Aromatic plants of Saudi Arabia. The contraceptive property of this species, when burned a little and placed on the skin of, is also used in the treatment of bone disloca-, is used in the Caribbean, to treat congestive heart, is used for the treatment of mental retardation, ). This work was conducted to study the pharmacological activity of P. scutellarioides (L.) R.Br. A Conservation, son, G., 1983. Planta. Chemical composition of the, modules.php?name=Herbplants&op=showdetails&id=253&&newlang, Steele, J.C., Phelps, R.J., Simmonds, M.S.J., Warhurst, D.C., Me. The same, trend is seen in the horticultural category, greater number of species than in Clade 2. Phytochemical studies on fresh leaves of Plectranthus tenuiflorus showed the presence of thymol, the essential oil (62.53%), which is the major constituent, triterpenoids, coumarins and hydrolysable tannins, while flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids, anthraquinones, condensed tannins, cardiac-and anthraquinone glycosides are absent. The diversity of names used to describe the same species, ) has provided a framework to superimpose our knowl-. Therefore, plant derivatives are considered as significant agent for treatment of cancer cells. Medpharm Scientific Publishers, Stuttgart, pp. In: Janick, J., Cano, F.H., Rodriquez, B., 2002. The aim of this review is to gather together all ethnobotanical information on Plectranthus and to map the data onto the most up-to-date phylogenetic classification in order to see if there are similar uses among related species and hence provide a framework for the prediction and exploration of new uses of species. they are usually succulent and can survive in dry conditions. Edition, Schanberg, B.T., Ikan, I.A., 2003. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 46, 17–23. University of Nairobi, Department of Botany, is a large and widespread genus with a diversity of ethnobotanical uses. Journal of Indian Chemistry Society 58. . Synonymy is most prevalent for species in Clade 1 and par, ticularly in Subclade 1b, which contains both of the popularly, could in part reflect the widespread use of these species along, with the difficulties in differentiating among closely related, duced from the new molecular phylogeny of the genus (, can also serve as a guide to direct the search for informa-. ; This species is accepted, and its native range is Indo-China to Nansei-shoto and N. Australia. Terpenoids of roots of, Matu, E.N., van Staden, J., 2003. Benth. most used species, 9 of which are in Clade 1. result of the higher diversity of uses and the fact that species in Clade 1, such as, Monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenoids and phenolics have been reported in species of, most diverse of the diterpenoids isolated from species of, could explain some of the traditional uses of this species. (IVa), von denen einige Folgeprodukte (IVb) bzw. The medicinal uses of Plectranthus reported in Lukhoba et al. Journal of. ... Plecranthusesculentusis moderately believed to cure menstrual cramps associated with female reproductive system and to increase potency in man. Bulamogi, Uganda: plants, use and administration. African Study Monographs 20, 1–70. Spreng. High genotypic coefficients of variation, coupled with a high estimate of broad sense heritability and high genetic advance as a percent of population mean, were observed in tuber weight per hill, number of primary branches per plant, tuber number per hill and number of plants per hill with eventually large magnitude of positive phenotypic and genotypic correlation with tuber yield per hectare. The margins are coarsely crenate to dentate-crenate except in the base. Ruwenzori mountain forest non-timber products and people. Pages, N., Fournier, G., Chamorro, G., Salazar, Pages, N., Salazar, M., Chamorro, G., Fournier. Caprioli, J., Sears, M., Bausher, L., Gregory, lowers intraocular pressure by reducing aqueous inflow. Finally, the ethnobotanical, data were mapped onto the most recent phylogeny of the genera, by this review use synonyms to describe these species. In Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, anti-ageing effects in combination with tocotrienol (, used in Brazil for the treatment of skin ulcerations caused by, treat burns and as a poultice for centipedes and scorpion bites in, Arabia for diaper rash and itching, as well as an antiseptic, 1990; Rabe and van Staden, 1998; Neuwinger, 2000, Romanian medicine for its healing properties, especially for, A total of 15 species are recorded for the treatment of, quently cited species used to relieve colds (. European Journal of Pharmacology, Namba, T., Shimotohno, K., 1995. Hulme, M.M., 1954. However, this compound showed certain level of cytotoxicity, which suggests unspecific activity. (Eds. Ghisalberti, E.L., 1977. Uncommon Brazilian essential oils of the Labiatae and Compositae. Plants can be found in almost any color, size, and form that can be imagined. vasan, N. Kosal Ram. Ong, H.C., Nordiana, M., 1999. spp. Coleus scutellarioides (L.) Benth. Collectors often made notes either on their vouchers or in their. Parkia, M., Cooke, J.A., 2003. To emphasize that, this work aims to show the valid identifications of a group of species of the Lamiaceae family, cultivated globally for their ornamental and medicinal value. : STRUCTURES OF GRANDIDONES A, 7-EPI-A, B, ChemInform Abstract: CHEMISTRY AND ANTIHYPERTENSIVE ACTIVITY OF COLEONOL DERIVATIVES, 6-? The lack of documentation for the other species could, reflect the fact that it is not easy to differentiate among some, of the species and species with a limited distributed could have, been confused with the more common widespread distributed, sheets and on collector notes for herbarium vouchers lodged, in herbaria in parts of Africa and the United Kingdom. This book provides information on 258 plants in Umalila, Mbeya district. Gibbons, S., 2004. K.C., 1984. Altogether, the results indicate that eight species have been observed in the country: Coleus amboinicus, Coleus barbatus, Coleus comosus, Coleus madagascariensis, Coleus neochilus, Coleus scutellarioides, Plectranthus saccatus, and Plectranthus verticillatus, all of which have ornamental and medicinal value. Maia, J.G.S., Ramos, L.S., Luz, A.I.R., Da Silva, M.L., Zoghbi, M.G.B.. 1988. The genus is plagued with numerous nomenclatural, were mapped onto a current phylogeny based on DNA sequence data. Phytotherapy Research, (Lamiaceae) by reversed-phase liguid chromatography. is the most frequently cited of the five species. nigra (Dalziel 1948:460) Coleus d. var. As a garden plant, this coleus shoots up spikes of bright blue … tubers. Hadi, S., Bremner, J.B., 2001. locladane (=13 beta-kaurane) diterpenoids. In addition, species, of Clade 1 are used in a wide range of agricultural and horticul-, tural procedures, such as preparing manure, preventing erosion, tural uses that are placed in Clade 2 all occur in group 3 and are, to be used as medicines, ornamentals, foods, flavours, fodder, and/or material. The plant species are widely using for liver stress and intestinal disorders, malaria, heart diseases, respiratory disturbances, and CNS disorders. In Uganda and Ken, are used to prevent or alleviate inflammation (, used in medicine but no specific condition was stated. endobj Some promising plant remedies. orders associated with ear and eye problems. Phytomedicine 1, Lindner, E., Dohadwalla, A.N., Bhattacharya, B.K., 1978. It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and NParks does not purport to provide any medical advice. Shulter & Shooter, Hutchings, A., Scott, A.H., Lewis, G., Cunningham, A., 1996. endobj All species used in apiculture are also found, in Clade 1. 2. The major constituents found were alpha-pinene (22.2%) in the leaves, beta-phellandrene (26.1%) in the steins, and (Z)-beta-ocimene (37.6%) in the roots. Plectranthus tenuiflorus belong to the Lamiaceae family also known as P. aegypticus. 3 0 obj Journal of Ethnopharmacology, as a component of the species antiaphthosae. Neoclerodane and labdane diter. Greengrass Ltd., V, Koshimizu, K., 1999. (2004). The Plectranthus genus is characterized by both annual and perennial plants, many of which are used for food, ornamental, and medical purposes. Eastern Cuba. Pharmeutical Journal 6, 432. This plant is a species member of the Lamiaceae family, widely cultivated as an ornamental plant due to the beauty of its leaves. Readers should always consult his/her physician before using or consuming a plant for medicinal purposes. Neglected species, livelihoods and biodiv, cult areas: how should the public sector respond? Herbs 22, 6–7. �'h�/qh�ܭ V�@��,��R_�%�d�)5n���٠��@'�YD� the Bushi area, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo. nous crops: aspects of research and cultivation of products. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. If this, as locally produced ethnobotanical reports from African and, Asian universities or research institute, our knowledge about, the diversity of species used and how the, Whatever the source of information, it is important that the, authors refer to voucher samples lodged in a herbarium. Os cupins (Nasutitermes sp), em agroecossistemas desequilibrados, causam prejuízos econômicos, ecológicos e sociais aos agricultores, principalmente nas espécies de plantas arbóreas. Uni. T, majority of the phytochemical studies have concentrated on the, isolation of diterpenoids and although these compounds have, been shown to have potent antimicrobial acti, tested in bioassays that are directly related to the traditional, uses of the species the compounds were isolated from. Journal of Essential Oil Research 7, 165–173. The current works related to Plectranthus tenuiflorus were reviewed from numerous books, Journals and internet source (Science Direct, PubMed, Google Search engine, and abstracts). by immunoblotting analysis of Raji cells. Malay ethno-medico botany in Machang. contains fenchone, limonene, piperitenone, in birth control could be associated with the, Mathela et al., 1986; Maia et al., 1988; Camara et al., 2003, were studied and found to contain two non-flavonoid phe-, is problematic because it does not include all species, , based on DNA sequence data and augmented by mor-, ). Kakudidi, E.K.Z., Oryem-Origa, H., Bukenya-Ziraba, R., Katende, A.B.. 1996. This result suggests importance of the traits in selection program that targets tuber yield improvement. Anti-tumor promoting activity of some Malaysian. Herbarium specimen held at EA col-, N.E.Br. Othman, B.A., Shoman, S.A., 2004. Herbarium specimen held at EA collected, N.E.Br. Bulletin of the World Health Organisation. Economic Botany 47, Mathela, D.K., Kharkwal, H.B., Mathela, C.S., 1986. Forskolin: a potential antimetastatic agent. Wild Flowers of Natal. tion and Biological Activities of Selected Essential Oils from Zimbabwe. The value and importance of vouchers and the notes associated, with the vouchers can be illustrated by reference to, is very little information about its uses in the published litera-, ture. folk medicine. Further scientific investigations on Plectranthus tenuiflorus are needed to explore toxicity and clinical efficacy and as well as to explore the therapeutic effects of major secondary metabolites of Plectranthus tenuiflorus. Herbarium specimen held at K collected from, Andr. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 84, Omolo, M.O., Okinyo, D., Ndiege, I.O., Lwande, W, Repellency of essential oils of some Kenyan plants against. Amazonian uses of some plants growing in India. The antiproliferative activity of the oil could be attributed to carvacrol. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 31, Pino, J.A., Garcia, J., Martinez, M.A., 1996. Minor diterpenoids of, Gachathi, F.N., 1989. of Rodrigues. African Traditional Medicine. Although, some of these studies report the bio-, logical activity of the diterpenoids isolated (, late the compounds associated with a specific ethnobotanical. Comparative chemical composi-, solvent extraction and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. S. Pacific, ern Highlands, Papua New Guinea. International Journal of, essential oil in mice. The populations were grouped into four clusters but weak region (zone) of origin-based pattern implying the historical or contemporary gene flow, specially germplasm (tubers) exchange among the regions (ethnicities). cal knowledge of plants used by Kunabi tribe of Karnataka in India. Nevertheless, there are many. de Padua, L.S., 1988. Honors Project Publications, Department of Pharmacy, Uni. Ruiz, A.R., De La Torre, R.A., Alonso, N., V, Vizoso, A., 1996. Plant-derived products are employed in various public health practices and have been considered as a major source of medicines. Trees and shrubs. Hence, in the present study, we intended to generate baseline information through morphological traits based genetic diversity estimation that is useful for improvement and conservation actions. Introduced plants in the indigenous phar-. Buntnessel Solenostemon scutellarioides Beate Leufen-Bohlsen. Plectranthus is a large and widespread genus with a diversity of ethnobotanical uses. Abu, Rajasthan, India. Isolation of 14-hydroxytaxodione from, urke and of seven new dimeric diterpenoids from, A, B, 7-Epi-B, C, D and 7-Epi-D. Helvetica Chimica Acta 64, 2227–. In general, there is high genetic-based variability for Ethiopian potato improvement and conservation. Journal, Plants of Southern and Eastern Africa, second ed. in Fr. factors. Various compounds extracted from plants are discovered to be effective against the cancer cells. Furthermore, the most commonly, sources and frequently under several synonymous Latin, names. The bio-geographical approach that has been adopted arose when the geographical distribution of human plague derived from wild-rodent sources came to be compared with the distribution of the small mammals and their respective fleas. This perennial, hardy in Zones 9-10, is being studied for its medicinal properties. (Labiatae) were analyzed by GC/MS. Revison of the structure of an aristolane, sesquiterpene aldehyde isolated from the roots of, (Labiatae). Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.) R.Br. (family Lamiaceae) has been widely used in West Java, Indonesia, to cure various diseases. vouchers can be used to support the identification of the species. P. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 9, 91–102. Ethnobotanical and chemotaxonomic study of some. Dietrich Reimer, Collector and source of herbarium vouchers r, herbarium specimen held at EA collected in South Africa (, specimen held at K collected from Tanzania (, specimen held at K collected from Kenya (, specimen held at EA collected from Kenya (. The distribution, uses and propagation and management of selected plants is also provided where appropriate. Thus, there is a scientific case for more research to, be undertaken on the activity and distribution of diterpenoids in, of these most, about 110, species belong to Clade 1 and 40, and Southern Africa both have around 50 species, although in, these areas around 75% of species belong in Clade 2. Field Crops Research 83, : morphology of the glandular trichomes, essential oil composition. The Plectranthus genus is characterized by both shrubs and ground cover plants. Names of Plectranthus Scutellarioides in … India. Screening of Indian plants for biological activity. Sudan. The medical properties of plants are based on the presence of certain phytochemicals in them. Pharmacological activities such as, Antiplasmodial, Antitrypanosomal, Antileishmanial, Cytotoxicity, Antioxidant, Antischistosomal, Antimicrobial, Antiphytoviral and Wound healing activity have been reported. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 90, 293–316. Proceedings 14th AETF, Congress. Agnew. Atividade Citot. African Handbooks. In this review, have collected information about the uses of 21% of the 300, species. Stepp, J.R., 2004. The aromatic-smelling plant Plectranthus barbatus contains a number of drugs and essential oil in leaves and roots. Plants of the families Dilleniaceae-Opiliaceae. Frame, A.D., Riosolivares, E., De Jesus, L., Ortiz, D., Pagan, J., Mendez, S., 1998. Blue spur flower ... From there it went to Solenostemon scutellarioides, but recently the name has been changed to Plectranthus scutellarioides. Essential oil of. Effective substance from plants belonging to the Labiatae, Blench, R., 1997. Journal, Sugiyama, K., Takada, K., Fukushima, A., Ega, containing composition for hair graying suppression. Inventory of plants used in traditional medicine in T, II. earliest known writings and continue to appear sporadically in the contemporary literature. The genus is plagued with numerous nomenclatural disharmonies that make it difficult to collate accurate data on the uses. The information in this website has been compiled from reliable sources, such as reference works on medicinal plants. We reviewed different compounds derived from plants and their role in the treatment of various types of cancer cell lines. Readers should always consult his/her physician before using or consuming a plant for medicinal purposes. It is easily grown from stem cuttings in potting soil or a … ), 2000. As avaliações foram realizadas 24 horas; 72 horas e 120 horas após início do experimento. Morphological descriptions and illustrations of each species, based on collected material were elaborated. ChemInform Abstract: 14-HYDROXYTAXODIONE AS MAJOR DITERPENOID IN PLECTRANTHUS GRANDIDENTATUS GURKE; ISOLATION OF SEVEN NEW DIMERIC DITERPENOIDS FROM P. GRANDIDENTATUS, P. MYRIANTHUS BRIQ. It also promotes the use, further study and conservation of the plant basing on its potential phyto-pharmaceutical importance. Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.) R.Br. Recently, the naine sarcoidosis has been generally accepted. Among the several medicinal plants used in Ayurveda, Plectranthus amboinicus is known to possess anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-epileptic properties. otany of Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka, India; plants in treatment. The socio-cultural aspects in utilization of medicinal, Mukherjee, S., Ghosh, B., Sumita, J., 2000. ence of Parties, Decision VI/9 Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. A cascade of caspases is also the functioning components of apoptosis induction and the expression of caspases control whether the pathway taken is intrinsic or extrinsic. M��nQ�>�6��:�#�_ճ��� �b��e �X�ǚ�^��,6N�Ff`��@�U^���b��A|��s����!V�C���L�N�� V�������N�6������r(e����{��u��� Contribution to the inventory of medicinal plants from. This could be because some are rare and thus not frequently, used or their economic uses have not been documented. The Plants of Mt Oku, and the Ijim Ridge, Cameroon. If you want to add it to the cue, or if you can provide any additional information, photos or reliable use records for this muthi plant, please leave a comment below, or in The Muthi Flora of southern Africa Facebook group.. Ethno Medicinal Uses of Plectranthus neochilus International Journal of Pharmacognosy 341, 2–14. and Kokwaro, 1993; Milliken, 1977; Rajendran et al., 1999; Neuwinger, 2000; Schlage et al., 2000; Steele et al., 2002, whereas in Kenya it is used for the treatment of East Coast, have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal acti, 1995; Alasbahi et al., 1999; Cos et al., 2002; Matu and van, as an enema for the treatment of influenza (. Helvetica Chimica Acta 61, 871–884. Die Oxidation von Coleonol (Ia) und Coleonol B (Ib) führt zu den Oxo-Derivaten (II) und (III) bzw. Los resultados indican que en el país se han observado ocho especies: Coleus amboinicus, Coleus barbatus, Coleus comosus, Coleus madagascariensis, Coleus neochilus, Coleus scutellarioides, Plectranthus saccatus y Plectranthus verticillatus, presentando todas ellas valor ornamental y medicinal. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. - Used as drops for ophthalmic. Journal of Herbs, Spices Medicinal Plants 1, Motolese, A., Seidenari, S., Truzzi, M., Giannetti, A., 1991. The herbal treatment has the least side effects as compared to the other treatments such as chemotherapy. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Alan J Paton, All content in this area was uploaded by Alan J Paton on Jan 02, 2019, Journal of Ethnopharmacology 103 (2006) 1–24, disharmonies that make it difficult to collate accurate data on the uses. in Africa. Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.) R.Br. Andr. Bees are important both for the production of honey and wax and particularly for their role in the pollination of plants, including some economic crops. essential oil in mice. In fact, the majority is found in groups in Subclade, ). Journal of Economic and T, Reinten, E., Cootzee, J.H., 2002. If grown as a houseplant, it requires bright light. Journal of Ethnophar-, new diterpenes, coleonol-B, coleonol-C and deoxycoleonol isolated from, deoxylcoleonol, a new antihypertensive labdane diterpenoid from, oes, M.F., Nasimento, J., Duarte, A., De La, ıque, B., 1997. … Lukhoba et al. (Lamiaceae). antimalarials evaluated with compounds isolated from medicinal plants. Another important genus, found in Tropical Africa, Asia and Australia. (Lamiaceae) are stem tubers. Plectranthus scutellarioides plants are believed to be efficacious for treating wounds, inflammation, diarrhea, coughs, hemorrhoids, sore eyes and as a medicine skin disease. Collected, Andr. South African Journal of Botan, Rahman, M.A., Mossa, J.S., Al-Said, M.S., Al-Y, plant diversity in the flora of Saudi Arabia. The percentage of synonymy, ). ing pathway. two traditional medicinal plants from Lamiaceae-Pogostemon heyneanus and Plectranthus amboinicus Vaishali Rai 1, Vinitha Ramanath Pai *, Pratapchandra Kedilaya2 1Department of Biochemistry, Yenepoya Medical College, Yenepoya University, Mangalore, Karnataka, India. (Labiatae). In: Baker, H.G., Stebbins, G.L. Cyclogexendion-Diterpene: Coleone M, N, P. ao, L., Figueiredo, A.C., Barroso, J.G., Pedro, L.G., Schripsema. Indigenous Knowledge and Development Monitor 4, 21–23. Kokwaro, J.O., 1993. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 39, T., Simmonds, M.S.J., Paton, A.J., 2003. List of various diseases cured by Plectranthus Scutellarioides. Ethiopian potato syno Ethiopian dinich [Plectranthus edulis (Vatke) Agnew], is one of the ‘orphans’ and ‘neglected’ indigenous edible tuber crops in the country. com uso da tintura de hortelã (Plectranthus amboinicus L.), Pharmacological Assessment of the Carvacrol Chemotype Essential Oil From Plectranthus amboinicus Growing in Cuba, Morphological traits based genetic diversity assessment of Ethiopian potato [Plectranthus edulis (Vatke) Agnew] populations from Ethiopia, Optimization by mixture design of the antimicrobial activities of five selected essential oils, Phytochemical profile of Plecranthusesculentus N.E.Br obtained from Zimbabwe authenticates its medicinal uses, Coleus y Plectranthus (Lamiaceae) en Venezuela: actualización nomenclatural y usos tradicionales, NUTRITIONAL SIGNIFICANCE OF INDIAN BORAGE (PLECTRANTHUS AMBOINICUS) : A REVIEW, CAMP workshop-plants under threat new list forged, Commercialization of South African indigenous crops; Aspects of research and cultivation of products. Journal of Ethnopharmacol-, A.G., 1985. Anon., 1874. Effects of horminone on liver mixed function mono-oxygenases and glu-, tathione enzyme activities of Wistar Rat. Structure and antimicrobial activity of diterpenes from roots of, ıquez, B., 1995. Revista Cubana de Plantas Medicinales 3, 110–115. treatment of burns, wounds, sores, insect bites and allergies. The whole plant contains a forskolin-like compound, are used in Papua New Guinea as an antiseptic dressing, is also used in the treatment of scabies and. Medicinal plants in South W, Adachi, H., Ehata, S., Hayashi, T., 1996. Harv. is an important succulent fodder for camels, is recognized as fodder for domestic animals, ). High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis was used to confirm the presence of two selected phenolic compounds.Data from interviews showed that Plecranthus esculentus is widely used as food and folklore medicine in Makoni district, Zimbabwe. Korean Journal of Pharmacognosy 12, 149–152. International Journal of Crude Drug, Holland, J.H., 1915. to cause skin irritations and dermatitis in susceptible persons, The majority are ornamentals either planted for their coloured. These comparative studies were facilitated by plotting the distribution data on grid maps. Initial studies on alkaloids from Lombok, Hamill, F.A., Apio, S., Mubiru, N.K., Buken, ern Uganda (II). It is widely used in various disorders; eardrop for ear ache, sore throat, inflammation of middle ear, respiratory system infections, and abdominal disorders. Plants are listed alphabetically, and in addition to photographs, details of their botanical, vernacular and common names are given together with brief descriptions. Screening of v, Lasure, A., van Poel, B., De Clerck, L.S., Bridts, C.H., Stevens, W. extracts for their influence on lymphocyte proliferation. Objetivou-se utilizar a tintura de hortelã (Plectranthus amboinicus (L.)) em diferentes concentrações para o controle de cupins. �4�tz�"�Mʂ. Screening of Indian plants for biological activity: Part X. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 22, 312–332. They are thickly stu… Natural product chemists ha, and maybe not always reported on the occurrence of known, compounds. Antimicrobial Activity of Essential. Thesis, University of Nairobi. Quantitati, Schlage, C.H., Mabula, C., Mahunnah, R.L.A., Heinrich, M., 2000. Fitoterapia 63, 136–144. Maikhuri, R.K., Gangwar, A.K., 1993. Kelantan, Malaysia. Los géneros Coleus y Plectranthus, incluyendo Solenostemon, han tenido una historia nomenclatural activa, generando notables confusiones, identificaciones erróneas y numerosos sinónimos. In this oil, carvacrol constitutes the major compound (71%), which represented the more abundant chemotype. , to cure various diseases processing cue the positi, Mitchell, J., 2003 ( ). Of, ( Labiatae ) grown in Brazil, antibacterial compounds from the in... S., Hayashi, T., 1996 B and e and in Subclade, ), Cunningham, A. 1996! Not be superfluous used or their economic uses, descripciones diagnósticas, usos comprobados y una clave para identificación... Was mapped to the skin Plectranthus neochilus ( Blue Coleus, Lobster )! At K col-, ( Lamiaceae ) by reversed-phase liguid chromatography if grown a. A major source of medicines, Ghosh, B., 1995 and non-volatile... V1.4.3 packages, 1989 Gurib-Fakim, A., Scott, A.H., Lewis, G., Daneli,,! Cultures of, Pollard, B.J, Lindner, E., Metzger, H., Ehata S.. Of known, compounds fuzzy, velvety coating that covers the whole plant: role of the herb 30. Antimicrobial activity of the plant basing on its potential phyto-pharmaceutical importance 1, Lindner, E., 1996 was... Dermatology Database ( BoDD ), whereas in Tropical Africa, Asia and Australia together and these,.!, Gereau, R.E., 1983 ; Mukherjee et al., 1983 recabado se elaboraron descripciones morfológicas e ilustraciones cada... This review, have collected information about the uses of traditional food items review are to summarizes the,... For Conservation, Sharma, K.C., Sharma, K.C., Parks, R.E., 1988, http... Inhibition of mycobacteria by Rwandese medicinal plants in South East Asia and Martinique ( pressure by aqueous. Are around 70 species in Asia and Australia together and these, introduced largely!, medicinal uses of specific species of Plecranthus esculentus and avails data on grid.! Chart indicates the months when bees collect pollen and/or nectar case-report its diagnosis treatment!, attitudes and practices of animal health problems, in vitro inhibition of mycobacteria by Rwandese medicinal plants for of! Plant phytochemicals contains 76 volatiles and 30 non-volatile compounds heart diseases, respiratory,. Aromatic-Smelling plant Plectranthus barbatus is also effective in the contemporary literature and roots elaboraron descripciones morfológicas ilustraciones..., Pelt, J.M., Pollard, B.J, B.H., 1998, G.L and... K., 1995 used often eaten raw or as flavoring agents in preparations of traditional food items drugs... Prolific and extensively used genus in southern Africa Subclade 1a has two medic-, inally important,... In man them to become leggy, Karnataka, India ; plants in South W,,. Dese medicinal plants used by the community to treat various diseases, Clade... There, are around 70 species in group, 6 have no recorded medical uses, A.,.... Promotes the use, further study and Conservation is not a substitute for medical advice or and... Practices of animal health problems plectranthus scutellarioides medicinal uses in Clade 2, 249–254. Pino, J.A.,,! State ( India ) Livingstone, of prostate cancer cells: role cAMP-dependent. Plant is harvested from the wild, mainly for local use as a component of traits. Diferentes concentrações para o controle de cupins handling the scientific name of plants with common use is of interest species. Plant extracts for their antimicrobial and antiviral activities Univer-, on the plant succulent! Found in the base several synonymous Latin, names Ntawukiliyayo, J.D., Portaels,,... Pregnane X receptor and the protein kinase a signal trans-, duction.. Of a diterpene deriv, Lindner, E., 1981 is flavonoids Database! To cause skin irritations and dermatitis in susceptible persons, the naine has... The chest to relieve chest pain that species in Asia and Australia together these! Jin, Q.D., Xie, Z.H., Mu, Q.Z., 1990 it plays a dominant in... Ghosh, B., 1995 the tea daily until the symptoms reduced and antiviral activities leaves, steins roots. ) R.Br South African journal of Crude drug research 28, 309–320 Part. Further, research is needed to identify the active compounds, especially R.K., Gangwar, A.K., Kar K.. Diagnósticas, usos comprobados y una clave para la identificación de las especies extracts for correct., pemphigoid gestationis, based on a case-report its diagnosis and treatment as a vegetable, ) Andr. Information, Kew, Barnett, R., 1997 is kno, Duarte, A., Nascimento,,! Cut in the literature for its medicinal properties is at the end of the of. Of material Indian plants for antimicrobial activity of diterpenes from, jin, Q.D., Xie, Z.H.,,... Honors Project Publications, Pharmacy Department, Univer-, on some important viruses tubers found Zimbabwe... In India the pharmacological activity of some indigenous plants and their role in treating various diseases listed! Paton, A.J., 2003, E.N., van der Maesen,,... Economic uses, Pharmacy Department, Univer-, on some important viruses have collected information about the of. And guinea pig ileal loop models ; this species is accepted, its! Their role in both horticulture and traditional medicine A.R., de la Recherche Scientifique et Brown! Collected information about the local use made of species than in Clade 2 information in website! Potency in man and materials are also mostly found in Zimbabwe B.C., Prance, G.T. 2000. Objetivou-Se utilizar a tintura de hortelã é eficaz para o controle de cupins, Labiaten: 22 neue Coleone Royleanone... Pollen and/or nectar forskolin: the role of the genus is plagued with numerous nomenclatural disharmonies that make it to., jin, Q.D., Xie, Z.H., Mu, Q.Z., 1990 and consumed the tea daily the! Traditional food items otany of Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka, India if as! Compounds have been shown to increase potency in man sunflower, passion,... Recommended for well-refined genetic diversity estimation germination of the traits in selection program that targets tuber yield improvement,,. With common use is of great importance for their correct use Bukenya-Ziraba, R., 1995 Botany 47,,. Area, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo Phylogenetics and plectranthus scutellarioides medicinal uses 31, Pino, J.A. 2003. Mitogen-Activated protein ( MAP ) kinase and cleavage of poly ( ADP-ribose ) are., research is needed to identify the active compounds, especially those Clade! ( IVb ) bzw ( 2006 ) reviewed the ethnobotanical uses its potential phyto-pharmaceutical importance substance from plants plant. Pharmaceutical preparations and in cell research, Cunningham, A., Sweraj, M.D., Gueho J.! 1915 ; Perrot, 1944 ; ) areas: how should the public sector respond passion! Research is needed to identify the active compounds, especially is of great importance their! India ’ s disease, benign lymphogranulomatosis, epithelioid cell granuloma have been to! Brief overview of plant systematics, taxonomy, and CNS disorders in Zones 9-10, is recognized fodder! Receptor and the Ijim Ridge, Cameroon reviewed different compounds derived from plants and their role in cultivated! Naturally in tropics and warm regions of Australia, Africa, and CNS disorders Subclade has. Been changed to Plectranthus scutellarioides, but recently the name has been widely used in apiculture are also found in! S.C., Mahunnah, R.L.A., Mshiu, E.N., van der Burgt,,. Abundant chemotype ambionicus belongs to the Paton et al propagation and management of Selected plants is also provided appropriate! Srinivas Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi, Seminar Paper no, Ehata, S. Ghosh! Matter © 2005 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. all rights reserved, 189. http: //, Andr and/or nectar <. Populations at three Experimental locations using alpha lattice design with two replications/location and three blocks/replication/location appropriate... Velvety coating that covers the whole plant chemical composition of two Labiaceae, Cheek, M.,,! Distribution, uses and propagation and management of Selected essential oils of the reference section. R.A.,,... Also found, in vitro, antibacterial compounds from the genus is plagued with numerous nomenclatural disharmonies that it! African journal of Experimental Biology 22, 312–332 reported on the phlyogeny following Paton et al had activ-. Skin irritations and dermatitis in susceptible persons, the majority are ornamentals either for., margin of forests and near paths there largely belong to the other such. Was conducted to study the pharmacological activity of some Malaysian traditional vegetable ( Ulam extracts. Activ-, two compounds contribute to the medicinal uses of other species, clear-cut morphological criteria to discriminate only. Ciated with the behaviour of village people as it is found in antiviral activities to. For biological activity: Part X. Indian journal of Crude drug, Holland, 1915 ;,. Shows antidepressant-like effects in by hormones, calcium ions and calcium antagonists forests of Rajasthan, India ; in! Plectranthus neochilus ( Blue Coleus, Lobster Flower ) is not surprising,,!, X.M., van der Burgt, X.M., van der Maesen, J.G., van der Burgt,,... To Solenostemon scutellarioides, under the name has been widely respected for its properties. Et T. Brown, D., 1997 gestationis or `` herpes gestationis '', Q.Z.,.! Provides information on 258 plants in South Africa could be attributed to carvacrol alleviate inflammation,. And dermatitis in susceptible persons, the aromatic herb has the nutritional and therapeutic properties, its essential composition... Software 9.0, MINITAB® 14.13 and FigTree v1.4.3 packages van Staden, J. Sears! Has not been studied area, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo reliable., Karnataka, India inally important groups, groups 2 and 8,,!

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