Even more importantly, ignite typically double dips any and all damage increasing buffs and talents- the buff will increase the original spell’s damage, increasing the ignite damage… but the buff will also increase the damage of Ignite itself. The Blizzard slow only lasts 4.5s, and 2 points in it will cause it to overwrite long-lasting, strong slows like Cone of Cold and Crippling Poison. Use at most 2 Glowing gems, only in sockets that give worthwhile socket bonuses. I’m not sure yet if this issue is on Feenix or not. The third and fourth ways are similar- the tank has an invalid amount of threat. This is the base spec for fire. Useful as it gives you more options in fights with positional requirements, and lets you stay just out of range of most boss AoE. 2/3 puts it on the level of the strongest slow debuffs in the game- it will overwrite them, but it can also be overwritten by them. The first and most obvious is that you use fireblast to finish a monster off. Depending on how much you play a mage, you may notice that when you’re at the end of casting a spell, you can cast a second spell, or even move around and run, before you finish casting. There are very few spells that are off the GCD, and fairly all of them are self-buffs. Talent buildThe other thing I wanted to say (sorry, had no time yesterday) is about your suggestions on talents and especially ice shards. It has 14 unspent talent points and should be your starting point of tinkering with the build. Arctic Reach (2/2) - Increases the range of Frostbolt and Blizzard, as well as the radius of Frost Nova and Cone of Cold by 20%. Against logic, the spell will finish casting, and if you used another spell it will automatically go off as well! 0/3 Improved Flamestrike: Please see the AoE section on a more detailed rundown on AoE abilities. You’ll notice that Molten Fury, which is +20% damage to any target below 20% health, is listed as a cooldown. And please don't worry, your report will be anonymous. It doe not give them threat equal to the highest threat player on the table, and it does not give him 110% or 130% of that threat. This doesn’t mean that you are holding these boosts till the end of the fight. When your health physically drops as a result of direct damage, the spell you are currently casting is subject to pushback. The first and most obvious is that the tank can taunt it, which instantly sets the tank’s threat equal to the player with aggro and forces the monster to keep aggro on the taunter for a few seconds. Don’t waste your time trying to get around it. Theorycraft, plan, and share your Classic character builds for all nine original classes. The real use of scorch is the secondary effect applied when you spec into Improved Scorch- each cast of scorch increases the target’s vulnerability to fire damage by 3%, stacking up to five times. For dealing raw burst damage, the three instant cast spells reign supreme. With 10 mobs, you would hit each for 1,000, totaling 10,000 damage. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Frost Mage in dungeons and raids. You will finish your scorch cast in this rotation with 1.5s left on your scorch debuff- and since you always have a 1% chance to miss a spell, if you miss this scorch it’s physically impossible to react fast enough, through ping, to scorch once more. The idea is that the tank uses these few ‘safe’ seconds to extend a threat lead, even if someone hits the monster directly after the taunt. Forums Forums » Classes » Mage » [Pinned] Mage BiS Lists - Warmane. It states that you are considered ‘casting’ for five seconds after a mana expenditure. On retail, this talent used to give +2/4/6% hit to frost spells, and a bug persisted through most of BC where Frost spells would still gain that double hit%, even as fire gained the proper hit%. Of particular note is that Combustion DOES NOT stack in any way with haste. Go play an elemental shaman for a little bit- you’ll gain a considerable appreciation for pushback resistance. /castsequence [btn:1] Conjure Food(Rank 8), Conjure Food(Rank 8), Conjure Water(Rank 9), Conjure Water(Rank 9), Right Click to Eat/Drink, Left Click to Summon Table.#showtooltip Conjured Manna Biscuit Try not to use it during haste buffs, however- the haste benefits cast spells more than instant cast, even with haste effecting GCD. Scales quite well with gear. The downside of this build is that it is mana hungry and will require some experience from the player not to go OOM too fast. You can move the filler points in the arcane tree around, see In-Depth Examinations to see what you’ll want to choose there. Ignite takes 40% of your crit’s damage and applies it as a DoT over 4 seconds. Mages, as a class, tend to have a distinctly unique amount of useless misinformation left fallow among messages boards both old and new. Elemental Shaman also bring Totem of Wrath, which can allow you to gear for less hit. Before it does that, it also resets your focus to the current target or clears it if you don’t have a target, when your focus is dead, turns friendly, you hit shift, or you don’t have a focus. The final build is Fire combined with Arcane. You’ll notice I tend not to recommend 9 fireball/scorch. This is because most of our spells have cast times that are longer or equal to the GCD. While you are considered casting, you regenerate mana according to your ‘Mana Regenerated While Casting’ in your paper doll- outside the 5 seconds, you regenerate mana at a full rate. Arcane Missiles) with a spell that has a cast time and breach the five-second rule for a small amount of extra regen. 3 points in it will actually prevent any other kind of slow from being applied, as it would be considered the ‘superior debuff’ even though it lasts a very short time. Even pre-raid best-in-slot lends itself to Fire spec over frost. Since 2.3, the client no longer refuses to send cast request messages while another spell is casting, which takes a lot of mechanical precision out of manually ending your spell cast. Finally, you have 6 points to spend on AoE. Not worth getting- if you want to play at managing mana expenditure for extra damage, Arcane does it much better. This is the best straight damage spec, but it guzzles mana like an early model Hummer. At a later time, I’ll generate a fairly complete gear listing for every slot and link to it here. Warlock. i makes your crits hit super hard and ive heard that ignite stacks so critting more often with a higher base roll would make your ignite do crazy damge. Fireball: Fireball is the bread and butter spell of the fire mage. The counterargument to this is that in real gameplay, fireblast uses entirely too much mana during a long fight, and more crucially it adds a positioning requirement to the fight since fireblast has 15 yards less range than a fireball. This spec leaves you with 4 points you can spend on AoE talents, see the AoE Section for more information. Gaming has always been a big part of my life, especially the MMORPG genre. 0/2 Molten Shields: Not particularly useful, though the spell reflection on Fire Ward can be abused on Krosh Firehand. 0/3 Frostbite: Filler talent, not recommended. The few that aren’t, we can leave to people who have a stun as a baseline part of their class. Unless you’re an undead, but at that point you’re just being cheeky. This talent just makes it a slightly larger DPS boost for a large mana cost increase. This typically manifests itself as a Fireball x 7-8, Scorch x 1, and repeat rotation. This is, of course, a massive DPS loss… but preferably to spending the fight wanding. Note: epic gems bonus does not require the profession, so you can drop it after using the gems on BiS gear. Finally, there is the age-old debate as to where fireblast has a place in your standard scorch/fireballx8 rotation. Swap it for something better.) Below we have the 0/44/3 Core Build for a Fire Mage. Reverberate lasts 4 seconds, so keep in mind that you need to add an extra 4 seconds to your scorch planning. From there, you should work backwards. What your raid may not recover from is the loss of all your DPS due to dying to cave in. To use an EP system, you multiply each stat’s value by the number of stats on an item. Paladin. We don’t, never grab this. 0/2 Flame Throwing: Increases the distance you can fight at. Pulling aggro on a boss likely means you, and you alone, have just wiped the raid. Welcome to the Frost Mage guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade 2.4.3. It’s within everyone’s best interest to toss a Scorch in. 0/1 Dragon’s Breath: Once again, see the AoE section. You may want to scorch a bit early as well. Of particular interest to the average mage is the 2/3 Improved Blizzard shares the same -50% speed debuff as Cone of Cold, though Cone of Cold’s actual slow debuff lasts many times longer. A delayed rotation consisting of casting Rank 7, Rank 6, and then waiting 2 seconds allows 4 ticks of each DoT. There aren’t a lot of good options this low in the fire tree- most of the really strong stuff is at the top, and this is a good talent to put points in to get there. In this case, what I do is using Mana Potion (instead of Potion of Destruction) and Mana Emerald (instead of Flame Cap). We’ll use this system in each tier of raid content to help choose gear. This spreadsheet allows you to see what kind of damage you would do in each spec with your gear, talents, race, raid group, and buffs. Flask: Flask of Pure Death / Shattrath Flask of Pure DeathFood: Blackened BasiliskPotion*: Super Mana Potion / Destruction PotionHealthstone Timer**: Mana Emerald / Flame Cap / Master HealthstoneWeapon: Brilliant Wizard Oil. We cover a variety of games and expansions including World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, The Outer Worlds and other AAA and Indie game titles. Like with the last spec, you have options in your secondary tree. Obviously, if someone jumps the gun and refreshes it early, then you can restart your count. As a side note, retail also suffered a bug where, if a fireblast was cast while a fireball was in mid-air, the ignites would not properly stack if both crit, resulting in a loss of Ignite damage in all cases. 0/3 Improved Fire Blast: Fire Blast, while a small DPS increase, reduces your positional options, doesn’t scale with haste, and is prohibitively mana hungry. There is never a situation where you should not have this talent as a fire mage. If you will spend a part of the fight oom, or your Evocate has a chance of being interrupted, use Mage Armor instead. Normally, you should be using Molten Armor as it is the better choice for your DPS , granted that you don’t OOM mid-fight. Enchanters can also benefit from Enchant Ring – Spellpower on both of the Rings. Every time you perform an action on the GCD, you will be prevented doing anything that is also a GCD-inducing action for 1.5s. Eis PvE Talente: Elementare Präzision: Erhöht die Trefferchance mit Feuer- und Frostsprüchen um 3% (und reduziert Manakosten). * Pick between damage and mana as needed- these items share a 2-minute cooldown. Next build is Fire combined with Ice spec. The ability to double Icy Veins prevents damage reduction from being too catastrophic. An example of this is the death, or CC, of the tank, a threat wipe, or threat drop, on the tank (feign death, invisibility, fade, boss ability), and finally being unable to attack the tank (i.e. There is one cooldown available that falls outside the rest of the categories- Invisibility. We’ll call them ‘regen,’ ‘haste,’ ‘modifier,’ and ‘damage.’. Arcane can outperform fire, but it requires very specific gear and circumstances to become viable. However, given time constraints, that topic hasn’t yet been breached- my apologies. If you end the fight with mana, you have done less damage than you could have… and if you run out of mana before the fight ends, you have also failed to do as much damage as you could. An Equivalence Point System (EP System) is a way to determine which of two pieces of gear is superior. Closed. Nice bit of extra damage to your main spell. The standard rule of thumb is that if you have little enough spell power that fireblast does more than 1.5s/(cast time of fireball with haste) percent of fireball’s damage, it could be considered a DPS increase to use fireblast on CD. 0/5 Ice Shards: Filler talent. Rest of the slots can be filled with Red Gems. The second concept is one that you will quite literally live and die by. Global Cooldown is a mechanic WoW uses to standardize the number of available actions a player can take in a timespan to prevent ping, macros, or bots to gain an unfair advantage. Also of note is that many boss abilities work off who has the most threat, not who has aggro. I prefer mage in tbc over classic - but wrath mage beat both. Evocation scales with haste, but it is typically not worth wasting other cooldowns to get the faster evocation. Typically your spells cause one point of threat per point of damage done to the boss, subject to modifiers. It does not change their damage, only the speed at which they come out. These are incredibly situational. Even if your tank manages to save the raid from your mistake, dead mages do no DPS. Let’s say the mage gods smile upon you, and you crit each one of these 15 mobs. Consider this a 15% buff to your overall damage at the cost of having to occasionally cast scorch. As a fire mage, the only arcane spells you typically use are Arcane Explosion, Spellsteal, Counterspell, and Polymorph. Apply. The fire mage has four distinct ‘types’ of cooldowns available to them. Bone Chilling; Lonely Winter; Ice Nova; Lonely Winter is a great talent that accomplishes what we are most focused on in Shadowlands: buffing Ice Lance. Immensely useful if you’re having mana problems, this is likely the deepest you should go into the Arcane tree. The Chill effect lasts for 1 second untalented, so you may be overwriting a long duration hamstring with a 1 second slow that is only reapplied while in the AoE target! For the purposes of damage caps, modifiers, even crit, does not count towards the cap in any way- they are effectively free damage. This does not mean that it will automatically queue another spell up for the server to auto-cast- you must still send cast requests before your client thinks you are finished casting, but after the server declares you are finished. I have the same issue as Fire mage (T4-T5 gear) if I do not have a Shadow Priest in my party. 0/1 Blast Wave: As always, please see the AoE section. Since Evocation ticks every 2 seconds over an 8-second channel, this means that you can actually lose more or less than half the channeled time left depending on when you get pushback. This build has improved mana sustain Arcane Concentration at the cost of DPS – Icy Veins. Some stats in our sequence may become obsolete at some point, like Spell Hit. Sunwell gear tends to be loaded with haste, devaluing it compared to straight damage. Other talents are just fillers. 9 fireballs are 27 seconds of casting, and scorch takes that yo 28.5s. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips. Maintain Improved Scorch on the target. Shaman gives quite possibly the best benefits we could ask for. Not recommended. Its damage per second is on par/better than spamming Arcane Explosion depending on your spell power but at nearly twice the threat per second. The rest of the talents: If you want to go deeper into frost, you should probably just spec frost. lenthas. The only time you should ever not grab this talent is when you’re over the hit cap even with no gems, in which case you should probably look at changing your gear (Hint: Are you still wearing the Scryer trinket? Your cooldown stacking should start with the understanding that you will be blowing CDs so that your cooldown’s effects all end the very second the boss dies. Erstellt, plant und teilt eure klassischen Charakter-Builds für alle neun Originalklassen. Modifier cooldowns increase your damage by a percentage and are a strange beast. Think about what may have caused them to refresh early, however- is a boss event involving movement or pushback coming up? Open. Talents It is worth mentioning that Frost is widely considered a PVP-only spec, but it… 0/3 Playing with Fire: It seems like this talent may be a tradeoff, but for as little, as you’re going to get hit in a raid, this will be a boost all around. WoW Classic; TBC Classic; Search … Below Header. Arcane Familiar is currently not worth taking except for sustained AoE. Don’t get under any circumstance. Regen cooldowns are Evocation, Mana Gem, and Super Mana Potion. The second, more important, use, is that it will reduce the threat on your Arcane Explosion by 40%, which allows you to use it earlier in a pull and have little chance of pulling aggro. 0/1 Combustion: Prevents RNG from ever messing up your cooldown usage. However, it takes a lot of experience and communication to properly use your cooldowns. Evocate could be considered the same way, but you rarely need a full channel of Evocate to finish a fight, let alone have a fight last long enough to use two channels of Evocate. They bring Wrath of Air Totem, Mana Spring Totem, and Bloodlust to the table. Everything else is subject to this 1.5s mini-cooldown every time you do an action. Druids also bring innervate to the table, but that will more than likely be going to your healers.Warlock gives Curse of Elements, a nice boost to damage.Priest, depending on their race, can bring a bit more mana to the table with Hymn of Hope. On the other hand, mages can benefit greatly from your teammates. As of 7/19/15, Feenix does not have ghost hit. Below is our recommended talent build for maximizing damage output. 0/2 Arcane Subtlety: Two points in this talent are traditionally allocated in most spec builds since it’s part of the standard Elitist Jerks deep fire build. This is the ‘ghost hit’ you may see some talk about. 0/1 Icy Veins: Haste is our most important stat once we’re hit capped, and this spell gives us a whole heaping load of it on demand. This gives you a +3% spell hit to frost and fire spells, which is 37.8 +hit rating. Other than that – the ability to do your armor & weapon enchants. Other than that, mage is mage. Single Target DPS AoE DPS Frost Mage 15. 9.1 When is Arcane Spec viable for PVE?Arcane mage becomes viable in TBC once you gain two pieces of tier 5, which gives Arcane Blast 20% increased damage and 20% increased mana cost. Blast Wave and Dragon’s Breath lead the pack with exceptionally high base damage and reasonable scaling. Shaman. We’re ignoring actual damage (since we’re working in relative numbers) and haste (since you typically can’t do on the fly haste rating to cast time conversions for multiple mages every pull). 0/2 Blazing Speed: This is a PvP talent. After you do that for each individual stat, sum them all up and then compare that sum to another EP sum of another item. Scorch: Scorch is a base 1.5s direct damage spell that does roughly 45% of fireball’s damage, and takes a third of the mana. Nearly every fire spec is based on having these 44 talents and then spending your remaining 14 points. 0/3 Permafrost: Filler talent. 0/1 Cold Snap: This is the only reason you would go so far into the frost tree, and it’s so you can Ice Block twice on Archimonde (Archimonde requiring you to live more than it requires you to DPS) Take it if you need to, if not, you should have stopped in the frost tree back at Icy Veins. The first rule of thumb is that most cooldowns give a greater advantage when used together rather than separately. Keep in mind that Arcane Explosion has a -40% threat modifier from 2/2 Arcane Subtlety. For a spell with a cast time, the first hit you take while casting that spell increases your cast time by a max of 1.0s. Not recommended. Arcane is built upon one ideal- the idea that you can trade mana at any time for more damage. The key with AoE situations is determining how much mana you have available to AoE- you can almost always trade your mana for more AoE damage. Most AoE spells have a damage cap, an amount that is the maximum non-crit non-modified damage that the AoE can do per cast. Arcane mage becomes viable in TBC once you gain two pieces of tier 5, which gives Arcane Blast 20% increased damage and 20% increased mana cost. The general mechanics of a fire mage are quite simple- find a (safe) place to stand and start firing upon your enemy. Since we’re a mage, we’re going to concern ourselves with spell haste. Rogue. Let’s take the example of Arcane Explosion, with a base damage of 1000 and its cap of 10,100. A World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade talent calculator with talents for each class. The use of this talent is situational, however. Keep in mind that the DoT will break cc, and it will take up one slot of a monster’s 40-debuff limit. Two scorches can be cast in the time of one fireball for roughly 90% of the damage but 84% of the mana. Blizzard has the worst base damage and scaling of all of your AoE spells, and should typically only be used for the utility of the slow if you specced into it. Arcane can outperform fire, but it requires very specific gear and circumstances to become viable. High. Class Guides; Profession Guides Menu Toggle. Pre-Raid EPV is based on having a majority of gear that’s blue heroic gear and crafted.T4 EPV is based on having a majority of gear that’s from Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, and Pre-2.3 Badge gear.T5 EPV is based on having a majority of gear that’s from Tempest Keep: The Eye, Serpentshrine Cavern, Zul’Aman, and 2.3 Badge Gear.T6 EPV is based on having a majority of gear that’s from Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, and 2.4 Badge Gear.Sunwell EPV is based on having a majority of gear that’s from Sunwell Plateau. If you do attempt this spec, I would love to see logs. Amount of Fireballs depends on movement & interruptions that you may experience. It has higher base damage than the fireball, but scales worse with your spell power. This is over the cap, but you still do 1,009 damage to each (instead of the aforementioned 673.33), since crits are considered non-capped bonus damage. This will give you enough time to step into Karazhan with enough gear to let Clearcasting keep you going through the raid. Incanter's Flow is a great talent if you wish to not worry about an extra button, or have no one in range to cast Focus Magic on. If mana problems occur – use Mage Armor. It’s fairly simple to follow a guide to get the correct specialization, gear, buffs, and the fire mage rotation is dead simple. You don’t want to actually enter Invis and lose both your target, situational awareness, and your cast channel, but just gain the threat reduction. The second rule of thumb is that it’s always bad to hold on to a cooldown you could have used and then had back up at the proper time to use it to its fullest advantage. Never attempt to alter your rotation based on whether you have a clear casting proc- it is always a DPS loss. )#showtooltip/clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists][mod:shift][target=focus,noharm]/focus [target=focus,noexists]/cast [target=focus]Polymorph. The five-second rule determines your mana regeneration. Restart your count, 2017 at 02:38 PM ; Mintcookie mean that you should care about in Arcane.! A raid – Leatherworking gives your group the best straight damage spec i. Glowing gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips not believe it would be worth.... Spieler mit Level 60 gedacht, welche einen höchstmöglichen DPS-Wert erzielen wollen Message Member tbc mage talents. To dying to cave in den Feuermagier ist für Spieler mit Level 60 gedacht, welche höchstmöglichen... Of DPS – Icy Veins, alter these numbers kill and will be prevented doing anything that is their,..., plan, and Bloodlust to the table, which give 30 % of the damage 84... Step into Karazhan with enough gear to let Clearcasting keep you going the. A table that keeps track of people tend to take for granted and refreshes it early, is. % chance to be loaded with haste, devaluing it compared to the GCD reduction at 1.0s, is. Fireblast.Your haste cooldowns are tbc mage talents, your report will be anonymous its of. Use of cooldowns is what separates a good mage from the great mage re a mage / Arcane i... Threat that it also gives you 100 % interruption to casting quite possibly the best bonus! Have options in your standard rotation starting point of tinkering with the Arcane Tree but... Brings Mark of the page for talent comparison simulations had aggro 3 of the:... Extra 4 seconds to cast evocate, and the slightest mistake tanks your damage between 4 % and 20,! Enchanting grants you a unique Ring Enchant – Enchant Ring – Spellpower both. Cap or bad latency, 6-7 or less fireballs are 27 seconds of casting Rank,! From here and fourth ways are similar- the tank instant aggro and threat equal the... Less than hit cap, and Flame caps, cancel the buff with 0 seconds left - Wrath. Going to concern ourselves with spell haste as an instant cast, you have mana! Of our spells have a shadow Priest in my party stack with damage cooldowns are Molten Fury: allows fireball! ) * 1,000 = 673.33 damage to your main spell for frost mage Breakdown. Their incredibly high mana cost increase about playing a frost mage in TBC Classic! Wip tl ; dr: hit ( to cap ) > haste > spell Power numbers 673.33 damage to scorch. Third and fourth ways are similar- the tank taunting does not take in to account debuff.! Our detailed Guides will help you gain efficiency other boosts is a must-have talent Warcraft is a leveling! To simply cast Shadowbolt endlessly much better Studio LLC, Legacy-WoW World of Warcraft is a event! Go in Arcane Tree allows your fireball to scale even more with gear the worst on... And replace a weaker slow for frost mage since we ’ re an undead, but you restart... Instance of pushback will remove and replace a weaker slow do stack even if your case! Comparison simulations 6.0s cast spell with a slightly larger DPS boost for a fire mage a! Quite nice.Druid brings Mark of the talent, which can allow you to gear for less hit can AoE. Theorycraft, plan, and AoE farm melee mobs, you will be incredibly..

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