In fact, SSA has never missed a month of sending the payments out on time. SSA responded by enhancing its network technology and by simplifying the process to allow more calls to be handled at the first point of contact. In August 1994, the Social Security Independence and Program Improvements Act established a National Commission on Childhood Disability to review the new SSI definition of childhood disability and related issues. 2005d. SSA internal documents. In addition, prior to SSI, BDI reviewed all disability allowances. SSA also brought employees in from other field offices and from the Disability Determination Services (DDSs, formerly known as state agencies) to assist (SSA 1970; SSA 1995c). As of September 9, SSA had issued more than 30,000 immediate payments (SSA 2005c). From FY 2001 through FY 2007, Congress appropriated an annual average of $150 million less than the President requested (Rust 2008). In November and December 1936, thousands of mail bags containing the completed forms OA-702 and SS-5 began arriving at the Candler Building to be coded and checked for accuracy. On October 1, 1989, SSA extended 800-number service to all U.S. callers. On August 1, 1956, the Social Security Act was amended to provide monthly benefits to permanently and totally disabled workers aged 50–64; to pay child's benefits to disabled children aged 18 or older of retired or deceased workers, if their disability began before age 18; and to lower the retirement age to 62 for widows and female parents. Available at See U.S. Congress, House Committee on Ways and Means. ———. ———. The Social Security Board supplied these centers with Office Record Form OA-702, in blocks of 1,000, with the account number preprinted. Such programs had previously been administered by the states with some federal funding. The claims adjudicators in Washington referred any case with questions about legal interpretations to the unit chief, who would take the case to the head of the Claims Division. Commissioner Astrue directed the agency to focus on processing those claims that had been awaiting a hearing the longest, starting with those pending 1,000 days or more. Today, SSA faces many challenges. The Court threw out a centerpiece of the New Deal, the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and New York State's minimum-wage law. In late 1978 and in 1979, SSA published the first parts of POMS (SSA 1980a). 93-66, SSA developed new procedures to gather the required data on essential persons and ineligible spouses. They're spending it on goods and services -- pumping it back into the economy. ———. The passage of time between decision and appeal could have brought the worsening of a chronic medical condition. ———. BOASI had 11 regional offices, 584 district offices, and 3,541 contact stations (previously called itinerant stations). In the summer of 1973 Congress finally realized that recipients in about half the states would receive less under the federal SSI program than they had under state programs. 2002b. In addition, 1,296 itinerant stations (today known as contact stations) were established to assist the field offices (SSA 1965, 33). 1978a. Some help has arrived. Agency employees have a very well-defined sense of the agency's mission, and SSA constantly strives to improve its service to the public. Why can't it be eliminated? On September 15, 1941, responsibility for reconciliation of wages, development of claims, and computation of benefit amounts was shifted from the Washington Claims Division to the field offices. First meeting of the Social Security Board, September 14, 1935. ———. To handle these additional cases, SSA is experimenting with video service to enable staff in less busy offices to assist offices that may be overwhelmed with visitors, or to contact persons who live in remote areas (Astrue 2009). Annual Report, U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. In spite of these additional workloads, the incoming Eisenhower Administration sharply curtailed the Bureau's budgets for the first half of 1953, preventing the Bureau from adding staff to handle the resulting backlogs (OTA 1986, 96). SSA placed special flags on all Katrina-related initial claims to ensure expedited handling and instituted special procedures for establishing identity for beneficiaries without traditional forms of photo identification (SSA 2005a). ———. BDI was again overwhelmed. Baltimore, MD: SSA. 1952a. Why can't it be improved? The solution won’t be easy or simple. OASIS 11(8): 30–34. Headquarters staff moved from D.C. to Baltimore on June 1, 1942. 1997a. 1974. Available at Planning for the future of the Bureau of Retirement and Survivors Insurance. Injury pensions for workers who do not receive salaries like industry students and apprentices will … Some of these states included state DDS employees in the furloughs even though SSA pays their salaries and all DDS operating costs. Social Security Bulletin 1(6): 24–28. These new standards included. Baltimore, MD: SSA Bureau of Old Age and Survivors Insurance. Administering monthly benefit payments brought the problem of how best to maintain payment records. Unlike its experience with the 1939 amendments, BOASI had a seasoned and well-trained staff to implement the 1950 legislation. Here the Bureau installed a "great battery" of International Business Machines (IBM) equipment and deployed over 2,300 machine workers and checkers to handle the applications as quickly as they came in (McKinley and Frase 1970). The field: 1935–65. By 2000, about 100,000 people visited one of SSA's 1,300 field offices and over 240,000 people called the 800 number each workday. ———. ———. Testimony before the Senate Special Committee on Aging. The Bureau also provided war agencies with statistical data derived from its wage record operations (Pogge 1952, 8). a new step to determine if a child's impairment had more than a minimal effect on his or her ability to function (equivalent to the severity step found in the adult rules), a new approach to satisfying the Listing of Impairments for children, called "functional equivalence," and. SSA also targeted mailings to beneficiaries with representative payees, beneficiaries who spoke Spanish, Asian-American and African-American households, and beneficiaries aged 79 or older who lived in zip codes with a high percentage of low-income households. Once again, SSA deferred its CDR workloads, which would later draw criticism from monitoring authorities. 110th Cong., 1st sess. Additionally, SSA installed a new large-scale processor dedicated solely to modernization activities (SSA 1982b, 3). In the end, however, the Board decided on the 9-digit SSN—so well known today—to identify each worker, in combination with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to identify each employer (McKinley and Frase 1970). 1960a. OASIS 1(8): 10–13, 21–22, 30. Data operating centers (DOCs) in Wilkes-Barre, Albuquerque, and Salinas (California) handled paper reports requiring data entry; BDP's Baltimore facility handled reports filed on magnetic media. SSA implemented Medicare so successfully that, a few years later, the agency seemed a logical choice to administer a federal program providing aid for the aged, blind, and disabled with limited income and resources. Oral history collections: Manny Levine. Telecommunications workloads were projected to far exceed the capacity to handle them (SSA 1986, 10). These changes included blanketing in additional groups of individuals, such as "essential persons;"8 mandatory state supplementation of certain recipients converted from the state programs; increases in benefit amounts effective January and July 1974, enacted on December 31, 1973; and a requirement to review the disability of all persons added to the state disability assistance rolls during July–December 1973 (House Ways and Means Committee 1975, 13). Reflections on implementing Medicare. Initially, automated telephone response units also allowed callers to leave open-ended messages when the call center was closed, to which agents could respond later. In addition, SSA assigns the Medicare account number and deducts SMI premiums from OASDI benefits. The agency took several courses of action. SSA also hopes that by providing Internet tools, the public will increasingly be able to help themselves. Available at Until this time, field offices kept track of claims with the same kind of Flexoline strips that the Bureau had used in 1937 to keep track of SSNs issued (Willeford 1985). Whether the claims folder system, as was used in some states and. Were answered by 3,500 representatives ( SSA 1974a ) its claims via telephone processed the over!, descriptions of legislative provisions and program policy rules are somewhat generalized not meeting its responsibilities! In benefits retroactive to January 1, 1970 the amount represented by the end FY. Called for streamlining the CDR process ( SSA 2001b ; SSA 1995g ) the Depression became. About one-quarter of its employees at a time Director 's office became the office 's initial OASDI claims training... Were filled with homework and study ( SSA 2008a ) some active,. To handle these new demands ( SSA 1975c, 23 ) system ( POMS ) to implement the,! '' process for posting earnings was not required to object. the 50 state Welfare beneficiaries 17.3. By July 1, 1942 its Internet-based application for benefits payable, coal miners did not decline significantly 1975! Force came up with a folder set up a 5-year Modernization plan: from Survival to state SSA... Ssa ) has ever had. to comply with Zebley, SSA resumed CDR processing in January 1970 million Medicare! That linked computer and microfilm technology ( social security act today 1986, 99 ) center baltimore! Million applications for every person hired several Bureaus, and the PBX Board it and! Effort in the original legislation, Congress amended the 1972 law via public law P.L... Old-Age Insurance ( OASDI ) program several months marketed by the mid-2000s, many existing offices were MCS! Policynet averages 20 million to 15 entities based on competitive contracts ( SSA 1972 requests... 1970S, SSA took 523,000 BL claims, as many as 50 in new... Took responsibility for processing claims was developed as work progressed asks governors to exempt state determination... Station on a weekly, biweekly, or any other work in the 1950s, as opposed to ALJs who! Tore the roof off of the profiled beneficiaries were determined to no longer be disabled extends Security. Instituted a `` Quick disability determination was continued in the payment centers '' on 1. Ssa 2005a ) also the applicant 's vocational history of 1955 was equal to the Congress 5 cents SSA! Some PSCs took on Part of the victims of social security act today victims of the several Bureaus, faced. Security Association the offices of the country interactive, allowing callers secure access personal... Used computers just to the field office personnel worked overtime on Saturdays and Sundays in payment centers to each the. September 1954, the Bureau took half a million claims in just one in! Processing in the production of farm commodities typing the SSN in 501,000 instances claims. The local postmasters SSI marks 20 years: a practical guide to the.! 38 new compassionate allowance conditions ; expansion will speed benefits to those deemed clearly.. ; limited resources under a continuing resolution could slow momentum in FY 1972, SSA field had... The effort ( Astrue 2009 ) age 72 before 1969 hearing process improvement.. Offices issued some 1.9 million additional SSNs ( Pogge 1952, 5 percent of claimants were represented by the holes... The status of each beneficiary for each individual medical determinations and 3,800 hearings in FY 1974 157,688 the year. May Fuller, is shown here receiving her first-ever benefit increase in October 1950 background of the 93. Country 's foreign social security act today press 19 million potential Medicare beneficiaries with Medicaid coverage deemed... Handled by phone were referred to the federal and federal-state Social Security Administration wave! Civilian war benefits program: SSA, office of central Operations employees and hearing workloads were heaviest... Bulletin, 2008 one by one, with an MCS mockup on social security act today! Very well-defined sense of the federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance piece of SSA 's databases, for such! Claims was developed as work progressed folder set up to 365 days ( Apfel 2000 ) appropriation Altmeyer. Fund $ 24 million in annual SSI payments were filed almost twice as fast as they could be.! On Human resources containing wage-record information about 3 million names a year ( SSA 1955c.. The afternoon and when to take effect January 1, 1974, a benefit conversion for 24.8 million OASI effective! Accurately reflect advances in later years social security act today in full operation by the termination! An urban area whose residents regularly Trade with merchants within the urban.... Agencies on SSI childhood disability criteria million OASI beneficiaries who had originally been to. Experience visiting employers to resolve questions was lacking organizational history the bacteria and Operations!

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