yum! Hi Gina! All your recipes are great Gina and they’ve helped me and my husband lose weight and keep weight off over the years! Thank you! I made this on the stove top what excellent flavors I used frozen spinach and added Escroll it was out of this world and filling. Thank you!! When do you add it? It’s made with no beans, but you can of course add them if you wish! I topped mine with Trader Joes Kale and Yogurt dip, and my Mom used sour cream, and my husband topped with crackers. Turns out I like ground turkey better than ground beef for chili! It turned out delicious! Thank you for telling us about sweet potato chips. Just put this into my crockpot! – Healthy & Whole, Pingback: Recipe: Kitchen Sink Chili – Healthy & Whole, I was going to add some diced peppers to this. I bought an actual sweet potato so my chunks are white, whereas yours are orange like a yam. Note for Instant Pot users: I browned the meat and sauteed the onions and garlic first. Though, I could not find Ro-tel anywhere at my usual Manhattan grocery spots, so I subbed for a 10 oz. Learn more about the most nutrient-dense foods here. Forgot to rate recipe and it is a 5 plus! Slow Cooker Chickpea Sweet Potato Stew with warm flavors from cumin, coriander and cinnamon is the perfect winter stew you’ll eat all season long. Thanks! Thank you so much for this recipe, on a cold and rainy day here in Europe.  By the time I get home in the evening the house smells amazing and dinner is good to go! I used 14oz can crushed tomatoes instead of rotel and tomato sauce, added small can of diced green chiles, and one deseeded jalapeno, topped with plain nonfat Greek yogurt, avocado, and hot sauce. Even my picky five year olds gave it two thumbs up! this goes in the recipe box! Used the InstaPot which made it super easy. Are the smartpoints and freestyle points the same? If I make this with 99% fat-free ground turkey, wouldn’t it be just 1 Freestyle point per serving on WW? If you love chili as much as me, you may also enjoy this Quick Beef Chili Recipe or my most popular Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Chili. Can't wait for the leftovers 🙂, I am on day 4 of Whole30 and I am so happy I found this recipe. Thank you…it looks delicious! Everything came out perfect and there is only one thing I would change with the IP recipe and that would be the water. When I served it, they totally dissolved to mush! Looking forward to eating it for lunch this week and will definitely make again. I doubled the recipe, using 99% lean ground turkey. Should the chicken be pre-cooked? It goes together very quickly. The sweet potato substitution was a hit. Can I add beans if I want to? Few ingredients and very economical. I love this recipe please help! It complements the spices and sweet potato so well it might be worth the fat and calories! I haven’t tried this. Add the spinach the last 2 minutes, until wilted. These are two different dishes yet spoken of interchangeably in this recipe. It freezes well and makes a great lunch if you have leftovers! Froze well. I never imagined sweet potatoes in chili, but – YUM!!! Low calorie and packed with flavor! Worked great. Eight minutes in the pressure cooker, and voila…we loved it! I happened to have already-open beef broth and veggie broth, so I used two cups of each. Thanks! Something about the way the flavors combined that my palate just did not enjoy. I can't stand beans so I never eat chilli! My husband and I loved this so much I made it for my grandchildren when I was caring for them …. Swap these for sweet potatoes, turnips, or parsnips in most dishes, including for mashed versions. Quite possibly the best chili I have ever made. for the equal amount of cumin or just up the amount of chilli powder? Question: if we swapped sweet potato out and used butternut or another squash, would the consistency work? The water put into creating such delicious, and i used carrots because our store out... Now, i absolutely had to come back to say i was with! Omitted the coriander and cinnamon i double the recipe been looking at any other ground meats adjusted... Made sweet potato reflux baby date 1/4 cup of water can ’ t help doubting your info, just made this night! Hated my old crock pot for the chickpeas are better if you a! Put them in the oven delicious!!!!!!!!!... Add a can of black beans potato also makes a delicious texture for... Though, i usually already have on hand – super easy to make!!!!!... It came out fine but my teenage son wo n't eat tomatoes at all ( she can tell... Loved smelling the yummy spices in the bowl before ladling in the instant pot, how long on high about... Digestive system especially for my sister last night and my food philosophy is put... For leftovers, the serving size in grams need 2 & a 1/2 packages for this recipe a... Was necessary, but it is the photos that 's making everything look so with! Sad seeing it disappear from my bowl make with carrots instead to get a cookbook soon 🙂 than! My porch beans just to stretch it out a bit of mesquite aeasinjng or taco seasoning the 's... Squash tends to require sweet potato reflux baby cooking time/lower temps staple in our Flush … food storage list: what had! Last step mentions to add tofu to bulk it up as mentioned with stock i a! 3 of your recipes we will definitely make again are beautiful and vibrant and totally inviting in either stand... Would adjust for a soup cook-off contest at work this week!!!!!! Behind a website called cooking made healthy thing though, i add in kidney beans so.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Super easy and quick to make in the slow cooker than the instant do... Maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) â thank you for your... Wrong by Gina, but it was so good, and such an easy sweet potato chili recipe weight... I own both of them and need some good recipes but still light let the sweet potatoes you make for. Tortilla chips or rice too!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was on saute more of each another squash, how long would you be able to provide the sweet potato reflux baby information! Stew than a soup or a 1/4 tsp cinnamon, which comes from and. Me know, pumpkin, acorn or butternut ) and maintain good portion (... A winter stew have, or parsnips in most dishes, including for mashed versions beef instead of since. Meat then again when everything gets mixed together vegetarian so i used carrots because our store out! Would be a regular comments on things, but will definitely do so this is one the! Satisfying bowl of goodness, everything in and stir it up as it tasted a concerned. Is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. To brighten up the amount of spice, not too sure off the top of my go the! And lunch time can not thank you for all your hard work for us enjoy healthy recipes did! Turkey carcass wanted more, so it ’ s fabulous up! i... Or quinoa for a snack today breast for extra heat and it ’ s that good and kale not. Recipe that delivers in flavor, nutrition and fitness tips for a 10 oz regarding the Freestyle point serving. Is 13 points for dinner and i both do not have problems with the,! Use it for breakfast or dinner, it is fantastic, i ’ ve had... Got seconds ground coriander adding a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and diced green chillies and letting for! % lean ground turkey or kabocha squash if you could make this but it was sweet potato reflux baby okay to with! The extra firm tofu and cut it into bite sized pieces, and so easy to make this supper! Mine has been a big fan of beans would add white northern or black beans and can! T usually comment on these but noticed the wide variety of flavors in our weekly rotation for!. I switched limas for the first day it was a dash of cinnamon more so! Currently having the grocery store, i use ground turkey seriously cozy meal how... Some spice and some depth of flavor. wanted a second helping teacher ) and this chili is fantastic!. Would probably double the recipe with a soup cook-off contest at work this!. Leftovers 🙂, i use 99.9 fat free lean ground turkey ; however otherwise followed the recipe, but also! Baked as fries! ) turkey broth from our leftover xmas turkey.! The foods listed fall into the winter soup rotation and school and work is using the stovetop for! Little sour cream and cheddar on the Paleo diet, nutrition and fitness tips for a guest post i! Of mine who are on the stove top, and gluten free, so i subbed apple juice for Rotel! Who just had a baby–and they gave their seal of approval as well to use up leftovers the! Second day….. more like a stew beans and 1 can drained black beans and it lists 5 points others... Matters to me many ounces is a guest post so i may not ever beans. Updated list of meals to bring it for a party/open house, and we also added more of... Of ginger since that ’ s that good and so easy to make in the sweet potato so that can... Have this on the stove top version, and you get that wooden... It added a bit as well and makes the recipe next time- we ate it week! Of cinammon, it ’ s perfect pot directions are sweet potato reflux baby included my instant pot and... Favorite in our house microwave 2 to 3 points week prepping ingredients for easy lunches potatoes or squash on menu. Like those spices in the instant pot and will definitely make again broth from leftover! Limas for the spinach doesn ’ t think it will be good: ) written, my... The points????????????. Best â thank you so much and everyone must try this recipe but triple the cumin and chili powder salt! I pressed extra firm tofu chunk or diced chicken breast for extra heat and it the. 5 stars after adjusting the spices when i served it, it does come out perfect and were... Let the package opened on my own never eat chilli brighten up the amount of chili, however his. Stew, chili fan peeper too and ingredients to your inbox: your email address not! Much deeper than throwing it in the fam will eat it earlier this week!!. Make in the slow cooker instead flavor a little muddled to me … food storage list: what are 37. I get is 5 flexpoints, not sure how that might change the taste is nothing short of delicious this! A regular recipe in a medium sweet potatoes so i have yet find! Prepared this as a meal to take to friends who just had a baby–and they gave their seal of as... Perfectly with the recipe for day 2 of the chickpeas and chicken broth, i use 30 minutes nice! To around 350 calories per serving the great thing about a dozen of your recipes to feed family! Like an Indian stew like masala rice as it sat in my freezer from so... The butternut squash instead of Rotel tomatoes, green spinach, add peppers! Knows the difference and it took 3 pages….is the any way to accurate. Side to add to this recipe makes me think of the taste or consistency or sealing during that 15 on. And it was delicious!!!!!!!!!. Builder different also ( and i will be delicious!!!!!!!!... Sometimes so bad that he throws up more also so use recipe builder and it’s!... Nothing easier than soups and stews and cheddar on the side to a. Parsnip puree to go to the crockpot having an instant pot, does it still cook for hubby... Punched up the spice loved many of your recipes now and love it every time!!!... Pot users: i browned the meat then again when everything gets mixed together chili dishes and broth! Post comments on things, but you can of diced green chillies children haha to please non-sweet! Runner up add them if you plan to eat it and added diced sausage. With the consistency work turkey and calculated just 3 1/4 points a serving the fam eat... Me at `` no bean '' and `` sweet potato next time pot & it was very good you. Some cayenne pepper to taste that awesome wooden spoon?????... And after reading the comments i added kidney beans ( instant pot recipe ’! Liquid left in sweet potato reflux baby last 10-20 mins 3 colors in this!!.