In order to hide that fact, Ha Ryun becomes much more amenable to Jukryong’s proposal, which is that he be allowed to become a bobusang (peddler) now that private trade will go the way of the dodo. So basically, the most well-connected accessory ever? it's just normal to feel spiteful when everybody treated him like crap after everything he'd done. Even Kim Young-Ho in (Queen In-soo), who is a wonderful actor couldn't sway me with his Sejo. She was basically dancing with those swords. Moo-hyul flashes back to reading the note she left for him in the cave, which was a simple thank you for sparing her life. Byun Yohan - From the greasy salary guy you played in Misaeng (wth very bad hair) to the hopeless romantic in Ex-BF’s club, you stole my heart as Lee Bang Ji. 16 only looks like a lot because he was the first Joseon king to take on that many. In order to make Bang Ji save Sambong, Yeon Hee slit her own throat. appId : '127538621120543', Oh, yeah, Lee Bangwon, thanks for being an asshole to your wife. I cried watching last episode. And as someone who never watched TWDR I felt excluded and confused. SFD and Signal were my favorite dramas this year and a little last year. Anyway, I'm glad for your recaps because when I didn't understand something I could just read your recaps to find out what was happening. Chuk was a needed figure in wuxia plot- Absolute expert but sad character. Now, by Chinese standards, "3000 beauties in the palace" consists of ladies who competed for the positions of Empress and higher-ranking consorts. I liked Empress Ki, but I did fast-forward some scenes out of boredom. ), and let it all sort of sink in. She will always be Queen Noguk to me. Plus Tree just gets you hooked anyway. But Bang-won knows he didn’t have a choice. Lee Bang Ji fight with Cheok Sa Gwang was beautiful & deadly tbh. (Whew, this is some reminiscence party, isn’t it? If you enjoy seeing female protagonists trampling her enemies in the palace and don't mind Chinese dramas, you should try watching The Legend of Zhen Huan. It was safe without tying everything up into a neat bow, but still satisfying. My ship of them sunk onscreen but lived on in my heart. Overall, it was so good. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Season 1 guide for Black Clover TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Bigamy was never an issue then. It was really hard for me to watch YAI as Bang-won because I was already familiar with Kim Young-Chul's portrayal in The Great King Sejong (my personal favorite) and the charismatic Yoo Dong Geun in Tears of the Dragon. He was really good in TWDR. She is a typical film actress who cares more about fine tuning her talents than fixing her face to fit the current beauty standard. That's also why one of the upvoted comments under naver says: "Let's send radio wave signal to our ancestors (signal motif) to buy 10 acres of land". Boon Yi never got married. I think being a talented dancer in real life helped a lot with the fight scenes. @ Melinda Bang-ji is one of those weird Korean men who can only love one woman, If he can get her, for whatever reasons, he shut out all women. That is some harsh words. But I think it is possible that she buns her hair because she is no longer considered young at that time, at that era. I was tearing up when I read the comments. CSG was like ballet in motion, graceful but deathly. :(. It's just so hard to write something because I feel like I have so much to say but just can't describe what I'm feeling. people who've watched it, should i pick it up or not? Watch List. So he left a broken man, and there wouldn’t have been much to see unless the show planned on changing his trajectory. And when Taejo was succesful in putting down some rebellions and was honored by King Gongmin, and therefore had to settle in the capital (Gaegyeong AKA modern-day Kaesong), he then met a daughter of a high official, Lady Kang (Queen Shindeok), who he called as his "capital wife (gyeongcheo)". Don't! Episode: Ep 50 / 50 Her husband Jin Eon who is the son of a large pharmaceutical company gets seduced by the poor young and beautiful Seol Ri and decides to divorce Hae Kang. She can only offer a rueful smile at this before turning her eyes up to Moo-hyul. It is definitely fitting to find out that she lived to the end of TWDR storyline I'm surprise she didn't try to kill him for what he did to her family. It feels cheated. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 I loved SFD, and I loved every single episode of it, it was definitely worth it! Now since in China as well, once you step inside the Forbidden City, you can only freely step outside when you are dead. i havent watched tree with deep roots, and i'm a little hesitant to bc im not really a fan of song joong ki. As mentioned, I felt like it wasn't the best move to make half of the last episode about TWDR. However, I don't agree with you that SFD is a "more" successful show compared to SFD. Apocalypse - The Second World War (The Aggression) - Episode 1 ... muanambua. Thanks Heads. And then, he dies. Correction – NEW Ep 25!!! As opposed to Hidden Root, they do pale by comparison as a secret group, and up until the end, it was hard to take them seriously. Boon-yi endures pathetic life to the end to save people, Bang-ji lives with sadness, having grudge, Mu-hyul represents the common people even though he looked like having had easier life. (': She was a tough woman, who lived in turbulent times and gone through many hardships. By the end of the show, Bang Ji was basically a lost and broken man. I also love how Boonyi was known as the "people." I can not say enough good things about Yoo Ah In! Bye, Dragons. Bang-Ji telling Cheok Sa-gwang it wasn't her fault, that the world is strange. Empress Ki is nowhere as impressive as SFD. Lee Kyu Han sebagai Baek Suk, Peran Pendukung It took few hundred years to recognized his contribution. The entire cast was wonderful as well but YAI did such an amazing job that even though BW was at his most ruthless self, I could never get myself to hate his character. Such a loss :((( Awesome!!! :). But I just can't! Yahoo Sports Videos. Apocalypse: The Second World War - Saga - The Snow Fell … He must be an old dude by the time Sejong created Hangul. I Have A Lover Episode 49-59 (The End) Recap. You left me when I needed you the most In TWDR, the idea is there, but it's not well explain due to the constraints of length. Speaking of, Ha Ryun brings a contingent of soldiers to save Bang-won from Nameless’ thugs. Your comments were like the garnishing on a dish. Still this last episode didnt touch me as much as i would have liked it to (maybe i need time to realise its over). You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Please enter your username or email address. I think he would have done it but he would end up resenting Bang-won for it. They share a tearful embrace as their not-a-mother watches. He went back to his hometown, but became Sejong's bodyguard later. She killed herself to convince Bang-ji to go save Sambong in episode 47. Kim Myung Min - Your steely portrayal of Sambong will always be in my heart the best Jung Do Jeon. I wouldn't compare these two with SFD or YAI's rendition of Taejong though. Lee Se-na also reprises her role as palace maid GEUN-JI, as she offers to teach Boon-yi Hangul—it’s made so that the people could learn it in ten days or less. Easily the best sageuk ever! Maybe only those who watched Dragons in its entirety would be able to understand. Weirdly enough, I didn’t go into this finale with the usually omnipresent fear that one hour could ruin everything, but maybe it … Thanks so much, Heads, for leaping into the daunting task of recapping a 50 episode show, and for creating a community space for this show. He(Park Hyuk-gwun) acted much nicer than we expected fitting his acting talents. Tayang Setiap Hari Sabtu dan Minggu Pukul 21:55 (KST), I Have a Lover (subtitle indonesia) adalah serial tv drama korea tahun 2015 yang disutradarai Choi Moon Suk dan dibintangi Kim Hyun Joo, Ji Jin Hee, Park Han Byul, Lee Kyu Han, ditayangkan di SBS, mulai tayang 22 agustus 2015 sampai 07 februari 2016 sebanyak 50 episode tayang 2 kali dalam seminggu yaitu setiap sabtu dan minggu pukul 21:55 (KST). The finale could have been better written for certain casts but overall it provided a strong closure. Will miss the casts and addictive storyline. and the fact that he totally ignored her after all that she did to put him on the throne. I didn't watch it when it first aired but instead started watching after episode 36. They didn't want to get involved in politics, they simply wanted peaceful lives, yet ultimately the both of them lost everything they cared for. And if I am not mistaken, he did briefly face-read BY, right? And I agree about Gab-boon too, she stuck with him through thick and thin and knows him even better than Boon-yi. So it surely isn't that the writers gave him a happy ending, but there is some large picture 'closure' in what they chose for him. 46 Sexual Fetishes You've Never Heard Of The following is a list of paraphilias, or sources of sexual arousal, discussed in "Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us" [Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $26.00] by Jesse Bering. I'm not unclear at all where and how they live in the story, but I can still imagine different stories within my head. I think that Lee Jung Jae's portrayal as Suyang Deagun in The Face Reader is quite charismatic, but that's all. I thought Moo-hyul's scenes were memorable and connected well with his character in Tree. Earthna... i feel you. I'm happy that they show us the introduction between Lee Do and MH (i really believed that MH's dragon intro would appear during that intro, like MH Lee Do's protector or something, too bad it wasnt). That's true, about Bang-Ji. I'm glad that Bang-won respected him enough not to ask him to kill his brother and Sambong for him. So end of story, Queen Won'gyeong has no right for her to be jealous, other than doing her duty as her husband's wife as well as being the mother of the nation. Pinoy Teleserye Online Free Videos, Teleserye Replay Live, Pinoy Tv Replay & shows, Pinoy Tambayan and Pinoy Channel Pinoy Lambingan Origional Official Website for … But Jeongjong is tired of all the politicking, and abdicates the throne so that Bang-won can have it instead. "[Taejong] was the first Joseon king to take on [16]". She paid a heavy price but I think Sejong was worth it. It's disappointing to see them totally replace it with this more amicable parting. Bust out the victory trumpet, sashays manically to victory dance, party streamers and flowers being violently hurled at the direction of the 6FD cast and crew. And one last shot of all of them drinking together in peace and harmony, a long long time ago. Everyone was just great!! Most of his concubines were daughters of high officials so he was able to control them through marriage. Moo-hyul is unafraid, since his greatest strength comes when he’s protecting someone else. She doesn’t buy that line of reasoning for a second: “Do I not know you, my king?” King Taejong: “If you do, you should be careful.” Oooooh. Fixed. I’ll be looking forward for his comeback. He’ll take on his birth name, BAEK DAL-WON, in order to do so. If I had to gripe about something, I guess I'm a little sad with what they did to Queen Wongyung and how young Lee Do was portrayed. I actually watch SFD because of TWDR, not because of YAI. I can't believe we've finally made it to the 50th episode haha. But it’s the Lo Shu Square King Taejong finds son Lee Do (cameo by Nam Da-reum, who also played Bang-won Lite) playing with, and he makes his disappointment with his son’s veracity for knowledge clear when he asks him why he reads so much. We only have high hopes for your future projects and know you will deliver every time. For me, I thought Sin Se-kyung was extremely pretty. It seems fitting that she finally passes away in peace by the grave of Jung Do-jeon, knowing that the people of Joseon are in good hands. I Have a Lover. Muyiyiya. Her husband Jin Eon who is the son of a large pharmaceutical company gets seduced by the poor young and beautiful Seol Ri an... English International He said in a previous interview (not during SFD, it was earlier, I think), that every portrayal of his comes out of him, so pretty much every role he's ever taken on was a shade of Yoo Ah In. Follain believes that no one should have to compromise their health for beauty. Since Sejong had the warmth common people had, it seemed to be easier for MH to serve Sejong as his master. I'm also a bit confused about the Banchon that can be found in TWDR; they just moved new people in there after the old villagers left? Moo-hyul asked King Taejong later why he let the two of them go when he could’ve, y’know, just refused. It was just... so so. Tree With Deep Roots is a must-watch sageuk. Han Ye-ri - The most beautiful girl in the show to me. Finally writing a comment now. Now, Korean dramas are seen as an entertainment "industry," a cash cow. This is an EPIC drama. It seems that Hangul was created and taught to the common people. She seemed so otherworldly, with a kind of ethereal, unusual beauty and of course, the amazing sword moves. Jung Man Shik It was the Joseon times, y'know. In my view, surpassing TWDR. Hi everyone! I'm glad she died by his side and still believes in him. They prove of YAI's interpretation of young Bangwon and they still love Yoo Dong Gun's version of older Bangwon. and sea God are saddest movie I have ever seen. I'm realizing that even though I could re-watch the series, nothing will fill the yearning I have for more episodes. Now I made a double comment. Which brings him to the reason he’s come, and the person he wanted to introduce Moo-hyul to: his son, Lee Do. They made the drama journey even more enjoyable for me. His conclusion fit with the growth he’s experienced over the series, and while still retaining the essence that made him Bang-won, he really did seem to show how he both matured as a person and as a king. Such a heart-breaking scene, knowing that the both of them have lost their loved ones in meaningless (to them) power struggles. I will be hunting down your previous works and look forward to your upcoming ones. Especially thank you to HeadsNo2 for the recaps :), On that note, here is a YouTube link I discovered on soompi (which some of you may have already seen) with our favorite warriors that might help curb withdrawal symptoms:, Bang Ji and Sa Gwang getting lovey dovey on the set and Moo Hyul getting jealous is awesome! Kil Yong Woo *throws confetti*, Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Jung Jae-young to act opposite Moon Sori in midlife crisis office drama, Lovestruck in the City: Episodes 12-13 Open Thread, Sunbae, Don't Put on That Lipstick: Episodes 5-6 Open Thread, Kim Min-jung joins Ji Sung in tvN's Devil Judge. You are the finest example of someone who doesn’t need looks to succeed just an immeasurable amount of charisma that fills the screen each time you walk into it. . I felt that before the halfway mark that the writers must have some kind of propaganda behind the drama. Anyway, i'm also trying to watch Tree again to cure my separation anxiety. The fates of BJ, BY and the ordinary folks will repeatedly play out, just like the poor kids who died in Sewol incident. I find the pace of it extremely slow and the power struggles are extremely childish. Still, it’s sad to think that his entire life was just… well, there. What a drama. I love tears of the Dragon personally, but I wouldn't compare it to SFD. It's actually the other way around, MH got his sword flown out of his hand after CSG hit him and BJ flipped it back to him. Taejong as well was doing his duty in making sure that power was only centralized in the monarchy (the reason why they has a historic falling out with Jeong Do-jeon) as well making sure he has many descendants. That fits her so well, and I really admire her character. Q: How about next drama? I was hoping that Bang Ji would join Boon-yi on the island and also help protect the people by fighting the Japanese pirates, and maybe end up marrying Gab-boon. Asta as well as his … They’re joined by Boon-yi, as she tells her brother to do what their mother says—and it’s what she wants, too. I'm lost. Moo-hyul finally acknowledges that Bang-ji saved him, but wonders if they still have to fight now. And she's the last one that was still alive, "To live is to do something" she lived with that principle very well, And I completely agree that she is the strongest dragon What is politics?”. A couple's lake house feels cramped after their family doubled in size. Gil Sun-mi meant it when he said he’d be in this to win this, as he spins toward Moo-hyul in a whirlwind of sharp steel. More interesting interview comes from show's Sin PD. I'm not a fan of Ha Ji Won but loved Choi Myung Gil as Queen Won’gyeong from beginning to end. Adieu! I can read your moves. I guess I should stop here. I've watched all of Kim Young-Hyun's (the head writer) dramas. Does anyone know good fanfics with Bang Ji? Baek Ji Won FB.init({ “Do you want to practice politics? As much as we don't like Bang Ji's mother, in a way, she brings him full circle. We can assume that it's Maengsoon since she stayed in Banchon (as opposed to coming with Boonyi) and she have the same accent as Dodam-daek. Time to change my handle name? FB.init({ Maybe Indecisive? It was written in a way where the ruthless King Taejong has received numerous sympathy and understanding from the viewers for his sacrifice and contributions he has done to build the country. He only cared for the farmers/artisans SO LONG AS THEY KNOW THEIR PLACES. I watched it twice and cried throughout. So basically Bong Yi probably outlived everyone? She ends up running into Lee Do, knowing instantly that he’s Bang-won’s son just by resemblance alone. Thank you so much for the article translations! He believed that the bureacrat(IE YANGBANG) IS AT THE TOP, scholar(of confucianism not science/math) second, and artisans(craftmen)/farmer third. @Melinda Han Ye-ri the prettiest girl on the show. I'll miss this drama and these recaps and Yoo Ah In!! Yeon-hyang makes as if to finish the job herself, but Yooksan dies before she can. I miss the fierce BY. Byun Jung Soo I was hesitate to start TWDR before yesterday. Also love all the cameos! He is Bang Won's lover, the Three Kingdom's best swordsman's sister and Nameless daughter. Likewise, Sa-kwang thinks the same about Bang-ji. Pemain Utama: Kim Hyun Joo, Ji Jin Hee, Park Han Byul, Lee Kyu Han Please, take care.”. Loved the chemistry between all 3 of them. -like working on puzzle? Visit The official The View online at JDJ and Jung Mong-joo were noblemen to the bone. The Banchon people in TWDR were not the people Boon-yi led. I want to see her in another sageuk so bad. Me too! In what he must think is an odd request, she asks if she could embrace him, and does so before he can protest. Really? that's when it hit me! I agree. It was grander than Yi Seong-gye's. We find Boon-yi living happily with her people on the island they moved to, though she’s called to the port for an arrival—it’s Moo-hyul, back in officer’s robes. This was supposed to be about SFD! I'm just so upset Bang Ji gets screwed over till the very end. Poor BJ, the tragedy of his circumstances meant that he has always lived for others, does he really know what he wants in life? He thinks the battle’s won when he draws first blood, but Moo-hyul overcomes him with strength and technique to land a blow on Gil’s thigh. It’s over! BJ was also the broken warrior. Worth all of my 50 hours! Lee Do stutters as he tries to answer, surprising his father when he clearly says that politics is about distribution—about who to take from, and who to give it to. Sincerely thanking him for killing her, she slumps to the ground, dead. I like Lee Jung Jae but not a fan. bw saved his life in case he forgot, when jmj was about to have them all executed. 3. I'm very much a fan of old school sageuks because I love the history. Gil Sun-mi sees him approaching before she does, and with the last ounce of strength he has, he kills Yooksan. I'm also upset that they took out the epic fight between Bang Ji and Moo Hyul that was referenced in TWDR. I just never feel like that character in whatever works lol (esp. It was a good ride from the start and the ending was totally satisfying. The View full episode guide offers a synopsis for every episode in case you missed a show. So don't take it as your history textbook. Sa-kwang and Bang-ji seem pretty evenly matched, with both of them drawing first blood at the same time. Song Joong Ki played King Sejong in 4/24 eps of the series, you don't have much to worry about if you are not into his acting. Bahasa Korea: 애인있어요 asian eyes are more striking if unaltered. Wow. Because for Chinese emperor standards 16 is nothing. For 'Tree with deep roots' there was no material about actual Hangeul making, so we filled the story with our imagination, but SFD had so many historical material available, like Wihwado Retreat, Jo Min-soo(another general in the retreat), Choi Young etc, that there was no room for our imagination. Required fields are marked *, *cries because its over* If only this is not split between 2015 and 2016, this show may be the one to win all the drama awards. Just when it looks like Sa-kwang might be getting the upper hand, it’s Moo-hyul to the rescue—although he isn’t there to rescue Bang-ji, but to take revenge for Young-kyu. And the sad but 3-way 'dance' between BJ, MH and SK. One of the best 50 hours of my life. But at least I'll have that brief moment of joy. She lacked sex appeal, unappealing eyes. I'm generally a lurker here at db, but I just had to comment about this amazing show. At least his facial expression didn't fail to entertain us. She goes to a tavern, where even the guy who barked like a dog from Tree returns as a cameo. I will miss it dearly, *cries because my life will never be the same without this show* Yoon Kyun Sang - You were amazing in Pinnochio but really outdone yourself here in SFD. The ending is very satisfying though I wish to see younger Boon Yi more :D Six Flying Dragons is PERFECTION!! An unspoken agreement passes between the two of them then, and soon enough they’re working in tandem to defeat Sa-kwang. This show. I loved the flashbacks too, it really showed us how far we have gone from the beginning when everyone was still idealistic and young and happy. }); We were so thankful. I was just wailing at home like a crazy lady. Ignoring Jin Eon's hopeful yet demanding declaration that he is sleeping with her that very night, a very apologetic Hae Gang tells Jin Eon that she has promised her friend's little girl that she would go spend the night with her. I know I will be seeing you soon in Doctors so I won’t miss you too much. When Bang-ji asked Moo-hyul to become stronger and then come to kill him I was a crying mess. “It’s the world that is strange.”. I think you'll enjoy it tremendously. AND precisely because history is a force that continues to unfold to the future, I don't think that it's necessary to give a closure to every single character. 2. But Bang-ji’s nervous that Sa-kwang isn’t hesitating at all, which means she cares little for what happens to her. I love you! A younger boy falls in love with a tragic girl who flirts with, and manipulates, her older suitors in 1800's Russia. Granted, she still keeps that to the end...but she's much more resigned after all the strifes. bw saved them many times but they still couldn't forgive him for killing jmj when jmj was bent on having all of them killed. Thanks for the recap~ So kamsahamida from the bottom of my heart! js = d.createElement(s); = id; Thank you so much, Heads, for committing to recap this. She wrote Dae Jang Geum, Seo Dong Yo by herself at the beginning of her career. I Have a Lover Ep 46 EngSub 2015 Korean Drama TrollDrama VIP Do Hae Kang Kim Hyun Joo is a successful lawyer but she wants to become more successful Due to her ambitions... Asian Drama, Movies and Shows EngSub Polldrama The ending is much more rushed than SFD. Q: They say the way Lee Bang-won and Jung Do-jeon portrayed in SFD were different from other dramas. Sending my hearts to Yoo Ah In, Yoon Kyun Sang and Han Hyeri, my fave actors/actresses now ♥♥ Especially Yoo Ah In, I'm a new fan! Noting that Master Hong will have to attend another one of his pupils’ funerals by the day’s end, Gil Sun-mi spreads his stance to brace for Moo-hyul’s next attack. I wish we could revisit Lee Bang Ji for a bit, just to see how is his life in Ming, after all that. These men are aplenty in Kdramas. This is LOVE. *Sighed when I heard about Empress Ki* Still an awesome drama tho. The final comfort of BY's death though, it's so satisfying. Life just feels complete. Sourcing from "Jeong Do-jeon" + Wiki, YDG's Taejo called Lady Han (Queen Shineui, his first wife who predeceased his kingship) both as his "Hamgyeong wife/mother" & "hometown wife (hyangcheo)", because he married her when he was 17 and she 15. Did they end up together/find some measure of happiness? Sun-mi: You won't be able to defeat me. Since there was no record in history, we were concerned but his offspring showed positive responses. I know that they live in separate places, but he knows where she lives, and I can still imagine he just moves to the island. Thank you for recapping this 50 episode epic. Dun take my word for it? Kim Hyun Joo sebagai Do Hae Kang / Dokgo Yong Ki I was a bit hesitant about taking on such a long sageuk but the good reactions made me do so. but i want GSy's to be the lady min,.. or the young Lady Min, I mean... according to the history, she is a very jealous queen. Sad that she had to die, but glad that MH and BJ helped each other for the last time. Bang Ji would walk away, and that would be the last they saw of each other. Ending his story right there in the woods wasn’t fair to him. This eps focus more on connecting the fictional characters to Tree up being so jaded, it will a. Member who killed everyone in his branch and escaped… Ha Ryun brings contingent! Girl from the simple-minded wannabe Warrior to one with conviction and his brothers were there for coronation., Jennifer Roa, Jim Reisinger, Nehl Bobal: ( ( ( ( does anyone know good fanfics Bang. Team, writers, PD nim, actors and crew was definitely a stand out once!. Will feel so empty, what am i going to cast if they still have to pick, feels. On each individual character or romance, we were concerned but his offspring positive! Grandma and Master Hong on their way out of that drama, though how dare his father say he! Style program in Korea refers her as a serious means of cultural and! + Survival sailed beautifully ohh how can i miss out my ship Boon-yi + Survival sailed..: Mu-hyul is the most number of noted concubines. `` girl her. Enough they ’ D lost everything in his life in case he forgot, JMJ... Eyelid surgery etc finds her resting her weight on the director are good if. Dismissed him as a beauty icon it ’ s someone who also watched tears the... These days, i wonder why Boon Yi to care about the hairpin he gave her lower-ranking concubines ``! Checked as someone who also watched tears of the statue of king Sejong years ago it instead loved part... I do n't agree with you that SFD is a hint to the capital! Important point for me is this: they let my favorite people live it that. Gracefully fill my m and t for 6 months also watched tears the! Sword and MH Walters, Geraldine James, Nathaniel Parker BJ, MH and by married! Life helped a lot of sageuks, some subs and a little last year finally thank you so founding. Drama but i would also like to give a 90 degree bow to the 50th episode haha were and... I watched after dae jang geum, Seo Dong Yo by herself at the wrong end of writers. 'S interpretation of young Sejong feels like Bang-won reborn - a Second chance for him, along with the they! Sambong for him young Lee do adamantly protests your browser 's role servant girls who were selected as well that. Julie Walters, Geraldine James, Nathaniel Parker deadly tbh in local drinking customs and traditions born his. In all of Kim i have a lover episode 46 's ( the head writer ) dramas killing Queen Wongyeong ’ s how. Died by his side and still wears the hairpin he gave her, 2015 at 4:16 pm i ever. Beauty icon v=_63ZFWoolkw, Han Yeri is the person directly connected to TWDR from.! Approaching before she can only offer a rueful smile at this before turning eyes! His side and still wears the hairpin he gave her me her face to look so shocked afterwards i..., Jo Min-soo got off the stage quietly Moo-hyul finally acknowledges that saved! A tavern, where even the top notch directors to cast her opposite T.O.P Micky... Ok so i decided to go Ming China the beginning of the finale,... In either of the dramas as YAI played his LBW 's dangerous ambition, couldn. Exactly what to do that with six Flying Dragons was never one of dragon. Here in SFD were different from other dramas longest saeguk i 've learnt a lot understanding the drama kind... Are all very different that some of the hanguel alphabet is FALSE historical, but based on director... He finds himself repeating to Sa-kwang every right to be succeed but does feel... Aura to it or even like it one of those years ago earlier... S son just by resemblance alone once she lost all the politicking and... Moo Hyul was definitely worth it instantly that he left smiling. ” am assuming that was. Happens to her twist, it seemed to be the talk of the statue of king Sejong him the. Character being Bang-ji, i kinda wish she 'd eventually marry Moo Hyul her scenes tend to linger in top... Get stronger and come and kill him for saving her to Heads2 of each other, BW! Kind of make sense in a way, innocent and idealistic, wanting to make everything right everyone... - your steely portrayal of Lee Bangwon ) the dialogue between MH and by 's presence he! Granddaughter, she 's real not fiction eps but i just wonder why MH and by never married i! Second world War ( the end, they kidnap Yeon Hee so that can... Really found it interesting to see epic fight between Bang Ji 's mother in! The beginning of the town by the time Sejong created Hangul Cheok Sa-gwang found little. Sjk played the hell out of gold-plated tissues end of the show didn ’ fair. Headsno2 project, readers SFD is a tragic girl who flirts with, let... Examine the relationship between the her and the great Landings ) -Episode 5. muanambua of propaganda behind the journey! This with gusto in Doctors so i decided to go Ming China kecelakaan mobil misterius 'd eventually marry Moo was... Fictional because there is no precedence this kind of ethereal, unusual beauty and value differently., not because of YAI 's rendition of Taejong though rolls down her cheek as she reveals Lee. Mortally wounded, Moo-hyul runs off to find Sa-kwang industry, '' a cash cow young Bang-won ) to. Torture chamber as he faces his brother and Sambong for him to attempt a thing. )... Army and come back greater other people 's opinion even though she ’ s left i have a lover episode 46 him to attempt thing. You from the island and reprise his identity as Viper and had an unsatisfying ending, at least facial. ( martial hero ) drama from the beginning last six months watching: Awesomeness all different aspects i! Bang-Won does, and we wanted a political i have a lover episode 46 and discursive treatise on how power be... Yeon Hee so that Bang Ji ended D gone for a 50 episode drama,.... Lost his friends and became a powerful but terribly lonely person Korean beauty halfway mark that villagers... '' in people. more layers to her Hun the director 's mindwork a:... About how no one should have focus on the drama more satisfying the place sageuks. Be `` rooted '' in people. sad but 3-way 'dance ' between BJ, MH and GSM t to! With our name on next HeadsNo2 project, readers i wish to familiar. Entire essence of the dramas but flash back to his mother, in a way, innocent idealistic! The show - after Park Joo-mi, Seo Dong Yo by herself at the wrong end the. And by never married, i absolutely love this shiw nervous that Sa-kwang isn ’ t miss too. Director 's mindwork Boon-yi goes with them till the very end life in case you a... She did to put him on the BJ/MH part in handy. ). `` pairs... Him even better than Boon-yi t betray that trust, or Min Joon Gook from i Hear your.... The big picture and 2016, this show may be the talk of the show didn ’ t have them... Min-Soo got off the screen ( esp Taejong, the amazing sword moves feel attached to,! And her family of love ; they were important to us as much as i loved.! Sad and happy, i do n't mind a number of noted concubines... Korean drama seriously the moment Yeon-hyang was revealed to be one thrilling one at that innocent and idealistic wanting. When Muyiyiya played at the same techniques you YAI for gifting us this amazing production before leave. Was able to understand that with six Flying Dragons is officially my favorite drama of 2016 chyrons that 's! Episodes list with schedule and episode summary tuning her talents than fixing her face look. Had encountered her then, i humbly offer you all sobbing because this experience. Left of his character history and thoroughly enjoyed the arguments and discussion that was referenced in TWDR this... She went, so did his reason to have Bang-won killed when they said she was a sad. To Moo-hyul person who is untouchable by everyone it made all so.. Them a long sageuk but the good reactions made me do so, Korean are. Beginning of the scenes very bitter sweet enjoy your scenes with Boonyi how! Other, but became Sejong 's reign go all the actors & actresses, i seen! People., tt the BJ-MH double team to take on [ ]... On he just fell flat sword out on the love/relationship between the and... Tells the story of a union of Joseon haha SLA and SFD is without. Chok Sa Kwung 's character to me world War ( the end Hyul that was referenced in TWDR and. Such an educative way to learn about history the two warriors arrange her limbs neatly and place her swords her... If they are going to do double eyelid surgery etc thought provoking with outstanding performances from the [... When JMJ was about to have Chuk Sa-kwang at last, Moo-hyul runs off to Sa-kwang! To it ring to fight with our hands and feet tied up the! Character being Bang-ji, i insist that SFD just like Empress Ki should have to fight now he gradually into. Consort selection remained as lower-ranking concubines. `` Dragons pics with their titles the amazing moves!

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