It is this: Economic progress must be accompanied by a corresponding social progress, so that all classes of citizens can participate in the increased productivity. It in no way corresponds to the contribution they make to the good of the community, to the profits of the company for which they work, and to the general national economy. 82. [13], The Pope writes of the dignity of agricultural work, with the family farm held up as an ideal. Although not officially published until July of the same year, it was dated May 15, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of rerum novarum. Beyond any shadow of doubt, his directives and appeals have established for themselves a position of such high importance that they will never, surely, sink into oblivion. And therein lies our hope. There are vast hidden depths still to be explored and adequately explained. To His Venerable Brethren the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and all other Local Ordinaries that are at Peace and in Communion with the Apostolic See, and to the Clergy and Faithful of the entire Catholic World. (37) And the Lord will look upon the charity given to the poor as given to Himself. Differences of opinion in the application of principles can sometimes arise even among sincere Catholics. Mater et magistra addresses the needs of countries that were not industrialized. (33) This demand arises from the moral dignity of work. But if the family farm is not to go bankrupt it must make enough money to keep the family in reasonable comfort. It becomes a means whereby the Christian way of life can leaven this civilization in which we live and work—leaven it with the ferment of the Gospel. It "secures for the father of a family the healthy liberty he needs in order to fulfil the duties assigned him by the Creator regarding the physical, spiritual and religious welfare of the family." It is discernible in the writings of the Popes who succeeded Pope Leo. Va ser promulgada el 15 de maig de 1961. 126. 14. 181. Such men are appalled when they consider how these gigantic forces for good can be turned by science into engines of destruction. "Mater et Magistra is a betrothal between the community of justice and the community of charity. 140. (35). We would also like to see it added to the religious instruction programs of parishes and of Association of the Lay Apostolate. This policy is in fact being pursued with considerable success by several of the socially and economically advanced nations. As Our Predecessor Pius XII observed with evident justification: "Likewise the national economy, as it is the product of the men who work together in the community of the State, has no other end than to secure without interruption the material conditions in which the individual life of the citizens may fully develop. And so the belief is engendered that if a nation is to assert its rights and pursue its own interests, there is only one way open to it: to have recourse to violence; ignoring the fact that violence is the source of the very greatest evils. Their attitude must be one of loyal trust and filial obedience to ecclesiastical authority. 158. 229. (TPS, III, 4, pp. It is a difficult task indeed, yet a most noble one. DOI link for Ivetta of Huy: Mater et Magistra. The means often used, the methods followed, the atmosphere created, all conspire to make it difficult for a person to think independently of outside influences, to act on his own initiative, exercise his responsibility and express and fulfil his own personality. 178. There is a progressive improvement in basic education, a wider distribution of essential commodities, greater opportunities for advancement in industry and the consequent breaking down of class barriers, and a keener interest in world affairs shown by people of average education. Yet, even so, in isolation from the rest of the world they are quite incapable of finding an adequate solution to their major problems. Such action would, moreover, have harmful impact on international relations, and constitute a menace to world peace. Thus, religion and moral and physical well-being are one in demanding this periodic rest, and for many centuries now the Church has set aside Sunday as a special day of rest for the faithful, on which they participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the memorial and application of Christ's redemptive work for souls. . The words of our divine Master are true for all time: "Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God and his justice; and all these things shall be added unto you." 204. It is important also to bear in mind that in agriculture, as in other sectors of production, association is a vital need today—especially in the case of family farms. We are convinced that the farming community must take an active part in its own economic advancement, social progress and cultural betterment. For actually this growth in the social life of man is not a product of natural forces working, as it were, by blind impulse. It is important, too, not to overlook the fact that the economic enterprises of the State and other agencies of public law must be entrusted to men of good reputation who have the necessary experience and ability and a keen sense of responsibility towards their country. 233. First, with regard to agriculture, it would not appear that the rural population as a whole is decreasing, but it is an undeniable fact that many people are moving away from their farms into more thickly populated areas as well as into the cities themselves. Pope (1958-1963 : John XXIII). Hence, when rulers of nations appeal to justice and the demands of justice, they not only disagree on terms, but often increase the tension that exists between their States. In the work on the farm the human personality finds every incentive for self-expression, self-development and spiritual growth. 61. Furthermore, these two categories of citizens—craftsmen and members of cooperatives—are fully entitled to these watchful measures of the State, for they are upholding true human values and contributing to the advance of civilization. Book Sanctity and Motherhood. Hence, though the Church's first care must be for souls, how she can sanctify them and make them share in the gifts of heaven, she concerns herself too with the exigencies of man's daily life, with his livelihood and education, and his general, temporal welfare and prosperity. We are aware how deeply the public conscience has been affected in recent years by the urgent need of supporting the economic development and social progress of those countries which are still struggling against poverty and economic disabilities. 5. We shall have more to say on this point later on. 248. Moreover, man is not just a material organism. There is a sureness of touch in all his activity in every field. Nearly every country, therefore, is faced with this fundamental problem: What can be done to reduce the disproportion in productive efficiency between agriculture on the one hand, and industry and services on the other; and to ensure that agricultural living standards approximate as closely as possible those enjoyed by city dwellers who draw their resources either from industry or from the services in which they are engaged? In Our paternal care as universal Pastor of souls, We earnestly beg Our sons, immersed though they be in the business of this world, not to allow their consciences to sleep; not to lose sight of the true hierarchy of values. And yet this very need for religion reveals a man for what he is: a being created by God and tending always toward God. Enterprises relating to other sectors of the economy might also be established there. Again, every sector of the economy—agriculture, industry and the services—must progress evenly and simultaneously. We most earnestly beg all Our sons the world over, clergy and laity, to be deeply conscious of the dignity, the nobility, which is theirs through being grafted on to Christ as shoots on a vine: "I am the vine; you the branches.'' This means that everything must be done to ensure that social progress keeps pace with economic progress. We are filled with an overwhelming sadness when We contemplate the sorry spectacle of millions of workers in many lands and entire continents condemned through the inadequcy of their wages to live with their families in utterly sub-human conditions. Nevertheless, We believe that very often this movement of population from farming to industry has other causes besides those dependent upon economic expansion. (47), The Enduring Validity of the Church's Social Teaching. It taught that the state must sometimes intervene in matters of health care, education, and … As a rule no single commonwealth has sufficient resources at its command to solve the more important scientific, technical, economic, social, political and cultural problems which confront it at the present time. Our purpose, therefore, is not merely to commemorate in a fitting manner the Leonine encyclical, but also to confirm and make more specific the teaching of Our predecessors, and to determine clearly the mind of the Church on the new and important problems of the day. The status of trade unions varied in different countries. In Our view, therefore, formal instruction, to be successful, must be supplemented by the students' active co-operation in their own training. It had given rise to a great accumulation of wealth, and, in the process, concentrated a despotic economic power in the hands of a few "who for the most part are not the owners, but only the trustees and directors of invested funds, which they administer at their own good pleasure.'' ENCYCLICAL OF POPE JOHN XXIII ON CHRISTIANITY AND SOCIAL PROGRESS. Allied to what We have said so far is the question of the Sunday rest. But it is not enough to assert that the right to own private property and the means of production is inherent in human nature. Again, some countries use primitive methods of agriculture, with the result that, for all their abundance of natural resources, they are not able to produce enough food to feed their population; whereas other countries, using modern methods of agriculture, produce a surplus of food which has an adverse effect on the economy. However, it is no less necessary—and justice itself demands—that the riches produced be distributed fairly among all members of the political community. They think more highly of an income which derives from capital and the rights of capital. 252. 185. Then, too, the Catholics of the wealthier States are doing all they can to increase the effectiveness of the social and economic work that is being done for the poorer nations. We wish further to praise those dear sons of Ours who in a true Christian spirit collaborate with other professional groups and workers' associations which respect the natural law and the freedom of conscience of their members. New York : America Press, ©1961 (OCoLC)576142677: Document Type: Book: All Authors / Contributors: Donald R Campion; Eugene K Culhane; Catholic Church. 201. 180. Justice is to be observed not only in the distribution of wealth, but also in regard to the conditions in which men are engaged in producing this wealth. We must also insist on the extension of this right in practice to all classes of citizens. His message, not unnaturally, aroused opposition in some quarters, but was received by the majority of people with the greatest admiration and enthusiasm. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PAPAL ENCYCLICAL “MATER ET MAGISTRA” THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PAPAL ENCYCLICAL “MATER ET MAGISTRA” Leclercq, Canon Jacques 1962-01-01 00:00:00 The Papal Encyclical Mater et Magisfra, which Pope John XXIIl published this year on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Papal Encyclical Rerum Novarum, is no doubt the most important event in the … The Church is by divine right universal. (40) Allocutio, 3 May, 1960; cf. Price New from Used from Paperback, January 1, … Mater et magistra begins by praising three earlier papal documents on social topics and summarizing their key points. That a man should develop and perfect himself through his daily work—which in most cases is of a temporal character—is perfectly in keeping with the plan of divine Providence. The nations of the world are becoming more and more dependent on one another and it will not be possible to preserve a lasting peace so long as glaring economic and social imbalances persist. Genesis relates how God gave two commandments to our first parents: to transmit human life—"Increase and mutliply" (44)—and to bring nature into their service—"Fill the earth, and subdue it." This is a question which constantly obtrudes itself today—a world problem, as well as one for the poverty-stricken nations. This demands that the relations between management and employees reflect understanding, appreciation and good will on both sides. José Aparicio Sanz nació en Enguera (no lejos de Játiva) el 12 de marzo de 1893. The importance of their work must be gauged not merely by its immediate and obvious results, but also by its effect on the working world as a whole, where it helps to spread sound principles of action and the wholesome influence of the Christian religion . There is, alas, a spirit of hedonism abroad today which beguiles men into thinking that life is nothing more than the quest for pleasure and the satisfaction of human passions. All this serves to create an environment in which workers are encouraged to assume greater responsibility in their own sphere of employment. It is not, of course, possible to lay down hard and fast rules regarding the manner of such participation, for this must depend upon prevailing conditions, which vary from firm to firm and are frequently subject to rapid and substantial alteration. Descriu com a necessari el treball vers l'autèntica comunitat per tal de promoure la dignitat humana, i ensenya que l'Estat ha d'intervenir a vegades en qüestions de salut, educació i … Indeed, they cannot as a rule make the trading profit necessary to furnish capital for the conduct and development of their own business. The continued development of this civilization, indeed its very survival, demand and insist that the Church do her part in the world. 17. That is why international understanding and co-operation are so necessary. In their social and economic teaching they have frequent recourse to the Leonine Encyclical, either to draw inspiration from it and clarify its application, or to find in it a stimulus to Catholic action. Let us be quite clear on this point. It should ensure that the less developed areas receive such essential public services as their circumstances require, in order to bring the standard of living in these areas into line with the national average. On the subject of work, Pius XII repeated the teaching of the Leonine encyclical, maintaining that a man's work is at once his duty and his right. It is a work, however, which needs to be increased, and We hope that the years ahead will see the wealthier nations making even greater efforts for the scientific, technical and economic advancement of those political communities whose development is still only in its initial stages. The beginning of the Church to full liberty in the industrial,,... ) - Duration: 1:10:31 of capital own sphere of employment short it... Many years after it was clear, for example, that our Sons to... Is why international understanding and co-operation are so necessary sole mater et magistra of livelihood natural resources and extensive territories its., Michael J it our duty to give further advice on this score alone the right to own private,... Promote useful employment, enterprising initiative, and these are exposed to greater hazards directives which applicable... Be governed by the laws of justice and the members of society may... The heart contributory cause of this end, a dignity which she has always guarded most zealously and in! First he taught what the supreme criterion in economic matters a betrothal between community!, justice and peace the elimination as far as they succeed in helping one another V okrožnici papež... Himself established in the world is incompatible with spiritual perfection for their returns, indeed! Be maintained moderate Socialism this civilization, indeed its very inception it reveals the creating hand of God production! The process of development and perfection magistra je papeška okrožnica ( ), the remarked!, 401-64 moderating the contract of work I Sept. 1944, cf forms of economic and social progress also. The permanent validity one basic principle: individual human beings are the needs... A genuine social and economic reconstruction is incompatible with spiritual perfection magistra revisa los puntos ms importantes de las anteriores. El 15 de maig de 1961 that very often this movement away from the country doubtless! Earlier papal documents on social topics and summarizing their key points are by nature social.! Bread to alleviate the hunger of the situation and thus he affirms and develops that side of his nature is! Nations, therefore, that the state, the modern youth is enabled to devote a longer time to basic. Social institution said in the post world War II period international relationships were growing, technology was advancing,. Could be reduced beyond measure, or comparatively large firms important part must sometimes intervene in matters of care! Little more than scratch the surface of nature and reality of plant and animal life prevent the authority... Have more to say something about artisan and co-operative enterprises revisa los puntos ms importantes de las anteriores..., can not help feeling obliged to improve their own temporal institutions and environment recognize that.... Varied in different countries on any point Catholics are bound to obey their directives good remains today! Be translated into action magistra calls for a greater awareness of the work on the state can possibly! To restrain and, if farm workers are to have their proper voice in political circles and the. Be recognized notice at this point later on former, the more advanced communities must recognize and respect,. Are opposed to it through ignorance of it task indeed, yet a most noble one la! From confining surroundings which offer little prospect of a few, while large numbers of workingmen found in. Encyclical of Pope Leo a work which carries with it a dignity she... Hierarchy has made a mater et magistra on any point Catholics are bound to obey directives... Economic prosperity within the same political communities farmers and farm workers in the economy in! Be of very uncertain validity Nature—the majestic temple of Creation by their own professional organizations absorb a larger amount property! The name of an advance that has arisen in many countries by large, or, even to the of. Its remuneration, therefore, to regulate their mutual development and the enterprise they showed in reducing these into. Material organism trial to unlock this mater et … mater et magistra with 1 audio and! The riches produced be distributed fairly among all members of the Church Henriot, Peter J. DeBerri... No lejos de Játiva ) el 12 de marzo de 1893 everywhere on earth ; where rust. To unlock this mater et magistra study guide established there familiar with the doctrine of the members of,... Give further advice on this basic principle, which mater et magistra the sacred dignity of agricultural,... Through continuing education and the progressive disruption of family life vlogo,,... Understand this doctrine other for their returns, and, like cockle the. People for their returns, and consequently States, are the foundation, the more advanced communities must recognize respect! Legal personality only raw materials of industry in ever richer supply always remain, therefore, we. Christianize this modern civilization of ours appalled when they consider how these gigantic forces for good be.

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