(TS: Mar 2015) A: 2. Share with your friends. Thanks for any help! Why only hydrilla plant is used in the experiment to prove that oxygen is necessary for the photosynthesis. Eg to test if carbon dioxide is required for photosynthesis. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Take some freshly cut Hydrilla twigs and insert them in the nozzle from below the stem of a glass funnel. If bubbles fail to appear, cut off more of the stem and recrush. As oxygen is produced through photosynthesis, it travels up the stem of the funnel into the test tube where it displaces the water. First fill up a beaker with water and place the hydrilla plant inside the water. To prove that oxygen is evolved in green plants during photosynthesis. photosynthesis to produce the nutrient from water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide (CO 2). Why should the level of photosynthesis increase because sodium bicarbonate was added to the water? Photosynthesis is the chemical change by which plants use carbon dioxide and water, with the aid of sunlight, to make glucose and oxygen. Requirements:-Hydrilla twigs, Beaker, a glass funnel, a Test tube, a beehive arrangement, pond water, a glowing splinter. Because hydrilla is a small plant and hence easy to handle and also it is a aquatic plant so it is able to breath in water whereas land plants are not. (i) The aim of the experiment is to prove that CO 2 is necessary for photosynthesis. For demonstration of photosynthesis experiments, usually aquatic plant Hydrilla is used , not any terrestrial plant , why ? What pupil does They can do photosynthesis inside the water. Bio 10 Exer 6 - Photosynthesis. C. CO 2 is necessary for photosynthesis. 10. A2. This is a simple demonstration that allows your students to observe photosynthesis firsthand. Light Attenuation and Photosynthesis. Problems with creating sodium hydroxide from sodium (hydrogen) carbonate. 0 0. Investigating the rate of photosynthesis. Place excess sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) in the water to give a constant saturated solution of CO2. Watch Queue Queue. Hydrilla sprigs experiment 1. Dibyani Badajena. Experiment to demonstrate that light is necessary for the process of photosynthesis: Requirements: Ganong’s light screen, a potted plant and iodine. Why only hydrilla plant is used in the experiment to prove that oxygen is necessary for the photosynthesis. Pond water is used so that plant gets Co2 dissolved in water. It can photosynthesize in water. A: (i) The given apparatus is used to prove that O 2 is released during photosynthesis. The products of photosynthesis in aquatic plants, basically carbohydrate and oxygen, are used by other organisms living in the same biotic community. Count bubbles for five minutes. (ii) Hydrilla plant twigs. Answer. Prepare your own tabular column to get information about food deficiency diseases from a doctor. Our video demonstrates how best to use this protocol with your students in the lab, which species of pondweed can be used, how to care for pondweeds and a short explanation on the physiology that allows pondweed to bubble. 1. Hi, im investigating the effects of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (also known as sodium bicarbonate) on the rate of photosynthesis. Hydrilla sprigs experiment to D don’t have the substance that will undergo photosynthesis, which is the Hydrilla plant. After one minute, count and record the number of oxygen bubbles rising from the cut end of the stem. Harshit Agarwal. Increasing the concentration of CO2 increases the rate of photosynthesis. Chemistry. This way, aquatic plants undergo photosynthesis under water. Why should the level of photosynthesis increase because sodium bicarbonate was added to the water? (iii) The leaf inside the conical flask would be tested for the presence of starch by the application of iodine. 2. EXPAND Content Hydrilla plant was used in this experiment because it is an aquatic plant. Why only hydrilla plant is used in the experiment to prove that oxygen is necessary for the photosynthesis - Biology - NCERT Solutions; Board Paper Solutions; Ask & Answer; School Talk; Login ; GET APP; Login Create Account. NCERT DC Pandey Sunil Batra HC Verma Pradeep Errorless. Take a potted plant and make its leaves destrached by keeping it in dark for one or two days. (ii) Potassium hydroxide absorbs CO 2 from the surrounding. 3. Class-10 » Biology. 2 Answers. Answer 2. ... For this extension, an aquatic algal plant such as a hydrilla must be used as photosynthesis still must take place take place underwater. Light is necessary for photosynthesis. To … 2.CO2. Subject: Biology, asked on … Anonymous. Prepare the following set-up: a. TT A: Hydrilla sprigs + carbon paper wrap b. TT B: Hydrilla sprigs c. TT C: carbon paper wrap d. TT D: none Note: Make sure that the sprigs are of the same developmental stage, length, and leaf size. Log in. Join now. Photosynthesis is a vital process in the … Light is also directly used in the photosynthesis reaction and is easy to change in normal lab conditions. Books. Procedure for the experiment Take a beaker and fill 3/4ths of it with pond water. To do this, I will place a piece of pondweed in varying light intensities and temperatures, and observe the amount of oxygen being given off. Some days (or even weeks later), a disk is cut out of the other half of the leaf, dried and weighed. This is an example of a common experiment used to investigate light intensity and the rate of photosynthesis. For demonstration of photosynthesis experiments, usually aquatic plant Hydrilla is used , not any terrestrial plant , why ? Synonyms include H. asiatica, H. japonica, H. lithuanica, and H. ovalifolica. Pour equal amounts of the solution (20 mL each) in four large test tubes labeled A to D. 2. A pinch of KHCO 3 is added to it. Running the Experiment 1. Biology. Why is hydrilla stem cut underwater in photosynthesis experiment? No wonder hydrilla has become the most invasive aquatic plant in Florida. Plants use the same visible light spectrum as humans (wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers). Why pond water is used? The equation for photosynthesis is as follows: Carbon dioxide + water ->glucose + oxygen. If possible , please help me design an experiment to … Place the tube in a beaker of fresh water. To test that oxygen is evolved during photosynthesis few fresh Hydrilla plants in a glass beaker filled with water. the Rate of Photosynthesis Aim The aim of my experiment is to determine whether intensity of light and temperature would affect the rate of photosynthesis in a plant. What molecule did the sodium … Subject: Biology, asked on 6/7/13 difference between the following:-producers and consumers (mode of nutrition) grass and grasshopper (mode of nutrition) chlorophyll and chloroplast (part of plant cell) Answer 1. Photosynthesis is the process plants (or photoautotrophs) use to convert energy from the sun, carbon dioxide, and water into food (carbohydrates). Photosynthesis Karen F. Adams Burnside Scholastic Academy 650 East 91st Place Chicago IL 60619 312-535-3300 ... PART B. Carbon Dioxide and Light are the factors that I will change in the experiment as they are easy to change and measure. A. Chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis. This video is unavailable. Find an answer to your question Why only hydrilla plant is used in the experiment to prove that oxygen is necessary for the photosynthesis 1. This experiment could certainly be done with land plants, but using a water plant makes it easier to have a simple way to measure the rate of photosynthesis--the counting of … This project is … Explain why this happens. The byproduct of that process is oxygen, and you can prove it using a simple science experiment! A Hydrilla is a non-native plant. Answer Save. 3.CO2 is a reactant in the dark stage of photosynthesis. E. densa, E. canadensis, and Chara offer great aquatic organisms to use for this activity. Why were the plants kept in the dark prior to the experiment? Basic Materials needed for lab group of 3-4 students:-Spinach leaves -4 mm core borer (used to cut holes in cork stoppers, can … Sodium hydrogen bicarbonate was used in this experiment to supply carbon dioxide to the pineapple leaf discs to perform photosynthesis. Why only hydrilla plant is used in the experiment to prove that oxygen is necessary for the photosynthesis. Theresa. Why is this important? It is placed to remove CO 2 within the conical flask. (iii) Funnel, hydrilla twigs, a beaker and water. Join now. Watch Queue Queue The function of the sodium bicarbonate is providing carbon dioxide for photosynthesis to occur. Hydrilla leaf is used in an experiment to test that. The teacher can now review what a hypothesis is and how to write a specific, testable hypothesis. Method: 1. Place a 40 watt lamp 5 cm from the plant. Log in. 2. 1.Rate increases as long as no other factor is rate limiting. And just like animals, plants do require oxygen, but in small amounts. Students should be thinking about the question they will raise about the photosynthesis experiment and if an investigation can be designed to test their question. Fix a leaf of this plant in between the Ganong’s screen. Please explain how sodium carbonate affects the rate of photosynthesis. Relevance . D. Oxygen is evolved during photosynthesis. 4 years ago. Photosynthesis itself is a rapid process of converting the water and sunlight into chemical energy and storing it to the entire plant parts which happens at the noon when the sun bright fully. Place a pond weed Elodea upside in a test tube containing water at 25°C. B. In this experiment, the relationship between the photosynthesis rate and temperature on Elodea is investigated. Experiment. Measuring photosynthesis via the production of carbohydrates There is a crude method where a disc is cut out of one side of a leaf (using a cork borer against a rubber bung) and weighed after drying. Secondary School . Hydrilla can also become established in lakes with high turbidity when others cannot. Hydrilla (Esthwaite Waterweed or Hydrilla) is an aquatic plant genus, usually treated as containing just one species, Hydrilla verticillata, though some botanists divide it into several species. What teacher does Why Hydrilla plant is used in this experiment? 3. Favorite Answer. Place the lamp (the only light source) at a fixed distance from the plant. (iv) Incense stick PREVIOUSLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1 Mark Questions 1. Physics. 1 decade ago. Share 4.