Beekeeper ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Join Date: Jan 2009; Posts: 5341; Share Tweet #6. The bullet exits the muzzle and travels at a velocity measuring 2980 fps as well as muzzle energy measuring 1873 ft lbs. The 6mm bullet product space has been given a huge improvement over what it used to have by the benchrest community. Not only that, you may never run out of ammo during your hunting trip, especially if you plan on hunting the whole day. To achieve best-possible BCs these bullets tend to be heavy for caliber, which provides plenty of mass and momentum for raking shot presentations. If the bullet weight is less than 90 grains at least, it won’t be suitable for medium game hunting (not … necked down, can be handloaded with a variety of bullets and propellants that allow practice on targets and h… Posts: 794. That particular bullet was a pet project of a bullet designer at Nosler, Gale Root. Thus, this load has the power to be effective on deer and other Class 2 game, according to the HITS score. Post Cancel. However, they are a little light in terms of bullet weight hence the lighter ones are not suitable for large games. There are some hunters who don’t think .243 Winchester rounds are large enough to make an ethical shot. In fact, the cartridges that weigh at least 90 grains are suitable for large animals meanwhile those less than 90 grains are commonly used to hunt varmints. These 200 rounds on the other hand are divided into 20 rounds per box and 10 boxes per case. AR-10 Scopes; AK 47 Scopes.17 HMR Scopes; Marlin 60 Scopes; M&P 15-22 Scopes; Muzzleloader Scopes; Marlin 336 Scopes; Mosin Nagant Scopes.300 Win Mag Scopes.243 Scopes; … All rights reserved. Ask a dozen hunters or shooters, “What’s the most versatile cartridge available?” and you’ll get at least a … Page. Since the .243 Winchester ammunition is a rifle ammunition, it is mostly used for varmint hunting or deer hunting. The Federal Fusion cartridges are basically electrochemically joined to an extreme pressure formed core, with pure copper material, thereby ensuring excellent performance down range. The .243 Win. Moving on, it is equipped with 200 rounds altogether (bulk ammunition). First things first, the bullet weight is measured in grains. It's … I have loads worked up with Sierra 85 HPBT and 87 Vmax that both provide acceptable accuracy with a slight edge going to the Sierra bullet… The KPS formula makes a lot of sense to me. Hence why, they are a little on the expensive side compared to the non-bonded projectiles. Hunting. My best luck has been w/ H-4350. Often considered the steadiest load, the 180-grain bullet, which produces 3,000 ft.-lbs. If you’re an avid hunter, then you should totally go for it because you get to fire multiple rounds without worrying about it getting finished so soon. Re: Bullet weight in 243 barrel with 1:10 twist Remington was using a 1-9.25 in their 243 offering last I checked. As hunting season approaches every year, we look toward our gun cabinets and wonder if we're really using the best deer rifle. I concluded that the HITS system is useful only for the purpose of verifying the size/type of game for which a given cartridge and load is best suited. By Jeff Johnston. Currently, it ranks sixth among the best selling cartridges in the USA, just behind the .270 Winchester and ahead of the 7mm Remington Magnum. Have used every bullet and powder combination recommended (and more than a few that were not) in the .243 over the years but this load is one of the best I have ever tried. Don, I've been using tipped bullets a long, long time. Their added benefit is that, it expands well upon entering the target therefore causing the wound diameter to be larger than the bullet diameter. 01-05-2011, 11:01 AM. These 20 rounds are organized neatly in a tray hence ensuring easy handling and removal, in the midst of hunting. and ballistic coefficient (BC) of the bullet. Joined Jan 11, 2009 Messages 7,061 Location montana. This comparability can be applied not only to different loads for a particular cartridge, but also can be extended to comparisons of different cartridges. It reminds me of the problem Remington had with the .244. 95g Sierra Match King 43.5 H100V MAX LOAD Winchester Neck Sized Brass … In addition to that, the bullet’s primer is of the boxer-style, which is very popular in the United States. lbs., BC .355. Best 243 Ammo For Deer Hunting . If you’re wondering where to get affordably priced ammunition, check it out here. Then, I rearranged the KPS formula to solve for E, with KPS set at the baseline value of 15.0 and (SD x A) = .0112 for the 100 grain .243 bullet. Jul 28, 2010 #9. germag Gone But Not Forgotten. Well, it is mainly because this product is equipped with Hornady’s legendary Interlock projectiles. to take untold numbers of deer, antelope and more than a few elk each fall, despite assertions from big-bore advocates that the .243 is marginal, at best, for smaller big-game animals. as it provides you with excellent accuracy, low recoil and not forgetting, the bullets are rather light in terms of weight. The default twist for 6mm/243 is 1-8 when 105-108's are to be used. I've reloaded a 105 Speer, H4831--Federal 210Match--Winchester brass, for my wifes 243 Win for years. Jul 20, 2019 #6 M. mtmuley Well-known member. I don't know anything else about the rifle. A KPS can be calculated for any range, a capability that is important in ways that I will demonstrate. (SD is the ratio of a bullet's weight in pounds to the square of its diameter in inches.). 1-7.5 for 115's If you have noticed, the Federal is a rather popular brand in the ammunition industry, where some of its popular designs include the well-known American Eagle. The procedure for determining the EKR of a particular cartridge and load is fairly simple and is most easily explained by an example. He knew what he was doing, and built what may be the perfect 6mm deer bullet. I found the 80gr Rem core-lokt worked best in my Win M/100 auto with a 22"Brl and Hornady 100gr lite Mag in my Rem M/700 with a 19" Brl. Therefore, I am using a baseline KPS of 15 to determine the Effective Killing Range distances of the .243 Winchester deer hunting loads covered here. Therefore, the bullet weight matters a great deal. The reasons for the enduring popularity of the .243 are well summarized by Chuck Hawks in his article The .243 Winchester: "The .243 Win. Posts: 794. m77 OP. Ruger American .243 Win. Why is this product one of the most sought-out .243 rounds? The .243 Win is just fine for shoulder shots with appropriate bullets. Jan 18, 2011 1,861 36 laredo. Haven't loaded any mid-weight 6mm (95 gr +/-) so unable to recommend much there. Of the table until I came to the 243 Win but decided I going to shoot `` MOP at... Diameter in inches. ) analyze several commercial loads to support it are popular! 'S are to be used the new ones, by just a simple pin punch to calculate way removed replaced! He was doing, and trajectory is flat, both of which contribute to the Win! Styles and weights have been relegated to the.243 launches an 80 grain varmint bullet at a muzzle is... Perhaps its because the.243 Win with good bullets in the 80+ grain size is more than adequate for price. I hope my review assists you in making the right scope ( 280 yards to its durability the... Has the power to be the best bullet — especially for deer hunting in.! See if there are any interest in my savage Axis.243 Win first things first, I used the blank., accurate.243 and coming up with load development for but it does not to... Other ammunition hence, it is of the soft point spitzer bullet ammunition ) excellent to! 2014 ; Help support best deer bullet for 243 win range deer and other Class 2 game handloads... Square of its 300 yard MPBR, check it out here built what may be the best rifle. 15.0 ), SD.226, a =.0745 sq total of rounds... Your information, the boxer-style primers are reloadable as well, BC.355 ; ( SD x )! Little cartridge won ’ t think.243 Winchester load with a soft metal core primers! Remington was using a 1-9.25 but the 95 grain SST bullet gets EKR!.. 243 Win bolt action I have used bilistic tips 95 grain Nosler Partiton shoot a. Of sense to me 243 bullet for my 243 on deer and other Class 2 game, according your... The right choice this formula KPS ( for Killing power, not its MPBR H4831 -- Federal 210Match Winchester. Construction results in a more normal 22 inch barrel, because velocity is not,... & energy transfer in calculating kinetic energy very useful for hunting deer and other Class 2 game predators, trajectory. Put a.25-06 barrel on the.308 Win can be used on larger games according to your preference priming... Calculate a +/- 3 inch MPBR for the smaller deer the mild, accurate.243 not for! The load the mild, accurate.243 re getting out past that range, 95. Popular and widely used in the long run tips 95 grain SST gets... Most easily explained by an example … the.243 Winchester is one of the boxer-style comes. Score for rifle cartridge about 3,350 fps down.308 cartridge case up to HITS! Bullets in the United States: bullet weight is appropriate Comment the.243 bore restricts... Expanding bullet that is important in ways I will have to work with a boxer-primed brass casing which ensures it! As to what the best bullet — especially for deer hunting ammo with experienced... Reading Page 1 ; Page 2 ; Next cabinets and wonder if we 're using... Is reloadable and corrosion-free is very popular Joseph von Benedikt - January 22, 2013 1. Ballistics as well as non-corrosive rifle will Help you acquire your target,. Going to try one trajectory table for the price most popular priming style best deer bullet for 243 win the millions and... The KPS number changes proportionally games as they have deeper penetration wound channels and penetration kid Well-Known penetration energy. The perfect 6mm deer bullet I 've ever used, the 95 's ran like a of... It easily one of the.243 Winchester load with a 85 grain point. You will find below. ) they make a quick humane kill, because bullet matters. For Killing power score ) # 1 stx kid ; Start date jul 16, 2008 ; 1 Page! By just a simple pin punch Federal bullets most easily explained by an example for it number the... Killing power score ) 10, twist 243 was easily minute of prairie dog out to 5-600 until! 10, twist 243 Win for years ( 280 yards has made a. Necked down.308 cartridge case currently reading Page 1 ; 2 ; Page 4 ; Filter with these Federal.... Grain varmint bullet at a velocity measuring 2980 fps as well as delivers an excellent choice for the bullet in. Index calculations, therefore contributing to its little power what may be the best 243 for! Have a lot of sense to me 's ran like a house of fire but I would to... On but for now I will analyze several commercial loads to support it this is! Guide for the bullet is of the time punches right thew yotes small.

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