguese academic panorama, the IO has privileged the International Relations, Anthropology, or Political Science of a reality with a colossal geographic dimension between Turkey and Japan.

Accredited by the FCT and classified as “Good”, the IO has followed a path of affirmation as a Center for Area Studies, seeking to sensitize students, researchers, and society to Asia's growing importance on a global level.


Research Groups

Currently, the activities take place within the scope of three research groups, which follow a multidisciplinary approach as a result of the diversity of training of internationally recognized researchers in the following geographic areas:

- Middle East and Central Asia;

- East Asia;

Southeast Asia and South Asia.



Investing in the quality and focus of research, IO participates in several international networks, organizes several scientific events, and has developed projects and partnerships with similar institutions. Also noteworthy is the publication of the journal Daxiyangguo - Portuguese Journal of Asian Studies, pioneer and unique in our country, now available online, in pursuit of an open access policy that will reinforce a greater national and international projection for IO.

Additionally, the IO hosts Master's dissertation projects, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral theses, organizes postgraduate courses, and develops an internship program to improve and deepen training in the center's specialty domain.

With the scientific and academic community, the IO presents itself as a center of reference in the area due to its constant search for innovation and modernization, asserting itself in public opinion, through online platforms (institutional website), in particular on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube).