With that in mind, here are eight songs that unequivocally support the right to abortion. While the artist is best known for his angry diatribes against society, one single, “River,” took a different approach [listen to the song at your own discretion]. Front … The song, the title track from his 2006 album “ Water and Bridges,” tells the story of a father’s grief following an abortion. Hey all. The NYT had a blurb about this new song on the charts that is apparently written from the fetus' perspective, and the fetus is asking the mom not to have an abortion. There are times when having an abortion seems like the right thing to do. Abortion remains a divisive political topic in many countries. Plus, that … 2010 album. Most women report that being pregnant feels like having a baby inside them and that it is psychologically painful to have an abortion. The song probably means something completely different to Ezra [Koenig] and other fans, but for me it's so different. The song is a detailed confession of an affair, an abortion, and the regret that came after. That song includes the story of a father’s regret over a past abortion. White Crosses – Against Me! This past Tuesday (September 9), Christian rapper Lecrae released his new album, Anomaly, which addresses abortion in the song “Good, Bad, Ugly.” Behind the hip hop beats and master rapping comes a tale of the artist’s life, including an abortion experience he’s been open about in past interviews. Songs with choice in the lyrics are only allowed if that word is in the song's name as well. Embed funguyrob 5644 views 2008-10-02T00:00:00 I felt inspired to write a song about abortion from the perspective of the child. Abortion Song Lyrics: I know you was worried, I know you was scared / Put yourself in a tough spot, totally unprepared / You trusted his words, trusted every lie that he spoke / … Abortion Lyrics: I, I see you with your palms in your pants / But me, me, oh me, I got the world in my hands / I make it spin on my finger, I'm a critical thinker / I'm a hell of a smoker, and a Here are a few songs which I have not able to verify for certain are related to abortion: "A Tool to Scream" by Zao "Operation Rescue" by Bad Religion "Will the Fetus be Aborted?" The verses of the song dealing with abortion details […] Here are some beautiful songs that celebrate life or tell of the pain of abortion. Some are about having to decide whether or not to have one. If you have suggestions and songs that helped you, please post in … Everyone has their own opinion on the moral implications of having an abortion. Abortion, the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it has reached the stage of viability (in human beings, usually about the 20th week of gestation). All Songs Considered Best Music Of 2020 Music News New Music Music Features ... Leslie Reagan is a history professor at the University of Illinois and author of the book When Abortion … Songs about abortion. Goo Goo Dolls, "Slide" What You Thought It Was About: A slide as a metaphor for love. This ranked poll includes songs like "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim, and "The Choice is Yours" by Black Sheep. I pray that this song will bless those who may be considering such an action. There was a rock song about a young girl pregnant and thinking about having an abortion. In this song written about … Tim McGraw is a highly lauded country singer. But subtle or direct, be warned. Whatever you might think of it, many touching and inspiring songs have been written about it. There are some songs that talk about abortion from a political perspective. I wanted to share with this lovely subreddit for anyone else looking for music to soothe their soul. Tim McGraw Releases Song about Abortion CE Editors. Songs about abortion There got to be so many songs submitted, we added an additional page. An abortion may occur spontaneously, in which case it is also called a miscarriage, or it may be brought on purposefully. I'm pretty sure it came out in '98 or '99. I looked high and low for songs about abortion, grief, or hope. These aren’t songs for your commute if you’re not into public crying. Abortion and pop-culture, two of my favorite things. Loretta Lynn -- "Rated 'X'" (1972) With her first appearance on the list, Loretta Lynn's "Rated 'X'" is … This is a playlist I made of some of my favorites that have been helpful. Back to Songs Page 1 Song Index Page 2. “And the guy says, ‘If a father could hold his son, I could undo what’s been done, but I guess everyone is living with water and bridges. The fight against abortion on demand was lost when the pro-choice movement was successful in making it an issue of women's rights and deflecting the matter of the unborn child's constitutional and God-given right to life. I just first listened to it when my life was a … '” It is emotional yes but I think tears can heal and bring us to our senses. In part, about the murderous anti-abortion protesters in the US: "Romeo and Juliet, the doctor and his case, without a … “White Crosses” is the title track off of Against Me! Other songs about abortion: The Dead Kennedy's Will the Fetus Be Aborted? Pro-Life Songs Sometimes music can move us in ways that words simply cannot. Of all the songs that reference abortion, “ Brick ” is most likely the one with the heaviest radio airplay. The songs collected here are about the experience of abortion, mostly. (Nick Cannon's Can I Live?. We don't include those here. Matthew West wrote this song for the 2019 pro-life film Unplanned.The movie tells the story of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, who became an anti-abortion activist. “It starts off with a young couple who have an abortion,” Rogers said. There Goes My Life- … If you think a good song with choice in the title is missing from this list, go ahead and add it so others can vote for it too. ~ Ashley Hoffman introducing the “Ten Most Powerful Songs About Abortion,” including … I need a song that’s like a cross between a little mini manifesto and an abortion handbook that anyone can email to any of their friends going to get an abortion and say, ‘Hey, I … Tori Amos, "Playboy Mommy" (you can listen to it here) The best songs that take on the subject explore the painful decision. Lyrics to Abortion by Lil Wayne from the Tha Carter IV [Deluxe Version] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Neil Young, "Song X," from the Mirror Ball record. Songs about abortion. Lose your way - Artist: sophie b. hawkins He has sold nearly 25 million albums, had 21 Top 10 singles (17 #1's), won The County Music Association's Album of The Year Award twice, and is a two-time Academy of Country Music Awards Male Vocalist. The song hit the airwaves in 1997, which coincided with my most maudlin and romantic phase of adolescence, so I naturally assumed it was about a hidden teenage romance falling apart. Long considered a "feminist anthem," this Lesley Gore song recently reemerged in the pop culture sphere with a cover version by Australian singer Grace, featuring G-Eazy. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "abortion" - from the Lyrics.com website. Country music superstar Kenny Rogers, who passed away at age 81 in March, sang a song that resonates with millions of men around the world. Minaj alludes to the abortion in The Pinkprint single "All Things Go," rapping, "My child with Aaron would have been 16, any minute." Popular Song of the late 90's that refers to a girl becoming pregnant and then going to an abortion clinic? List of the best Songs about abortion released in 2017 and earlier. Amos writes songs that are gritty and raw, and her song “Spark” doesn’t shy away from the ugly pain of losing a baby. These are a few of our favorites.