Identity Reformulations in the Special Administrative Region of Macao



Professor Doutor Carlos Piteira


Research team

Carlos Piteira

Tânia Ganito

Teresa Almeida e Silva


External Consultants

Big Leung

Rita Botelho dos Santos


Research Group

East Asia 



Recently, the Special Administrative Region of Macao (SARM) has been an excellent location for studies of the social changes that have been taking place in China. The SARM lends specificity to the region and constitutes an important case study of the modernisation in the East in general and China in particular.



  1. To ascertain the impacts of modernisation in the Macao SAR's reformulation and the emergence of its identity.
  2. To further knowledge on the identity trajectories resulting from modernisation in the People's Republic of China via Macao's micro-system.
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