Crisis and Migratory Policies: New Mobility Regimes Created by Golden Visa



Research team


Maria de Fátima Calça Amante, PhD

Irene Rodrigues, PhD



External Consultants


Frank Pieke, PhD 

Doris Wastl-Walter, PhD



Research Group

East Asia



Since October 2012, in the turmoil of debt financial crisis, Portugal has created a new program of Residence permit in order to attract investment from third countries nationals: Golden Visa Program which assigns residence visa and, in the long run, allows Portuguese citizenship for investors. Having the concept of regimes of mobility (Schiller and Salazar, 2013) as starting point we propose to analyze the ways by which a new residence permit regime influence the development of Portuguese migratory policies as well as migratory flows themselves. This is a first exploratory project on the topic and as such it aims to map the economical, juridical, political, ideological and statistical outlines of the phenomenon. The specific goals of the project are:

(1) Program Description and analysis in legal terms taking into account the changes and the effects produced by them;
(2) Description and analysis of economic, political and ideological context of the financial crisis in its relation to the Program;
(3) Analysis and interpretation of statistical data from the first four years of the Program comparing with migration statistical data not covered by the Program.

During this first stage of the project there will also be conducted exploratory interviews with institutional actors directly or indirectly involved in the Program.






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