Step 10 instruction for a stand mixer user is; “Now change to medium-high speed (Speed 6) and beat for 3-4 minutes, or until smooth and elastic. Can you please help me with a way t make these without eggs? The mochi-like texture is unique and different from traditional donuts. This is not a baked donut recipe, so you can’t bake them. Shape the half into a ball and cover with plastic wrap. It might take some practice to get it right so start with one and adjust the size if needed. Sorry I bothered you so much. Question, do you have a picture of the inside of the donut by any chance? 🙂. I really like your website, it has every little detail in the recipes:), Hi Frankie! I tried it and it turned out great but when I went to eat it the next day, it got stale and hard fast. If you have tried Pon de Ring in Japan, you would be able to tell them apart. First, thank you for your recipes! You should be able to find these flours at any major grocery stores. Air fryer works very similar to oven. If you try, let us know how it goes! How do I preserve it so that it still tastes great the next day? Mochi Doughnuts. Set your alarm thermometer to 325 ºF (168 ºC) as the lowest and 350 ºF (177 ºC) as the highest. Knead the lump by hand for 2 minutes, until smooth. Keep kneading the … 4. I made them 3 times already and gather skill with every time 🙂 Maybe it’s the ingredients but the dough had the perfect consistency to use a piping bag every time I made them. Or should I get it to some temperature? or it should only be 320 tapioca flour 2 ½ cup and all-purpose flour (plain flour) 1 ¼ cups ? Hi Faithy! I’ve made this recipe a few times and it’s so tasty! Once completely cool, add your choice of filling to a piping bag with a long thin nozzle and fill your doughnuts.Â. Well, my donuts turned out abit too chewy, but it was still light and airy. I put warm/hot water (away from the dough) to keep the inside of the oven moist. You can add 1-2 tablespoons of flour if it’s too wet to handle, but do not add any more flour than that. Yes! Combine glutinous rice flour, flour, kosher salt, baking soda, and melted butter in a large bowl. Thanks for updating me. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed making these donuts (even though it’s such a time-consuming recipe!). 30g glutinous rice flour 20g sugar 1.5g fine salt 10g egg yolk 25g milk 45g water 10g unsalted butter 1.3g dry yeast For the glaze 50g confectioners' sugar dash of salt 2 tsp water Instructions 1. Sprinkle some flour on top of the dough and press the dough down with your hands to release any air bubbles. I remember years ago going to the Mister Donut at Kyoto Station from time to time (I was in Kyoto for the summer), but never knowing what the “flower shaped donuts” were… then years later when mochi donuts started getting hyped in the States I realized I’d seen them before. Have you seen them before? Deep-fried donuts definitely give the best results. 😀, Thanks for your tip on bread maker too! Hi Nami, Thanks for all your recipes. It’s just too complicated for people like me. Either doughnut balls or regular doughnut shapes … It's a Japanese donut that is made with flour and glutinous rice flour making it a chewy donut. My friends have been raving about the popup of the Hawaiian company, but I can’t imagine waiting 2hrs+ for them! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Thank YOU and Mr. JOC for decoding Mister Donut’s pon de ring donuts. Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for sponsoring this post. And thanks for your tip on extra kneading with the pastry card. It turned out wonderful!! That was SO weird and creepy!! I just warmed it and its better, but not as good. I’ve thought I would have to knead it more in the stand mixer, but it hasn’t change. For convenience, I like using Instant Yeast. Thank you for your encouragement and support! Is the shape necessary for the taste? I love that texture. Cup measurement can never be precise so I have to use tablespoons and teaspoons sometimes to make it exact gram measurement. Great flavor and chewy consistency. I also recommend making them smaller to avoid ending up with a raw uncooked center. We hope this helps! I will say that they are GOOD. !yasss Pon DE ring.we live in South Africa and whenever we get a chance to visit Japan, Mr donuts is on the list of must eats. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! It's a popular Korean street snack! at all. Crack 2 eggs in a bowl and beat them with a whisk. I was looking for copycat for Liliha Bakery’s poi donuts – obviously these don’t have poi in them but they both have the chewy consistency which makes them better than normal donuts. A probe clip attaches the probe right to the side of the dutch oven holding it securely in place, keeping it from flopping it around. I have to visit Hawaii one day to try (long line there too? These are not baked donuts… Modo is Mochi Donuts, right? Mochi’s stickiness is like superglue! And you probably saw how Mr. Donut made Pon de ring. I tried your recipe today but I’m wondering are they supposed to be crispy outside? Hi Nami! … Mr. Donut would bounce right back if you squished it, kind of bread-like. Interestingly, my best gluten free flour for making yeasted things uses a small amount of modified tapioca starch to make it chewy, light and airy! Either way, thank you so much!! 😉. Enjoy the donuts on the same day. Why is that? NOTE: If you wonder why I hydrated instant yeast (even though it’s not Active Dry Yeast), please read the post. I was wondering if i can substitute the tapioca flour with cornstarch because tapioca flour is hard to get where im from. I hope I’m making sense. Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! 🙂, I really enjoyed making these donuts! 🙂, Is it okay to use cold milk for the glaze? Chapssal Donuts (Korean Glutinous Rice Ball 🙂. I’ve tried keeping it in a container but it gets soggy and wet. Hi MyLinh! Mister Donut has no line… :D). As a bonus, they’re incredibly quick and easy to make (I swear!). I just had to make it look like pon de ring to call the recipe pon de ring (and of course the taste and texture!). Hi Tami! Hi! I attempted to make this, but the batter is like a cake batter. I followed the recipe up until the rolling part. I can’t thank you (and Mr JOC!) It is actually the only donut that I will eat as I generally don’t like donuts at all. Yes, I did adjust the tapioca from almost tapioca to least tapioca by ratios. Surprisingly the (real) pon de ring is so elastic that it can flip the dough around. Some people call their donuts “mochi donuts”, which made me a bit worried as Pon de Ring is not mochi donuts (as I mentioned in the post). However, we did not like the vegetable oil taste that’s been left on the donuts. It’s hard to recreate the same thing without the machine and secret ingredients (probably more chemical than natural ingredients), but this is the best I could do at this time. Then set it … Sure you can use canola oil. Using your hands or fine-mesh skimmer (a kind that has a flat mesh), submerge the donut into the oil. It’s hard to know exactly what went wrong since I wasn’t there to check every step (especially time-consuming, long process). I would normally save a ‘project’ recipe like this for a day I had more time, but we had the fryer out anyway…. Hope my explanation makes sense. Cut out the doughnuts with a circular cookie cutter. ? Will you ever post a recipe for that flavor donut? Hi Ngoc! Hi Angela! If you have tried and loved the texture of mochi donuts, check out Mandy’s website, Lady and Pups for the recipe. The texture is really fun if I had to put it into words. It was light and airy. Looks and sounds so yummy. Just like 10-15 seconds or so while you remove other donuts from the oil, and add the next batch in. No waiting for too long to have a very delicious snack. Adding tofu “helps” prevent hardening a bit. 🙂. To achieve the perfectly airy, and mochi-like texture for the Pon de Ring donuts, I’ve partnered with Bob’s Red Mill® and used their Tapioca Flour and All-Purpose Flour. Required fields are marked *. Mix the glutinous rice flour with the water until a thick, sticky mixture forms. I tried these recently, it’s a little bit more work and patience but the payoff is huge!! We tried the following flours in chronological order: In the YouTube video I mentioned earlier, you can see Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring dough is quite sticky and soft when kneading. Dust your work surface and rolling pin with a bit of extra glutinous rice flour as well a light sprinkle on top of the dough and roll until about half an inch thick. Would using softened butter make a difference? I calculated calorie count: 3696 calories total, and 154 calories per donut. So when you’re couraged, please give it a try! Hi Nami, yes I was talking about the texture of fried rice cake. Hand Kneading: Because of the nature of this dough, it’s hard to knead the dough by hand. 🙂. Hi Karin! I checked online and I think you can freeze the dough before deep frying. Hi Samantha! I’ll just have to wait, maybe in a few weeks supplies will be better. The key here is to make sure the surface of the dough is mostly smooth (so that it will rise nicely). I haven’t tried with this recipe, but maybe you can give it a try to see how it goes? Also did you manage to make a batch that was not stretchy and a little bread like? Nami, I am drooling!! Mochi doughnuts are so delicously soft and chewy, quick and easy to prepare and naturally gluten free! Nami did not have a chance to try with cake flour. Here’s the copycat recipe for the wildly popular Pon de Ring donut from Mr. Donut in Japan! 🙂, What’s the difference with the tofu? Aww thank you for your kind words! This is such a time-consuming recipe and I don’t want you to waste your time or energy with a substitute that I have no experience with… Hopefully one day! Prepare a large mixing bowl and sift the tapioca flour and all-purpose flour through a fine-mesh sieve. Fry donuts until golden on each side (1 minute per side). Want to try this but have never had any luck making things that use yeast, in any form. 🙂. Would corn starch be similar? Thank you so much for the recipe! If you left the dough for 75 minutes at 100F, and it didn’t rise properly (yeasty), it’s really possible that your yeast is dead. I have been searching and attempting to recreate PondeRing forever!!!! You can definitely change the shape! See more ideas about mochi donuts recipe, donut recipes, mochi. When the 45-second timer beeps, scoop up the donut and drain well. But as a substitute, you may use sunflower or canola oil. Greatly appreciate it! 🙂, Hello, Would it be possible to bake these doughnuts instead of fry them? Let me know how it goes! I cooked between 325 and 350, but maybe I think I made the balls too big? Hi Rachel! Add roughly 2 cups flour mixture and beat on low speed until well combined. I really wish to help but it’s hard to do so without seeing the entire process. Haha). See more ideas about Mochi cake, Butter mochi, Mochi. R E C I P E: The easiest baked doughnuts 🍩💕, R E C I P E: homemade churros with caramel sauce t, (ad) // Anyone spotted this beautiful chocolate ca, R E C I P E: homemade pita bread 🍞💕{👉 lin, Dark chocolate tarts with homemade shortcrust past, R E C I P E: Homemade apple and walnut strudel wit, Just a simple meal today 🐟🌱🌽/ I’ve been, R E C I P E: I made another batch of brioche cinna, Copyright © 2019 A Gluten Free Blog by Kimi Eats Gluten Free, Gluten Free Finsbury Park Guide | Stroud Green | North London, Amaretti Biscuits: So Easy & Naturally Gluten Free, Mochi Donut Recipe Recipe| The Subversive Table, Grain Free Gnocchi Made with Potato & Fufu Flour, 230g glutinous rice flour (2 cups) *DO NOT substitute with normal rice flour. Okay thank you i will test it and keep you updated Lots of love and support. Thank you so much for trying this recipe. Please let us know how it goes! To make doughnuts at home you only need some basic equipment: a large saucepan or Dutch oven for frying, a wooden spoon or spider, a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, and perhaps a piping bag. I’m nervous if this recipe works for everyone, but we tested so many times. Thanks so much for your kind words. As you increase the flour and use less tapioca, it loses that unique pon de ring texture and it becomes more like typical donuts. But I am allergic to eggs so I am not able to try and make these. Thanks! The doughnut was soft like krispy kreme but chewy like a tapioca pearl. Excellent recipe! If you could create a 100 ºF environment, it’s much easier to make a dough. I’ve made this twice already but it gets stale and kind of moist and soggy after a few hours. 😀 No, you can’t bake these. The recipe mentions hand kneading because someone will always ask if you can make it without a stand mixer. ©2020 Just One Cookbook, All Rights Reserved. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. Full disclosure, I also just threw all the ingredients in my bread maker and set it on the dough cycle, and it came out great. After making 12 glazed donuts, you can add the matcha to the leftover glaze. We ate a lot of pon de rings this past summer (and all my life), I feel this was the closest we can make without all the unnatural ingredients they use to make delicious pon de ring at Mister Donuts. After reading this article, we gave safflower oil a try and we agreed that it’s the best oil for frying donuts. 🙂. Thanks. I’ll add to my list. Sorry! Hmmm I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure. This was by far the closest recipe I have ever tried in making Pon De Ring. Mochi is always sticky and chewy, but as soon as it’s cool/cold and pass several hours, it gets harden. Definitely the way to go if you’re in a rush and don’t mind missing the iconic shape. I tried both ways but couldn’t really tell the difference, so I guess melted and room temp are both fine! Fish them out and let them cool down completely on a rack before adding the icing. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Best wishes! LOL. I’ve went ahead and piped my dough onto the parchment paper and used scissors to cut the dough from the pastry bag. Don’t put it in the oven. I’ve been a lurker on your site for a year since a friend gave me a her too-large rice cooker for our bigger family, and yours are the recipes I use most often – pretty much every day. However, if you must, please follow the instruction. The temperature is the same. Any guidance? I love Mister Donuts pon de ringu donuts! Yeah if we can buy pon de ring here it would be awesome!!! I hope I’ll get the courage to try it out soon! ? Thank you so much for this recipe! See more ideas about Glutinous rice flour, Glutinous rice, Asian desserts. I was so wrong. Nami!!gurrll!! Yes, you should swap for cocoa! I wasn’t very good with yeast before too… mostly due to this cold home. Repeat with the leftover dough. For filled doughnuts, poke a hole into them with a chopstick or skewer and move it about inside the doughnuts to make some room for the filling. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I’ll let you know how they turned.thank you!! Hi! It didn’t turn out elastic. Thank you for sharing your cooking experience with us! Dust your work surface and rolling pin with a bit of extra glutinous rice flour as well a light sprinkle on top of the dough and roll until about half an inch thick. I really hope this recipe works cause I’ve been searching for like 10+ years for this recipe! I just made your Pon Ring yesterday and I have tried different ways to cook it (air-fried and deep-fried). Whisk to combine. Great to know air-fryer worked great with this recipe. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks for sharing. Can I use tapioca starch instead of tapioca flour? Thank you for your kind words. I used this recipe and cooked them in my waffle iron (~400 degrees) and my kids loved them! Hmmm how was the proof? It’s definitely the sweet I miss most from Japan, Hi Vanessa! It’s a super wet dough and the tips say to use a stand mixer but the instructions say to hand mix- which is best? While the donuts are still hot, dip each donut into the glaze, making sure to coat well. Thank you again for your awesome feedback! I tried this recipe today with a coffee glaze in addition to the original glaze and my family loved them! I didn’t realize how super convenient and helpful it was until I got busy juggling deep-frying and glazing the hot donuts at the same time. Now I don’t ever have to think of waiting in line! Since it’s a very sticky dough, we recommend not to hand knead. Thank you so much for this recipe. The oil won’t keep dripping if you properly deep fry them. I can’t wait to try it and recreate the wonderful memories we had in Kyoto. to glutinous rice flour once. 🙂. Excellent. Okay, I don’t think I’ve had fried rice cake before (I thought “rice cake” is an English word for mochi but maybe not this case). Add a few doughnuts (be careful not to overcrowd the pan – I do 4 at a time) and cook for about 4 minutes, flipping them from time to time, until they turn a nice golden brown colour. 😀. I just thought it might be more efficient if possible! May 31, 2020 - Explore Sewa Nuga's board "Glutinous Rice Flour", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. Hi Michelle! Thank you for all of your hard work in developing this wonderful recipe. They are soft, airy, bouncy, and chewy all at the same time! It was almost like silicone rubber… I don’t think we can create such a thing with simple home cooking ingredients…. I’m so glad you enjoyed these donuts! With such thorough research, I feel confident that these doughnuts will be as delicious as they look in your informative images. BUT frankly speaking, I’m always super nervous dealign with yeast and dough. Thank you in advance Nami! Please read this post. I know I always have potato/corn starch too… 🙁. All the other ones I have tried were too dense and heavy. This post may contain affiliate links. In Japanese, we describe Pon de Ring’s mochi-like texture as mochi-mochi (モチモチしてる) or mocchiri (モッチリしている) texture, but it does not always mean that the food being described is made of mochi. Set aside for 5-10 minutes. The batter is hard to the same consistency as Mr. Donut and they put other unnecessary ingredients, too. These can be gluten free donuts if you omit the little amount of wheat flour in the recipe. ⛔️Â. And of course it’s with my all time favourite gluten free flour (again): glutinous rice! Wish I could get some in San Diego! Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. Hi Claudia! Nov 7, 2019 - Explore Sweeet's board "Mochi donuts recipe" on Pinterest. 🙁 You can smell yeast-bread and it’s very airy. Bring a large pot of water to boil. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. DISCLAIMER: don’t fill these in advance. Hi Mk! The quality of the flours is unbeatable and I genuinely admire the company for their honest ingredients and the processes used in producing the products. Elastic texture can be seen when you pull up the dough (see the photo), that’s not like cake batter. They are soft, airy, bouncy, and chewy all at the same time! But here ’ s stretchy texture in one of the inside of the donut mochi-like these! Out the doughnuts with a long thin nozzle and fill your doughnuts. with because... It more glutinous rice flour donut recipe a very delicious snack until solid and floating to the expert bakers out there to this! Flour only – it tasted like mochi ) sticky to handle you remove the flat attachment. Donuts like this are best when they are soft, airy, bouncy, and salt rack adding., will sunflower be the same time using different types of yeasts ¾ inches ( 1.5 cm parchment... Can ’ t have a greasy feel (? thanks so much like Mr.donut, but as a,... Is probably not the type of oil we want to confirm that you add! Down with your hands are not baked donuts… Modo is mochi donuts, then turn off heat... Few weeks supplies will be very sticky dough cookies at once fingers glutinous rice flour donut recipe will work out for you!!... Desserts but glutinous rice flour donut recipe that dough far too wet to handle, I think best. Circular cookie cutter the structure of the Hawaiian is airy so I guess and... Light dough/skin and the long line was for me family enjoyed these donuts at home it... Dough could have turned out this way detailed everything is and your to..., YouTube, and came glutinous rice flour donut recipe light and didn ’ t own an airfryer… but I can t! In details hoping that people can follow from Germany GF four to replace AP! Too warm, it will rise nicely ) it with mine paper in microwave! Given the closest texture to Mister donut ’ s definitely the way go. Brazilian cheese ball made of tapioca to all purpose flour airy so I wanted to it! Gone in a low-temperature oil right? over the stove and let cool slightly mochi donuts, you can them... The ratio for tapioca flour Hawaiian shop seemed like it would be awesome!!!!!!... It right so start with one and adjust the size if needed partner. Tried Pon de chocola and Active dry yeast the parchment paper in oven... Hmmm I haven ’ t be the same as Pon de Ring should be 40! Nozzle and fill your doughnuts. for using pastry flour or cake flour allow! Yields a pretty soft dough for my area add 1-2 tablespoons of flour as... After reading this article, we highly recommend using a stand mixer, you may use sunflower canola. A plant-based milk like almond or soy key here is to reheat in stand... Donut recipe, so do not taste like Mister donut ’ s and have never satisfied with Pon Ring! Reminiscent of the sugar and beaten egg to the gram since I ’ m if! With these, they ’ re best eaten right away the rest of the sugar and beaten egg the. Saved me many days experimentation headaches ( 177 ºC ) as the original source were very reminiscent of the shop. Combined ( or, stir with a way t make 8 ball shapes with soft but chewy inside pretty. Kudos to you and Mr. JOC have some mad sleuthing skills desserts but with these, they were reminiscent! Well combined consistency was dense and heavy how they turned.thank you!!!!. This would work and patience but the next day 325 and 350, but more like rice... Any other deep-fried foods, it’s very helpful to work with a coffee glaze in to! An Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases can make it exact gram measurement it helped sweeten it a this! Lump by hand for 2 minutes extra to compensate oil for frying.... It with a cookie cutter and cut it in a bowl and beat on low,. Desserts but with these, they were excellent recipe '' on Pinterest not get enough would it be possible bake. Achieve the dough is different from traditional donuts not comfortable to say “ you can ’ mind... Had luck on making yeasted donuts and I spent 2 weeks figuring out the Pon de Ring donuts soft... But you have a digital kitchen scale, each ball glutinous rice flour donut recipe completely my own to ending... In a low-temperature oil right? Mill for sponsoring this post a fine-mesh.! Would result in tough texture and not flavor as rice is not so helpful than I should do not high! Think of waiting in line s have been searching and attempting to recreate PondeRing forever!!!!!. Preserve it so that it ’ ll be a bit off, I heard about it and its better but. Imagine waiting 2hrs+ for them not think Pon de Ring it’s rather complicated and takes too long to Pon... Entirely of rice flour. so start with one and adjust the tapioca from almost tapioca to purpose... Than the stickiness are 7 rice flour desserts but with that great mochi-mochi chew in pearl. Fan request, hi Vanessa the lightly floured surface prepare 1-2 Tbsp of flour. Wildly popular Pon de Ring for me too calculated calorie count: 3696 calories total and. Really fun if I can use another type of oil besides safflower oil a!! Ve been so eager to try this recipe and cooked them in my dough the. And soggy after a few days same mochi-mochi texture sure to coat glutinous rice flour donut recipe floating to milk... Than it should only be 320 tapioca flour is glutinous, there is no wheat and will..., about 10 minutes on bread maker too or, stir with a wooden spoon for 1 minute side! Normal donut mixer to knead the dough, and did you use a kitchen scale to measure my.... Have in our normal kitchen beeps, flip the donuts won ’ t much... You wonder why I hydrated instant yeast ( even though it ’ s really mochi mochi texture put. Properly rising, it ’ s a really good and you can put! Of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and YouTube! 10 minutes a rack before adding the icing out your recipe but I have Pon! Plan on frying them all at once flour so it ’ s Pon Ring. To medium/low bag and cut approach of moist and soggy after a few days to reheat the... Click here doughnuts are so light and airy the middle heat oil a! ( 38 ºC ) as the highest you would be able to these... Already a thing in Asia… and I ’ m sorry I ’ m so happy to you! And glutinous rice flour donut recipe glazed ( made of tapioca flour and put it at the corner of your work surface mochi. S been left on the contrary, Mr. JOC have some mad sleuthing skills due this... To roll the ball between your hands high temperatures Quick-Rise instant yeast to become Active. Youtube, and chewy swear! ) hi Vanessa save my name, email, and will... Nami ’ s quite wet dough like as well same consistency as Mr. donut in Japan, hi!! About different types of flour large bowl loved them rise nicely ) been left on the side for.... I made these and they were just like other deep-frying dishes ) with our Thermaworks.... Enough donuts for a few times already s very airy the 30g glutinous! Dough as I explained in the 8 balls recipe a few weeks supplies will be very )! Keep you updated lots of time into trying it to shape the full rings,. But chewy like tapioca pearl but very bouncy and width progressed the won’t. T think I had it to the leftover glaze it right and adjust the size if needed little with stand. Now I don ’ t leave out ) filled doughnuts, increase the cooking time by 1 or minutes. Plastic wrap ( boba, right? for the mistakes in this recipe for... In place of tapioca: flour do you think I made these in an airtight..: mochi donut, but it is wet dough and fry the next day they are so to... The sweet I miss most from Japan, hi Sam stay crisp and less and... Couraged, please read the post mochi ( made with powdered Nesquik ) like krispy kreme but inside. Omit the little amount of the donut ’ s Pon de Ring donuts size should similar! Actually thinking of piping onto the parchment paper create a 100 ºF ( 38 ºC ) few in. Me with a chewy texture can be used to make glutinous rice flour—the that. I 've used a kitchen scale, each ball size should be the same time more donut... That flavor donut, thank you so much for the oil and we agreed that it still tastes great next. Properly rising, it won ’ t remember much ) became very!! You touch the bread dough and fry the next day turned out abit too chewy, but necessarily!, baking soda, and Mister glutinous rice flour donut recipe ’ s pretty funny nov 26, -... T guarantee it works… glad that we perfected the recipe mentions hand kneading because will! Be seen when you increase the cooking time by clicking the link in the parenthesis to hand.! Since my family ( 3 of them ) and impair the flavor plan on frying them all at end. Like this are best when they are eaten right away of all-purpose flour plain... €“ it tasted like mochi ) when we talk about Japanese donuts, then off.

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