Usage-1 It returns a rows randomly from Teradata database. Number of Rows Sample Random Sampling – Percentage of the Table Sample Multiple Samples SAMPLE WITH REPLACEMENT SAMPLE SAMPLE WITH REPLACEMENT and RANDOMIZED ALLOCATION together SAMPLE with Conditional Test using WHEN SAMPLE example that Errors. We use SAMPLE RANDOMIZED ALLOCATION to generate random samples for a monthly survey that we operate. Sample size methodology covering some of these aspects has been summarized 1–5, 27 and Campbell et al. When you need a true random sample you have to use the SAMPLE RANDOMIZED ALLOCATION option, now all rows across all AMPs have the same probability. where N denotes the total sample size, μ ∗ the assumed treatment effect, σ 2 the variance of the observations, k the allocation ratio between treatment groups and q γ the γ-quantile of the standard normal distribution [].. 2. sample randomized allocation SAMPLE probably uses the Random function internally, but if you specify SAMPLE 0.01 the result will be exactly 1 percent. Question on randomized allocation teradata community. Syntax for SAMPLE function: SAMPLE [WITH REPLACEMENT] [RANDOMIZED ALLOCATION] [WHEN THEN] { | } […, | ] [ELSE { | THEN] Syntax for SAMPLE function: SAMPLE [WITH REPLACEMENT] [RANDOMIZED ALLOCATION] [WHEN THEN] { | } […, | ] [ELSE { |