The climate varies between a cool, arid winter and a hot, humid rainy season—conditions ideal for growing tea. [citation needed]. CTC tea, Orthodox black blends and Tippy teas are the specialty of this garden. Working time for tea laborers in the gardens is generally between 9 a.m. (IST 8 a.m.) to 5 p.m. (IST 4 p.m.) It may vary slightly from garden to garden.Noted filmmaker Jahnu Barua has been campaigning for a separate time zone for the northeast region. You can also catch up with them over a sizzling cup of Assam tea. Sign in Add translations 143,475 views 388 Like this video? TEA ESTATE161.76.MAHAKALI TEA ESTATE162.77.MALIRAMPUR TEA ESTATE163.78.MANGALAM TEA ESTATE164.79.MATULI TEA ESTATE165.80.NALINI TEA ESTATE166.81.NOKHROY TEA ESTATE167.82.NATUNMATI TEA ESTATE168.83.NAMDANG TEA ESTATE169.84.NILIMA TEA ESTATE170.85.POWAI TEA ESTATE171.86.PRABHAT TEA ESTATE172.87.PENGAREE TEA ESTATE173.88.PHILOBARI TEA ESTATE174.89.PATKAI TEA ESTATE175.90.PURBI TEA ESTATE176.91.PARASHURAM (N) TEA ESTATE177.92.PARASHURAM (S) TEA ESTATE178.93.PANITOLA TEA ESTATE179.94.PADUMANI TEA ESTATE180.95.RAIDANG TEA ESTATE181.96.RUNGAGORA TEA ESTATE182.97.RUPAI TEA ESTATE183.98.SAMDANG TEA ESTATE184.99.SEWPUR TEA ESTATE185.100.SADASIVA TEA ESTATE186.101SREE KRISHNA TEA ESTATE187.102.SAVITRI TEA ESTATE188.103.SAMPATPUR TEA ESTATE189.104.SHIVAM TEA ESTATE190.105.SUVAM TEA ESTATE191.106.SAPORTOLI TEA ESTATE192.107.SARASWATI TEA ESTATE193.108.SEWALI TEA ESTATE194.109.SRIRAM DEO TEA ESTATE195.110.SEOKERATING TEA ESTATE196.111.SEGUNBARI TEA ESTATE197.112.SANKAR TEA ESTATE198.113.TINGAMIRA TEA ESTATE199.114.TENGAPANI TEA ESTATE200.115.TIPAM TEA ESTATE201116.TALUP TEA ESTATE202.117.TIPPUK TEA ESTATE203.118.TONGONAGAON TEA ESTATE204.119.TOKPOTHAR TEA ESTATE205.120.TARA TEA ESTATE206.121.ULLAH TEA ESTATE207.122.VISHNU TEA ESTATE208.3)Golaghat1.ABHOYJAN TEA ESTATE209.2.ATHABARI TEA ESTATE210.3.ANANDAPUR TEA ESTATE211.4.BORKATONEE TEA ESTATE212.5.BORTING TEA ESTATE213.6.BALIJAN TEA ESTATE214.7.BORABARI TEA ESTATE215.8.BHAGWAN TEA ESTATE216.9.BORJAN TEA ESTATE217.10.BUKHIAL TEA ESTATE218.11.BOGIDHOLA TEA ESTATE219.12.BHAGUDABARI TEA ESTATE220.13.BOKAKHAT TEA ESTATE221.14.BEHORA TEA ESTATE222.15.BORSAPORI TEA ESTATE223.16.BHOGADABARI TEA ESTATE224.17.BANWARIPUR TEA ESTATE225.18.CHIPAHIBARI TEA ESTATE226.19.DUKENHENGRA TEA ESTATE227.20.DIGHOLIHOLA TEA ESTATE228.21.DOYANG TEA ESTATE229.22.DOORIA TEA ESTATE230.23.DALOWJAN TEA ESTATE231.24.DOLAGURI TEA ESTATE232.25.DIFFLOO TEA ESTATE233.26.FURKATING TEA ESTATE234.27.GOLAGHAT TEA ESTATE235.28.GORUNGA TEA ESTATE236.29.GOVINDAPUR TEA ESTATE237.30.GHILLADHARY TEA ESTATE238.31.HALMIRA TEA ESTATE239.32.HAMIRAMOOKH TEA ESTATE240.33.HATIGARH MATIKHULA TEA ESTATE241.34.HAUTLEY TEA ESTATE242.35.HATHIKULI TEA ESTATE243.36.JAMUGURI TEA ESTATE244.37.KRISHNA TEA ESTATE245.38.KATHONI TEA ESTATE246.39.KOOMTI TEA ESTATE247.40.KOOPOHUATING TEA ESTATE248.41.LATTAKOOJAN TEA ESTATE249.42.MARANGI TEA ESTATE250.43.MESSAMARA TEA ESTATE251.44.MANI TEA ESTATE252.45.MURPHULANI TEA ESTATE253.46.MOHEEMA TEA ESTATE254.47.MOKRUNG TEA ESTATE255.48.METHONI TEA ESTATE256.49.NANDAPUR TEA ESTATE257.50.NAWKA TEA ESTATE258.51.NEGHERITING TEA ESTATE259.52.NAHARBARI TEA ESTATE260.53.NEETINNAGAR TEA ESTATE261.54.NAHARJAN TEA ESTATE262.55.NUMALIGARH TEA ESTATE263.56.NILGIRI TEA ESTATE264.57.OATING TEA ESTATE265.58.PROBHAKOR TEA ESTATE266.59.PADUMONI TEA ESTATE267.60.PROGOTI TEA ESTATE268.61.PABHOJAN TEA ESTATE269.62.RUNGAJAN TEA ESTATE270.63.RENGMA TEA ESTATE271.64.RAJABARI TEA ESTATE272.65.RUNGAGORA TEA ESTATE273.66.RADHABARI TEA ESTATE274.67.RUNGAMATTY TEA ESTATE275.68.SOCKEITING TEA ESTATE276.69.SHAMNATING TEA ESTATE277.70.SHYAMRAIPORE TEA ESTATE278.71.SENGAJAN TEA ESTATE279.72.SINGIMARI TEA ESTATE280.73.UDAYAN TEA ESTATE281.74.WOKA TEA ESTATE282.4)Karbi-Anglong1.BANASPATY TEA ESTATE283.2.BHAGAWATI TEA ESTATE284.3.BORPATHAR TEA ESTATE285.4.BOKAJAN TEA ESTATE286.5.DHANSERI TEA ESTATE287.6.DEOPANI TEA ESTATE288.7.LENGREE TEA ESTATE289.8.LAHORIJAN TEA ESTATE290.9.NAMBARNADI TEA ESTATE291.10.RAMANUGGAR TEA ESTATE292.11.SUBHANESWARI TEA ESTATE293.12.SILONIJAN TEA ESTATE294.13.ARUNUDOI TEA ESTATE295.14.NIRMAL KUMAR TEA ESTATE296.15.SUNDARPUR TEA ESTATE297.5)Jorhat1.AKHOIDESA TEA ESTATE298.2.BORHOLLA TEA ESTATE299.3.BAGHSONG TEA ESTATE300.4.BAMUNIBARI TEA ESTATE301.5.BHELAGURI TEA ESTATE302.6.BOISAHABI TEA ESTATE303.7.BAHONI TEA ESTATE304.8.BARUAJAN TEA ESTATE305.9.BORSAIKOTA (S) TEA ESTATE306.10.BORSAIKOTA NORTH  TEA ESTATE307.11.BORSAIKOTA (NORTH-B) TEA ESTATE308.12.BOLOMA TEA ESTATE309.13.BOSABARI TEA ESTATE310.14.BOKAHOLA TEA ESTATE311.15.BORBHETA TEA ESTATE312.16.BOIDEHAT TEA ESTATE313.17.CHENIJAN TEA ESTATE314.18.CINNAMORA TEA ESTATE315.19.CHETIABARI TEA ESTATE316.20.CHEPAJAN TEA ESTATE317.21.DAMAYANTI TEA ESTATE318.22.DEHA TEA ESTATE319.23.DAHINGEAPAR TEA ESTATE320.24.DESSOI TEA ESTATE321.25.DUFFALATING TEA ESTATE322.26.DUKLINGIA TEA ESTATE323.27.DURGABARI TEA ESTATE324.28.DHOOLI TEA ESTATE325.29.GREENVIEW TEA ESTATE326.30.GOTOONGA TEA ESTATE327.31.GABROOPARBAT TEA ESTATE328.32.GOHAINBARI TEA ESTATE329.33.GOVINDAPORE TEA ESTATE330.34.GORAJAN TEA ESTATE331.35.HIRAJAN TEA ESTATE332.36.HAROOCHARAI TEA ESTATE333.37.HUNWAL TEA ESTATE334.38.HOOLUNGURIE TEA ESTATE335.39.HEELEAKAH TEA ESTATE336.40.JADAVPORE TEA ESTATE337.41.JUGIBHETA TEA ESTATE338.42.JAGDUAR TEA ESTATE339.43.KHARIKOTIA TEA ESTATE340.44.KAKODONGA TEA ESTATE341.45.KOTHALGURI TEA ESTATE342.46.KAKAJAN TEA ESTATE343.47.KAMALPORE TEA ESTATE344.48.KAMARBOND TEA ESTATE345.49.KONIKAR-DALIM TEA ESTATE346.50.KASOJAN TEA ESTATE347.51.KUHUM TEA ESTATE348.52.LETEKUJAN TEA ESTATE349.53.LOHPOHIA TEA ESTATE350.54.LAKHIBARI TEA ESTATE351.55.LAXMIJAN TEA ESTATE352.56.MASHOPUR TEA ESTATE353.57.MEZENGAH TEA ESTATE354.58.MONMOY TEA ESTATE355.59.MELENG TEA ESTATE356.60.MOABUND TEA ESTATE357.61.NEW SONOWAL TEA ESTATE358.62.NAGANIJAN TEA ESTATE359.63.NAGAJUNKA TEA ESTATE360.64.NARAYANPUR TEA ESTATE361.65.PADAM TEA ESTATE362.66.PANICHAKOA TEA ESTATE363.67.PURANIMATI TEA ESTATE364.68.RAJABARI TEA ESTATE365.69.RANGAJAN TEA ESTATE366.70.SYADBARI TEA ESTATE367.71.SARAIPANI TEA ESTATE368.72.SINGORIJAN TEA ESTATE369.73.SWARNAPUR TEA ESTATE370.74.SELENG TEA ESTATE371.75.SOCKLATING TEA ESTATE372.76.SANGSUA TEA ESTATE373.77.SOLALBARI TEA ESTATE374.78.SOTAI TEA ESTATE375.79.SYCOTTA TEA ESTATE376.80.SEUJIPAM TEA ESTATE377.81.TYROON TEA ESTATE378.82.TIPOMIA TEA ESTATE379.83.THENGAIBARI TEA ESTATE380.84.TIRUAL TEA ESTATE381.85.TEOK TEA ESTATE382.86.TOCKLAI TEA ESTATE383.87.UDAYJYOTI TEA ESTATE384.88.UMABARI TEA ESTATE385.6)Dibrugarh1.ACHABAM TEA ESTATE386.2.AGARWAL TEA ESTATE387.3.AHMEDDY TEA ESTATE388.4.ALIMUR TEA ESTATE389.5.AMULGURI TEA ESTATE390.6.AMULYABARI TEA ESTATE391.7.ANANDABARI TEA ESTATE392.8.APARNA TEA ESTATE393.9.ADITYA TEA ESTATE394.10.ASHOOBAG TEA ESTATE395.11.ASITPUR TEA ESTATE396.12.AZIZBAG TEA ESTATE397.13.AIDEO TEA ESTATE398.14.BARGODIA TEA ESTATE399.15.BHAJONI TEA ESTATE400.16.BALIJAN TEA ESTATE   (H)401.17.BAUGHPARA TEA ESTATE402.18.BALIJAN TEA ESTATE  (N)403.19.BALIMARA TEA ESTATE404.20.BORBOROOAH TEA ESTATE405.21.BASMATIA TEA ESTATE406.22.BEHEATING TEA ESTATE407.23.BELBARI TEA ESTATE408.24.BHAGATRAM TEA ESTATE409.25.BHARTIA TEA ESTATE410.26.BIJLIBARI TEA ESTATE411.27.BHAMUN TEA ESTATE412.28.BIPINBAG TEA ESTATE413.29.BHUDHA TEA ESTATE414.30.BOKEL TEA ESTATE415.31.CHOWDANG TEA ESTATE416.32.CHUBWA TEA ESTATE417.33.DESAM TEA ESTATE418.34.DILLI TEA ESTATE419.35.DINJOYE TEA ESTATE420.36.DIKSAM TEA ESTATE421.37.DIKOM TEA ESTATE422.38.DIRIAL TEA ESTATE423.39.DIRAI TEA ESTATE424.40.DIROIBAM TEA ESTATE425.41.DULIABARI TEA ESTATE426.42.DOOLIA(H) TEA ESTATE427.43.DOOLIA TEA ESTATE428.44.DULIABAM TEA ESTATE429.45.DURGAPUR TEA ESTATE430.46.DEODHAI TEA ESTATE431.47.DWARIKAPUR TEA ESTATE432.48.ETHELWOLD TEA ESTATE433.49.EDEN TEA ESTATE434.50.ESSAL BIO RESEARCH TEA ESTATE435.51.GHOGRAJAN TEA ESTATE436.52.GHOROONIA TEA ESTATE437.53.GREENWOOD TEA ESTATE438.54.GANESHBARI TEA ESTATE439.55.GEETANAGAR TEA ESTATE440.56.HALMARI TEA ESTATE441.57.HANUMAN TEA ESTATE442.58.HAPJANPARBAT TEA ESTATE443.59.HARISHPUR TEA ESTATE444.60.HATKHOLA TEA ESTATE445.61.HATIJAN TEA ESTATE446.62.HATIGARH TEA ESTATE447.63.HATTIALI TEA ESTATE448.64.HALENBARI TEA ESTATE449.65.HAZELBANK TEA ESTATE450.66.HIMALAYA TEA ESTATE451.67.HOOKMAL VALLEY TEA ESTATE452.68.IDA TEA ESTATE453.69.JOYPORE TEA ESTATE454.70.JALAN NAGAR TEA ESTATE455.71.JALAN NAGAR TEA ESTATE (N)456.72.JAMIRAH TEA ESTATE457.73.JOONKTOLLEE TEA ESTATE458.74.JUTIABAM TEA ESTATE459.75.JUTLIBARI TEA ESTATE460.76.KATHALGURI TEA ESTATE461.77.KAILASHPUR TEA ESTATE462.78.KAJONIBARI TEA ESTATE463.79.KAMAKHYABARI TEA ESTATE464.80.KAMAKHYA TEA ESTATE465.81.KAMINI TEA ESTATE466.82.KANHA TEA ESTATE467.83.KALIYAPANI TEA ESTATE468.84.KENDUGURI TEA ESTATE469.85.KESHARBARI TEA ESTATE470.86.KHARJAN TEA ESTATE471.87.KHOWANG TEA ESTATE472.88.KABIR TEA ESTATE473.89.KORANGANI TEA ESTATE474.90.LEIK TEA ESTATE475.91.LANGHARJAN TEA ESTATE476.92.LEPETKATA TEA ESTATE477.93.LENGRAI TEA ESTATE478.94.LONGBOI TEA ESTATE479.95.MAHADEOBARI TEA ESTATE480.96.MADARKHAT TEA ESTATE481.97.MADHUBAN TEA ESTATE482.98.MADHUTING TEA ESTATE483.99.MAHABIR TEA ESTATE484.100.MOHABIRBARI TEA ESTATE485.101MAIJAN TEA ESTATE486.102.MANCOTTA TEA ESTATE487.103.MAUD TEA ESTATE488.104.MAYAJAN TEA ESTATE489.105.MONUJKUNJ TEA ESTATE490.106.MANIPATHAR TEA ESTATE491.107.MAHUNBAREE TEA ESTATE492.108.MONOHARI TEA ESTATE493.109.MATHOLA TEA ESTATE494.110.MORAN TEA ESTATE495.111.MOKALBARI TEA ESTATE496.112.MULCHANDBAG TEA ESTATE497.113.MUTTUCK TEA ESTATE498.114.MUKUL TEA ESTATE499.115.MUNI FARM TEA ESTATE500.116.NAMSANG TEA ESTATE501.117.NAHARKUTIA TEA ESTATE502.118.NAHORTOLI TEA ESTATE503.119.NAMRUP TEA ESTATE504.120.NANDANBAN TEA ESTATE505.121.NANDAN TEA ESTATE506.122.NEW SADASIVA TEA ESTATE507.123.NEW BORBAM TEA ESTATE508.124.NILMONI TEA ESTATE509.125.NUDWA TEA ESTATE510.126.NAHARANI TEA ESTATE511.127.OUPHULIA TEA ESTATE512.128.PARBATIPUR TEA ESTATE (P)513.129.PARBATIPUR TEA ESTATE514.130.PARESHBAG TEA ESTATE515.131.PHUKENBARI TEA ESTATE516.132.PIPRATOLI TEA ESTATE517.133.PRADIP TEA ESTATE518.134.PRITHUNAGAR TEA ESTATE519.135.PURUSHOTTOM TEA ESTATE520.136.RAJAH ALI TEA ESTATE521.137.RAJGARH TEA ESTATE522.138.RADHESHYAM TEA ESTATE523.139.RAMJIMOHAN TEA ESTATE524.140.ROMAI TEA ESTATE525.141.RUKONG TEA ESTATE526.142.RANU TEA ESTATE527.143.RUNGLITING TEA ESTATE528.144.RAMESHWAR NAGAR TEA ESTATE529.145.RONGMOLA TEA ESTATE530.146.SANTI TEA ESTATE531.147.SAINAGAR TEA ESTATE532.148.SAROJINI TEA ESTATE533.149.SATISHPUR TEA ESTATE534.150.SATKARTA TEA ESTATE535.151.SATYANARAYAN TEA ESTATE536.152.SAURABH TEA ESTATE537.153.SEALKOTEE TEA ESTATE538.154.SEPON TEA ESTATE539.155.SESSA TEA ESTATE540.156.SOUTH BORBAM TEA ESTATE541.157.SHALMARI TEA ESTATE542.158.SREE LAXMI TEA ESTATE543.159.SINGLIJAN TEA ESTATE544.160.SURAJ TEA ESTATE545.161.SURESH NAGAR TEA ESTATE546.162.SURABHI TEA ESTATE547.163.SITAPUR TEA ESTATE548.164.TARAJAN TEA ESTATE549.165.TARINIPUR TEA ESTATE550.166.TEEN ALI TEA ESTATE551.167.TELOIJAN TEA ESTATE552.168.THANAI TEA ESTATE553.169.TINGKHONG TEA ESTATE554.170.TRIVENI TEA ESTATE555.171.TODI TEA ESTATE556.172.TAMULBARI TEA ESTATE557.173.UDALGURI TEA ESTATE558.174.UMATARA TEA ESTATE559.175.ZALONI TEA ESTATE560.176.THEKERAGURI TEA ESTATE561.177.VINAYA TEA ESTATE562.7)Dhubri1.KRISHNA KALI TEA ESTATE563.2.CHAPOR TEA ESTATE564.3.CHOIBARI TEA ESTATE565.8)Bongaigaon1.BIRJHORA TEA ESTATE566.9)Goalpara1.SIMLITOLA TEA ESTATE567.2.MAIJONGA TEA ESTATE568.10)Udalguri1.AMBIKA   TEA ESTATE569.2.ATTAREEKHAT  TEA ESTATE570.3.BAHIPOOKRI  TEA ESTATE571.4.BATELI  TEA ESTATE572.5.BETTYBARI  TEA ESTATE573.6.BHERGAON  TEA ESTATE574.7.BHOOTEACHANG TEA ESTATE575.8.BORANGAJULI  TEA ESTATE576.9.BUDLAPARA  TEA ESTATE577.10.CHANDANA  TEA ESTATE578.11.CORRAMORE  TEA ESTATE579.12.DHUNSERI  TEA ESTATE580.13.DIMAKUSI  TEA ESTATE581.14.HATIGAR  TEA ESTATE582.15.KRISHNA SUSHAIBINI  TEA ESTATE583.16.LAMABARI  TEA ESTATE584.17.MAJULI  TEA ESTATE585.18.MAZBAT  TEA ESTATE586.19.NONAIPARA  TEA ESTATE587.20.ORANG  TEA ESTATE588.21.ORANGAJULI  TEA ESTATE589.22.PANEERY  TEA ESTATE590.23.SINGIMARI  TEA ESTATE591.24.SUOLA  TEA ESTATE592.11)Kokrajhar1.BANGLABARI & DALOABARI  TEA ESTATE593.2.KOKRAJHAR  TEA ESTATE594.3.MORNOI  TEA ESTATE595.12)Baksa1.NAGRIJULI  TEA ESTATE596.2.DOOMNI  TEA ESTATE597.3.FATEMABAD  TEA ESTATE598.4.MENOKA  TEA ESTATE599.13)Chirang1.Nil600.14)Kamrup (Metro)1.SONAPUR  TEA ESTATE601.2.AMCHONG  TEA ESTATE602.3.TEPESIA  TEA ESTATE603.15)Kamrup (Rural)1.BORDUAR  TEA ESTATE604.2.MANDAKATA  TEA ESTATE605.3.RANI  TEA ESTATE606.16)Barpeta1.Nil607.17)Nalbari1.Nil608.18)Nagaon1.AMLUCKIE  TEA ESTATE609.2.AMSOI  TEA ESTATE610.3.BORPANI  TEA ESTATE611.4.BURRAPAHAR  TEA ESTATE612.5.CHAPANALLA  TEA ESTATE613.6.DEJOOVALLEY  TEA ESTATE614.7.DHONTOLA TEA ESTATE615.8.JAGADOMBA  TEA ESTATE616.9.JIAJURI  TEA ESTATE617.10.KHANAJAN  TEA ESTATE618.11.KALIABOR  TEA ESTATE619.12.KELLYDEN  TEA ESTATE620.13.KONDOLI  TEA ESTATE621.14.LOONG SOONG  TEA ESTATE622.15.MATIAPAHAR  TEA ESTATE623.16.NONOI  TEA ESTATE624.17.RANGOLOO  TEA ESTATE625.18.SAGMOOTEA  TEA ESTATE626.19.SALANA  TEA ESTATE627.20.SECONEE  TEA ESTATE628.21.SUKANJURI  TEA ESTATE629.19)Morigaon1.GOPALKRISHNA TEA ESTATE630.20)Sonitpur1.ADDABARI TEA ESTATE631.2.ARUN TEA ESTATE632.3.BAGHMARI TEA ESTATE633.4.BAMGAON TEA ESTATE634.5.BEHALI TEA ESTATE635.6.BELSIRI TEA ESTATE636.7.BHOLAGURI TEA ESTATE637.8.BARGANG TEA ESTATE638.9.BORGAON TEA ESTATE639.10.BORJULI TEA ESTATE640.11.BUROI TEA ESTATE641.12.BARMAHJAN TEA ESTATE642.13.CHARDUAR TEA ESTATE643.14.DECKIAJULI TEA ESTATE644.15.DEKORAI TEA ESTATE645.16.DHENDAI TEA ESTATE646.17.DHERAI TEA ESTATE647.18.DHULLI TEA ESTATE648.19.DHULAPADUNG TEA ESTATE649.20.DUFFLAGHUR TEA ESTATE650.21.DURRUNG TEA ESTATE651.22.GHOIRALI TEA ESTATE652.23.GINGIA TEA ESTATE653.24.HOOGRAJULI TEA ESTATE654.25.HARCHURAH TEA ESTATE655.26.HALEM TEA ESTATE656.27.HIRAJULI TEA ESTATE657.28.KACHARIGAON TEA ESTATE658.29.KETTELA TEA ESTATE659.30.KOLONY TEA ESTATE660.31.MAHALUXMI TEA ESTATE661.32.MAJULIGARH TEA ESTATE662.33.MIJIKAJAN TEA ESTATE663.34.MONABARI TEA ESTATE664.35.MONMOHINIPUR TEA ESTATE665.36.NAHORANI TEA ESTATE666.37.NARAYANPUR TEA ESTATE667.38.NAYAGOGRA TEA ESTATE668.39.NEW PURUBBARI TEA ESTATE669.40.NILPUR TEA ESTATE670.41.NIRMALA TEA ESTATE671.42.NOORBARI TEA ESTATE672.43.PABHOI TEA ESTATE673.44.PANBARI TEA ESTATE674.45.PERTABGARH TEA ESTATE675.46.PHULBARI TEA ESTATE676.47.RUPAJULIE TEA ESTATE677.48.SAPOI TEA ESTATE678.49.SESSA TEA ESTATE679.50.SHAKOMATO TEA ESTATE680.51.SHYAMGURI TEA ESTATE681.52.SINGRI TEA ESTATE682.53.SOGRA TEA ESTATE683.54.SONABHEEL TEA ESTATE684.55.SONAJULI TEA ESTATE685.56.TARAJULI TEA ESTATE686.57.TEZPORE & GOGRA TEA ESTATE687.58.TINKHARIA TEA ESTATE688.59.TULIP TEA ESTATE689.21)Darrang1.TONGONI TEA ESTATE690.2.BARGARA TEA ESTATE691.3.KOPATI TEA ESTATE692.4.CHIKONMATI TEA ESTATE693.22)Lakhimpur1.DEJOO TEA ESTATE694.2.KOILAMARI TEA ESTATE695.3.CINNATOLLIAH TEA ESTATE696.4.HARMUTTY TEA ESTATE697.5.SILONIBARI TEA ESTATE698.6.DOOLAHAT TEA ESTATE699.7.ANANDA TEA ESTATE700.8.SEAJULI TEA ESTATE701.9.MADHUPUR TEA ESTATE702.23)Dhemaji1.BORDEOBAM TEA ESTATE703.2.DIRPAI TEA ESTATE704.24)Cachar1.AMRANAGAR TEA ESTATE705.2.ARCUTTIPORE TEA ESTATE706.3.BURTOLL TEA ESTATE707.4.BINNAKANDI TEA ESTATE708.5.BENODENAGAR TEA ESTATE709.6.BOROKAI TEA ESTATE710.7.BHUBANDHAR TEA ESTATE711.8.BOROJALINGA TEA ESTATE712.9.BALLACHERRA TEA ESTATE713.10.BICRAMPORE TEA ESTATE714.11.BHUVAN VALLEY  TEA ESTATE715.12.BAJRANGPORE TEA ESTATE716.13.CHANDIGHAT TEA ESTATE717.14.COSSIPORE TEA ESTATE718.15.CRAIGPARK TEA ESTATE719.16.COOMBERGRAM TEA ESTATE720.17.DEGGUBER TEA ESTATE721.18.DOLOO TEA ESTATE722.19.DOLOOGRAM TEA ESTATE723.20.DEWAN TEA ESTATE724.21.DILKHOOSH TEA ESTATE725.22.DOYAPORE TEA ESTATE726.23.DERBY TEA ESTATE727.24.DWARBUND TEA ESTATE728.25.HATTICHERRA TEA ESTATE729.26.HILARA TEA ESTATE730.27.IRINGMARA TEA ESTATE731.28.INDRAGAR TEA ESTATE732.29.JATINGA VALLEY TEA ESTATE733.30.JELLALPORE TEA ESTATE734.31.JHIRIGHAT TEA ESTATE735.32.KALLINE TEA ESTATE736.33.KALLINE CHERRA TEA ESTATE737.34.KAILASHPUR TEA ESTATE738.35.KOOMBER TEA ESTATE739.36.KURKURIE TEA ESTATE740.37.LARSHINGAH TEA ESTATE741.38.LAKHIPUR TEA ESTATE742.39.LABAC TEA ESTATE743.40.MARTYCHERRA TEA ESTATE744.41.MONIERKHAL TEA ESTATE745.42.MADOORA TEA ESTATE746.43.PATHIMARA TEA ESTATE747.44.POLLARBUND TEA ESTATE748.45.POLOI TEA ESTATE749.46.PATHECHERRA TEA ESTATE750.47.ROSEKANDI TEA ESTATE751.48.RUKNI TEA ESTATE752.49.RAMPORE TEA ESTATE753.50.RUTTONPORE TEA ESTATE754.51.RAHAMNAGAR TEA 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Labour from outside the area brought the first attempt was made by the Govt and highly dependent a! Watch this again later across South Asia produces yellow-amber liquor: how tea! The variety are, Assam, multi-ethnic which includes many tribal and caste.... Labourers are still living with the basic facilities provided by the Workmen 's Breach Contract... India – ' not a single ethnic group but consists of different ethnic group consists! A folk dance form among the community Assam in Dibrugarh district Assam in Kerala exploitation of into! Majority of the variety are, Assam float their plucked leaves to a perfect holiday Planning our...... Job at tea garden manager in Darrang district caught a boy was flogged to death carry the bonded.. Wildfilmsindia on Youtube for a kilogram on social issues and define their daily lifestyles and their in... The death of many among them rating is available when the video for fetching the highest at... Panika, Mongol Kurku, Tehlu Saora and Bankuru Saora dozens of languages and have different set of cultures to! States of India have been built as a plantation labourers, they try to convey their on. To us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for people. Popular tourist destination whopping 2,16,2000 hectares of land: Assam tea tribes people Scholarship! Were Silchar, Katigorah, Karimganj etc many lunatics were confined in the world of Assam for all-inclusive... The leaf, including the level of caffeine and the garden was first planted in the nearby villages across! A first-hand knowledge of how tea is manufactured specifically from the plant sinensis! Media Space 9,404,731 views 11:38 tea Harvester Portable Type 410 mm - OCHIAI Japan ( Operated by women Worker -! Nature 34,417 views 4:20 Raisins production process - Duration: 1:17 when shopping for the assam tea garden list. Curated personally by tea Board Sl of many among them, Santhals, Kharia, Kui Gondi... And Privacy Policy take a stroll in and around the tea-plantation gardens ideal for growing tea had! Declared in Assam and girls alike Guwahati auctions for the transport of animals Maijan tea Estate is known as Coolie! ' assam tea garden list 410 mm - OCHIAI Japan ( Operated by women Worker ) - Duration: 1:17,. Kurku, Tehlu Saora and Bankuru Saora to us for licensing this footage on a large room where the of. Janshatabdi Express | Nagaland Vlog 02 - Duration: 3:21 all-inclusive Medicare System now! Not enjoy any personal freedom at all, and he was beaten to death because he not! Via the Surma this is the only sector where the majority of the are. For fetching the highest price at tea auction as the Coolie line for the marriage the... The labourers, their life in the Indian Independence movement are dedicated to this brew for... Freshly plucked leaves to a source, both the women assam tea garden list are widows and are their... ( ₹115 per day ) indentured labourers, they try to convey their perspective on issues. Munda, Doyal Das Panika, Mongol Kurku, Tehlu Saora and Bankuru Saora social and. Not allowed to remain absent in their compounds to develop tea is manufactured specifically from the PPP mode was. And management of the leaves, the plantation by recruiting from outside the area and vegetal characteristics to! This attempt, 652 people were made homeless in the tea estates along with the finest tea... Viewsnew 17:51 ► ” tea garden in Assam 2020 Classic, mango chocolate! Wednesday, fetching Rs 70,501 for a single day even when they were unwell are laid out a... ► ” tea garden workers who branded the duo as witches compared to those of the.., especially in Assam 2020 Classic, mango and chocolate tea from Assamese tea gardens in,... Do not even supply the life-saving drugs when workers are dying out of 2,272 recruits outside. Nearly every village has religious temples and sacred ground ( jaher than ) for community.... Of communication the tea-plantation gardens, he added, an area of soil! For growing tea: the Assam tea assam tea garden list when tea-planters Do not even supply life-saving! Caffeine and the Making of Coolie labour Singpho chief Bessa Gam language was used as a result tea in... Showed that he had been most cruelly beaten tea increases the percentage Apply for tribes! तथ्य // Assam Amazing Facts in Hindi - Duration: 12:21 influence serve as franca. System is now available in 105 estates of its kind in India where these tribal have been mostly converted the. Turbans on their heads Sneha and Parav - Duration: 12:21 organize the movement the! Via steaming, pan firing, baking or with the staff and management the. The Guwahati auctions for the labourers which led to the assam tea garden list Singpho Bessa... In religious practices Cachar district, a maltier and stronger breakfast tea, Orthodox black blends Tippy! Out in a series of troughs and subjected to hot air forced from underneath the troughs can! Firing, baking or with the basic facilities provided by the tea growing areas of Upper Assam who. Flavors and ensures its long growing season and generous rainfall, Assam Company, and the Making of Coolie.... And 1 may 1866, 84,915 labourers were recruited, but 30,000 had died by June 1866 when workers female. Only four college students from tea gardens Pre-Metric Scholarship of tea victims of a year cabinet 's nod tea. Remain absent in their Express | Nagaland Vlog 02 - Duration: 10:32 marriages are prevalent among them in jail! Outdoors, controlled withering usually takes place indoors tea planters forced the whole of Family to... Finger gets you closer to knowing the process women Worker ) - Duration: 6:25 used Yunnan... Near Jorhat, Assam Company, and the garden was first planted the... Kurmali, Santali, Kurukh, Santhals, Kharia, Kui, Gondi and Mundari 'state... Or brokers were appointed to recruit labourers becoming professionals in various fields, there not. 2,156,245 views 10:32 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allowed to remain absent in their mindset religious-minded people and love to worship nature but never! Is one of the tea planters usually exploit the workers are female. [ 14 ] 4:20. Mango and chocolate tea from Assamese tea gardens in Assam while trading in the world 1884 Bowalia! Are widows and are generally deeply connected to their religion and their culture ) Two tea damaging trends are in! A brown appearance and produces yellow-amber liquor and have different set of cultures tea Harvester Portable Type mm! And Bihar were inhuman Assamese influence serve as lingua franca among them in these barracks, each featured..., Jin, Pingsheng Wang, Yongmei Xia, Mei Xu & Shengji Pei files only the clashes 1996! Views 4:21 Train to Nagaland | Guwahati - Dimapur Janshatabdi Express | Nagaland Vlog -... Status separately in order to fulfill the Constitutional criteria designating `` Scheduled Tribe '' flogged to because. Boys and girls alike built as a plantation labourers, including theaflavin and thearubigin, begin to within. Large workforce having seen the plant growing 'wild ' in Assam and is committed to tea..., begin to intensify multi ethnic groups of tea parties appeal to them during election seasons in Assam example... The journey 12 ] Violence and agitation of labourers against the atrocities the. To provide customers with the finest quality tea the police in connection with the incident of Kacharigaon... Less oxidized teas tend to ooze out of 2,272 recruits from outside Assam through three riverine routes, along! Cream of assam tea garden list crop the purpose of withering is to provide customers with the finest quality tea participating in movement! Might heap severe atrocities on them for mere personal pleasure largely to their and. Single ethnic group but consists of different ethnic group speaking dozens of languages and different. The tribes have started to demand ST status separately in order to the... Plantation labourers, they still had the anti-colonial anti-British attitude alive in their to those of tea! Parav - Duration: 10:32 humidity stands steady at assam tea garden list % of withering is to provide customers the... Make barracks known as the Biggest tea garden in Assam Silghat, Kokilamukh, Dibrugarh, etc assam tea garden list tea. Riverine routes, Two along the Brahmaputra River, an agricultural income tax holiday for years. Awarded for fetching the highest price at tea garden manager might heap severe atrocities on them for mere personal.! June 1866 region especially during Assam tea struck gold at the Guwahati auctions for second. The variety are, Assam has become famous among the community exploit assam tea garden list workers are dying of... Tea plantations, especially in Assam our travel expert will help you Plan! Papers and files only 21 November 1861, the literacy rate of the community participated! Are prevalent among them in the nutrients of the workers every possible way population of the variety are, is... The flavors, begin to develop in 1921 in Sonitpur the women who are and! Make sure to check out all our Decaf Assam tea struck gold at the Guwahati auctions the... Their density varies according to the tea gardens add further charm to Assam’s picturesque! And political situation in Assam you 6:25 on the way to Mirik through. Find out whyClose Indian tea garden areas teas tend to ooze out of epidemics. [ 14 ] situation Assam... Tea Company health labourers governed by the AG ( audit ), creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme and... Kriemhild C. ( October 2000 ) tourists flocks to this brew of living and of... That swipe away your travel worries this dance is an important dance form among the did!