There was wild jubilation by the people of Ajegunle-Idera community in the Ifelodun local government area of Kwara State as the over 40years water problem was put to … Ekiti State, in Nigeria has always being classified as the State with the highest amount of Professors in various fields of studies. Kaima. This list is organized by Cities, areas, districts, clan, zone and street. ALSO READ ABOUT, TOWNS IN LAGOS. Complete List of Towns and Villages in Kwara State. Omu-Aran; Oke Esa Comp Omu-Aran; Ikoja Comp Omu-Aran; Ecwa Sch Orolodo Omu-Aran; Ita Buoye Gbeleje Omu-Aran; Ilaro Comp Omu-Aran; Ecwa Sch Aganmo Omu-Aran; Opposite F. G. G. C Omu-Aran, Ile Olasankale Omu-Aran; Ile Oro Omu-Aran; Ile Asanlu Omu-Aran; Ile Oba Omu-Aran; Ita Okore Omu-Aran; Ita Oloye Ijoko Omu-Aran; Odo Oro Gbagida Omu-Aran; S. D. A Imolekere Omu-Aran; New Market Area Omu-Aran; Area Commander Office Omu-Aran; L.G.E.A Sch Okegbala Omu-Aran; Ekan Garage Omu-Aran; Ile Nla Ile Oba Omu-Aran, Afin Oloro Okerimi Oro; St Peter's Sch Okerimi Oro; Ile Ayedun Okerimi Oro; Ile Bale Iddo Oro; Near Town Hall Ijomu Oro; Ile Bale's Comp Ijomu Oro; Muslim Sch Ijomu Oro; Ayetoro Ijomu Oro; Ile Baa Ijomu Oro; L.G.E.A Sch Sie/Olorunsogo, Ile Bale Oro; St Andrew Sch Oro; Ile Onijala Oro; Muslim Sch Oro; Near General Hospital Oro; Muslim Sch, Okeola Oro; Ile Bale Oke Ola Oro; Muslim Sch Agbeola Oro; Ile Bale Iludun Oro; Ile Alape Iludun Oro; St James Sch Iludun Oro; Ansarul L.G.E.A Sch, Iludun Oro, Ile Oba Oko; Market Centre Oko; Ile Petu Oko; L.G.E.A Sch Oko; Adult L.G.E.A Sch Inishan Oko; Ita Odoko Oko, Market Centre Open Space; L.G.E.A Sch Oponda; Owode Kajola Open Space; Ile Oba, Alla Open Space, St Andrew L.G.E.A Sch; Bale's Area Open Space; Market Centre Open Space; Ile-Loke Open Space, Ile-Loke Isanlu Open Space; St Joseph's L.G.E.A Sch; Aiyetoro Open Space; Baptist L.G.E.A Sch; Market Centre Eleyin; Odogbo Open Space; Ile Ologba Area, Ile Agbasin Open Space; Market Centre Open Space; Oke-Epa Open Space; Maternity Centre; Aiyede Open Space; Igbagbotedo Open Space; Ile Olomujo Open Space, Oke Igunsin Open Space; Market Centre Open Space; Baptist L.G.E.A Sch; Bale's Area Open Space; Old Court Open Space; Ile Olusin Open Space; Ile Nla Open Space; Ajegunle Open Space; Ofatedo Open Space, Ile Oba Open Space; Comm Lgea School; Ile Nla Open Space; Oke-Ope Open Space; Maternity Centre Open Space I; Maternity Centre Open Space II, Court Area Open Space; Ile Oba Owu Open Space I; Ile Oba Owu Open Space II; Lgea Sch Owu; Lgea Sch Iji-Isin I; Lgea Sch Iji-Isin II; Market Centre Kudu; Market Centre Oyi, Garage Oke Onigbin Open Space; All Saints, Lgea Sch; Odo-Igbesi Open Space; Court Area Open Space; Igbesi Lgea Sch; Adigun Open Space, Pamo Lgea Sch; Oba-Isin Lgea Sch; Sabaja Open Space, Oke Aba Lgea Sch; Odo Eku Lgea Sch; Bale's Area Odo Ore; Magaji Olokin Open Space; Oke Aba Town Hall; Odo-Eku Market Centre; Idi Agbede Oke Aba; Oke Aba Market Centre, Klgea Sch Adena; Klgea Sch Dada; Klgea Sch Kosa; Gbajibo Open Space, Bani Klgea Sch; Zango Market, Bani; Olokotintin Klgea Sch; Fonlo Open Space; Bani-Olori Klgea Sch; Kaagbona Klgea (Nom. Olusi Kwara state is located within the North Central geopolitical zone of the country. They use vegetable dyes made from locally grown indigo and other plants.

Kwara State is located in the north-central part of Nigeria, and its capital is located in the city of Ilorin, which is also one of the biggest commercial centers in the state. Salimonu; Alh. According to the 2006 census, Ekiti LGA has a population of 54,850 people. Its headquarters are in the town of Kaiama. Kwara State is located in North Central part of Nigeria . Its capital is Ilorin city. The postal code of the area is 241. The latest list, which again reflects the state’s demography, means that Kwara now has nine women … This is a list of villages and settlements in Kwara State, Nigeria organised by local government area (LGA) and district/area (with postal codes also given). According to the 2006 census, Ilorin West LGA has a population of 364,666 people. You can also read how to check data balance on Mtn. Ajeromi Ifelodun L.G.A List of Towns and Villages Zip Codes July 19, 2017 Lagos Comments: 2. Eruku II; Market Centre, Eruku; Open Space Oke-Ogi, Eruku; Open Space Odolomu, Eruku; Co-Operative L.G.E.A Sch Eruku I; Co-Operative L.G.E.A Sch Eruku II, Open Space Odo-Ago Isapa; L.G.E.A Sch Isapa; Open Space Iberikedo Isapa; Open Space Odo-Itan Isapa; Open Space Oke-Ipo Isapa; Open Space Okesa/Mission, Comm Sch Koro; Health Centre Koro; Market Centre Koro, Open Space Ekela; Open Space Ilemesin; Open Space Ajiu; Open Space Obbo-Oke; Open Space Oke-Owa, Open Space Ilemo Obbo-Aiyegunle I; Open Space Ipetu Obbo-Aiyegunle II; Open Space Ilawe 1 Obbo-Aiyegunle; Open Space Ilawe 11 Obbo-Aiyegunle; Open Space Iwodi Obbo-Aiyegunle, Town Hall,Obbo-Ile; Market Centre, Obbo-Ile; Open Space Ilawe Obbo-Ile; St Luke's Lgea Obbo-Ile; Open Space Ora Obbo-Ile, S. D. A Sch, Osi; Ekiti Local Govt Vocational Centre, Osi; New Shopping Complex, Osi; Open Sapace Ile Ohun, Osi; Magistrate Court, Osi; New Post Office, Osi; Agbara Market, Osi; Town Hall, Osi, St Bridge's Sch, Osi; Area Court, Osi; Open Space Odore-Oke, Osi; Old Postal Agency; Comm Lgea Sch Osi; Open Space Igbo-Ogo, Osi, L.G.E.A Sch, Ikerin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Ikerin II; L.G.E.A Sch, Isolo-Opin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Isolo-Open II; L.G.E.A Sch, Epe-Opin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Epe-Opin II; L.G.E.A Sch, Isare I; L.G.E.A Sch, Isare II; L.G.E.A Sch Ajuba; Health Centre, Owa Otun; L.G.E.A Sch, Idera; L.G.E.A Sch, Araromi Opin; Open Space Aare, Central L.G.E.A Sch, Oke-Opin; Town Hall, Oke-Opin; Open Space Olowi's Compd, Oke-Opin; Open Space Adetifa, Oke-Opin; Health Centre, Oke-Opin; St Patrick L.G.E.A Sch Etan; Market Centre, Etan; Open Space Health Centre, Etan, Ecwa Sch Oke-Ode; Arabic Sch Oke-Ode; Comm Sch Oke-Ode; Town Hall Oke-Ode; Oke Ago Oke-Ode; Maternity Oke-Ode; Open Space Idiapa Oke-Ode; Ile Elemosho Oke-Ode; Local Govt Dispensary; Quranic Sch Oke-Ode, Ecwa Sch Shagbe I; Ecwa Sch Shagbe II; Ecwa Sch Agbee I; Ecwa Sch Agbee II; Comm Sch Ajegunle; Comm Sch Bankole; Comm Sch Ologorun; Market Square Alawon Alasoro; Comm Sch Famole; Comm Sch Alabe-Oja; Comm Sch Ologomo, Comm Sch Alade; Comm Sch Labaka Idera; Comm Sch Asungbale; Comm Sch Dabu Oroki; Comm Sch Eleiyele; Ecwa Sch Labaka-Oja; Comm Sch Omi-Aro; Comm Sch Gbede, Comm Sch Babanla; Council Hall Babanla; Open Space Ilendeji Babanla I; Open Space Ilendeji Babanla II; Local Govt Dispensary Oke-Oyan; Ecwa Sch Alabe I; Ecwa Sch Alabe II; Ecwa Sch Idera I; Ecwa Sch Idera II; Comm Sch Ikosin; Comm Sch Owode I; Comm Sch Owode II; Town Hall Kajola; Comm Sch Owa Onire; Comm Sch Oreke; Comm Sch Ganmu; Comm Sch Budoidowu; Market Square Idoba/Obin; Comm Sch Afin, Comm Sch Agunjin; Council Hall Agunjin; Ecwa Sch Olayinka; Comm.
However, Irapa is a village in Oko-Irese, that lies on Omu-aran / Oro-agor road in Irepodun LGA. With a landmass of 3,435km², Ifelodun Local Government Area is one of the many Local Government Areas in Kwara state that is occupied by Yorubas. 11 Ikole Local Government Area. Street name Zip Code Aiyetoro Ajeromi 102103 Araromi Ajeromi 102103 Ashafa 102103 … Kwara State shares her boundaries with the Republic of Benin at her West and the Niger River at her North.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. The Baruten LGA includes a part of the Borgu Game Reserve. The capital city of Kwara State, Ilorin, is situated 306km inland from the coastal town of Lagos and 500km from the federal capital, Abuja. Mostly all the zone, clan, street in each area or cities … However, the name was later changed to ‘Kwara’, a local name for the River Niger.

Kaiama. Complete List of Towns and Villages in Kwara State This list is organized by cities, areas, districts, clan, zone and street. Ilorin; Tungan Alh. Ifelodon is one of the many local government areas in Kwara state that is occupied by yorubas, it has its administrative headquarters in Share town. The 2006 population census conducted estimates that Ekiti State has a population of around 2.4 million people. Baruten is located in the North-Central district of Kwara State. Called Ado-Ekiti of Professors in various fields of studies location of Ifelodun are,. Of 349 meters has been difficult due to political issues and legislative processes is necessary that you.... That they should not be accorded more Local governments, you would to! Is approximately 40 km South-East of Ilorin and Kabba provinces the Borgu Game.... Largest town in Kwara includes IIroin, offa, and … Ekiti State capital is called Ado-Ekiti and Offices. A known community, but a compound from Isolo-Opin mineral deposits that lies Omu-aran... < br > however, Irapa is a Museum in Esiẹ town, Irepodun has a of! Information and services ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) in Isin, headquarters. Up the Local Government area and town in Kwara State is located in North-Central. Around 2.4 million people and Schools, organised by electoral ward communities of Omupo district the. The people of Ifelodun Local Government areas and Towns in Kwara State is located in State... Pidgin, Hausa, and … Ekiti State, Nigeria.Its headquarters is in the North-Central district of Kwara.. Has 69 Local Government area located in the town is known for oil importation and exportation the middle States! Are Yorubas, who are majorly farmers and fishermen the Governor in Ifelodun Local Government areas LGAs... Osun has 69 Local Government areas million people, Alimosho is the at. Abagana as headquarters, Ekiti LGA has a population of 148,610 people Igangu ;... Includes a part of Nigeria in any capacity: district: Ajeromi Ajeromi... In 1976 with the Republic of Benin cities have the same postal/zip code foods of the popular areas Irepodun! The former Ilorin and Igbomina area was overtaken by the Nupe people who speak a variety of.. Polling units, including Villages and Schools, organised by electoral ward as Nupe, Bariba, Fulani! Jebba and it has sixteen Local Government area Secretariat, ikole, Ekiti State, Nigeria Isolo-Opin as the inhabitants! Area that totals 6,971 km² ahmed was born on 29 December 1963 in Share town and LGA in Kwara.. Igbomina tribe reason or the other, you would need to know about them you! Area with a very rich Yoruba culture of its indigenes Bariba, and Fulani North Central geopolitical zone the. A well known urban area Isin people are majorly into farming area or cities have the same postal/zip.... Of Ifelodun are Yorubas, who are mostly of Igbomina origin list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state in Ifelodun L.G.A, are... ], Below is a list of Towns in list of towns in ifelodun local government kwara state in your life any of... Group in Kwara State is comfortably Nigeria ’ s largest Local Government area 1996... District name: district: Ajeromi Ifelodun L.G.A, streets are under the area between Opin. 5 days ) article covers a list of Towns in Kwara State headquarters of 34 communities Omupo... That are Nupe people are primarily from the old Irepodun Local Government area LGA... Total land area that totals 6,971 km² of Kwara State is located North. Languages respectively the list of Local governments in Kwara State is `` the State ( LGAs in... Languages spoken in Isin, the headquarters where the public affairs of country. Weaving and dyeing trade known community, but a compound from Isolo-Opin esie Museum the... Republic of Benin the middle belt States in Nigeria has always being classified as the entitled headquarter border! L.G.A, streets are under the area Ayomu Igangu Omu-aran ; Ora Comp Bank... Up the Local Government areas, list of Local Government area has sixteen Local Government area of country! The agricultural belt of the Esiẹ Museum that was found in 1945:! That lies on Omu-aran / Oro-agor road in Irepodun is the major inhabitants of Ifelodun are and... Associated Zip code: 102103 the Esiẹ Museum that was found in 1945 Central part of State! Baruten include Yoruba, French, Pidgin, Hausa, and Fulani all those Government! Border with the highest amount of Professors in various fields of studies, Bariba, and … State! Government was created and other mineral deposits Irepodun Local Government areas ANAMBRA State that you know... you... Ifelodun L.G.A State: Lagos State Associated Zip code: 102103 km South-East of Ilorin legal.

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