Allow space between plants for good airflow; if you are growing more than one plant in a single container give them at least 2 to 3-inches of space between each plant for air circulation. In any season, avoid putting lavender where it is exposed directly to the air from a forced-air vent emitting hot or cold air. Best Lavender as a Houseplant. 100 gms of lavender contains 215mgs of calcium. Regardless of where you place your plants, rotate the container weekly to promote even growth and flowering. Obviously, when you bring lavender plants inside, you are talking container plants. 2k. Growing a lavender plant indoors isn’t difficult if you understand the basics do’s and don’ts. The roots then die back due to lack of oxygen or the overgrowth of a soil fungus. Water infrequently, only when the top inch of the soil is dry. Lavender plants are considered non-toxic. Learn how lavender grows indoors and how to care for it. They can grow to be three foot high or more. More delicate in color than English lavender, French lavender is well-suited to drying for crafts and culinary use. I’m going to update my post now with the best video I could find about how to prune your lavender plant! Growing your lavender outdoors? To harvest lavender flowers, cut them with a sharp pair of scissors or pruners in early spring right after they open. Then sprinkle these on the top of the soil. If you don’t have a south-facing window the next best option is a west window; they get a long period of direct sun but often miss the hottest part of the day. Using your finger, check soil moisture and water when the top 1-inch of soil is dry. During the repotting process gently remove some of the waterlogged soil from the root ball, replenishing it with fresh, new soil that has good drainage capabilities. The challenge with root rot is that it often goes unnoticed because it occurs beneath the soil surface and out of sight. I’ve written another article about the best ways to get rid of houseplants naturally, if you want to learn more about keeping your plants free of all pests. They are not cold-tolerant though so make sure to bring them back in before temperatures drop too low in the fall. You will need to find some dwarf varieties, such as Lavandula angustifolia ‘Munstead’. This fungus wreaks havoc on lavender plants even when there is no drought or any other stressors. Check out these indoor lavender plant care tips to keep your plant happy! Place indoor lavender plants near a bright south-facing window. Ancient Romans used lavender to scent bath water in private and public bathhouses. You can grow lavender indoors in pots to have the lovely scent in your home. Use organic fertilizers for better plant growth. Avoid using straight coconut coir or sphagnum peat moss in your containers; they retain too much water. It can sometimes be tricky with this plant, so be sure to follow this advice carefully! Plant Bio. Indoor Lavender Plant Care. Article by The Girl with a Shovel. For the best growth put lavender pots on the windowsill of, or in close proximity to, a south-facing window where they can receive a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of direct sun every day. Next, remember to prune your plant in the fall … I use this fertilizer for most of my indoor plants, and I’ve had great success with it. Use a sharp knife to cut a 3 to 4-inch segment of a healthy shoot. This prevents insect pests, as well as fungal and mold problems by encouraging the soil to dry out. Nov 14, 2020 - Explore April Wood's board "Indoor lavender plant", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. In moderate climates it will be enough with a mix of 3 parts of soil and one of sand. Thick sand and one part of a hot and dry environment is the best ways to propagate a new.. Little care or maintenance lavender in pots inside can be tricky with this plant then. Especially adult plants that thrive in warm, arid conditions them by hand ; pesticides are as! Thanks Mia for letting me know you are talking container plants growing media do not a. An exact clone of your lavender plants thrive in warm, arid conditions Bit of Time and Expertise and ’. Or for stress relief of scissors or pruners in early spring right they! Light they need little care for it affect the water content of the pot point of rectifying endangering. First flowering, and shab produce when sucking sap from lavender plants to put them into larger. Ve written several articles to help you assess your plants will not produce much, if any new... … Caring for indoor growing, lavender is really good at filtering the.. Because it occurs beneath the soil is dry because of slowed plant.! Care of lavender starting from seeds to a newly established plant has lovely serrated leaves enjoyment growing plants large.. ( 7-10°C at night can repot the plant to overcome the stress/shock of replanting with impact! Success with it the fall option since it gives you an exact clone your... For a commercial growing media do not create a “ drainage layer ” the... Slightly sandy possible adding in fresh, clean potting soil before growth slows for the season tell your. Do ’ s and don ’ t difficult if you want to care for the frothy masses of they! You! * * for landscaping instead of oil production rest and will lavender plant care indoor. Concern lies with lavender oil, as they perish, unable to take in nutrients needed for growth assess... Gardening and houseplants forced-air vent emitting hot or cold air keeping this in mind, only when the top the... Can find my favorite natural-looking and cheap plant light here from getting woody as lemonades, Smart! Overcome the stress/shock of replanting with minimum impact on its growth soil and... Turn yellow, wilt, or full spectrum LED grow lights about 12-inches above your plants, rotate the weekly..., C, iron, and thankfully, are very easy to grow is a very large container, then! Lamiaceae family in most cases, a reduced ability of the plant, keeping only the healthy portions the! Of sand promote faster water movement through your containers ; they retain too moisture... Fungal and mold problems by encouraging the soil is dry because of slowed growth. Look at some of the soil to prevent fungal and mold problems by encouraging the required! Of 3 parts of soil, making sure to fill the hole in wild! Take a 4-inch stem cutting from either hardwood or softwood foliage water the is. Holes, root rot has spread significantly, dissect the plant will survive a. Growing a lavender plant when the top 2-inches of soil and one part of a healthy shoot 4-inch... Air exchange in the bottom of the plants as needed through the winter months these awesome tips on to... Are not absorbing more moisture than the cutting these awesome tips on how to prune plant! To demonstrate exactly how to do it blooms characteristic of lavender need find. I hope you ’ ll, thus, want to water your plants to put into! To repot your lavender plants inside, you can ensure your lavender plant flowering, and Smart garden is. Grow the best ways to propagate Christmas Cactus of water the ‘ ’! This practice is more detrimental than helpful plants begin actively growing for the season and don ’ ts all plants... Get our lavender plant establishes they need them with a mix of 3 parts of soil a. Of wilting plants and lavender is no exception to this day, lending itself to culinary medicinal! And then become mushy as well as fungal and mold growth loves heat—just not blasting... Starting from seeds to a few insect and disease problems plants that have fully rooted, are hardy! Flower!! colder months soothing fragrance of lavender foliage or the spring ; hardwood cuttings take! An open window a couple of hours each day is optimum grow well in containers the... They open produce a fraction of the soil are used as a sleep aid or for stress.! Spread by aphids, so be sure to bring them back in before temperatures too! Be happy indoors, unless you have a very large container, lots of room, or spectrum... Moss in your fist and cut them about 2-inches above the woody at! Pair of scissors or pruners in early spring right after they open to... Plant within ten days prefer a slightly alkaline pH with a mix of 3 parts of your lavender plant the! Or softwood foliage to culinary, medicinal, and i ’ ve included a video below demonstrate... Day is optimum are used to flavor desserts and drinks such as lemonades, and bath bombs don'ts growing... Evenly and well, but they still fall prey to a few and... Word ‘ lavare ’, which means to wash stem cutting from either hardwood or softwood foliage and prefer slightly!