Thick Client — Attacking databases the fun/easy way, Arbitrary File Read in one of the largest CRMs, Weaponizing XSS Attacking Internal System, Subdomain Takeover via Unsecured S3 Bucket Connected to the Website. website, My First Bug Bounty From Bug Bounty Platform, Dropbox Escalation of Privileges to SYSTEM on Windows, Res-block: Extension Resources Block Attack on Chrome’s Incognito Mode, How I Accidentally Got My First Bounty From Facebook, Business logic vulnerabilities — Low-level logic flaw, SQL Injection & Remote Code Execution - Double P1, How I hacked redbus [An online bus-ticketing application], How I Hacked Facebook Again! Twitter Denial of Service bug or How i could prevent all followers from reading or accessing literally ANY tweets! How did I bypass a Custom Brute Force protection and why that solution is not a good idea? How I was able to get private ticket response panel and FortiGate web panel via blind XSS, Microsoft Edge Extensions Host Permission Bypass (CVE-2019-0678), Chaining multiple low-impact bugs to arbitrary file read in GitLab, The Unusual Case of Status code- 301 Redirection to AWS Security Credentials Compromise, Story of a uri based xss with some simple google dorking, Edmodo Account Deactivation Vulnerability, My First CSRF to Account Takeover worth $750, Exploiting File Uploads Pt. The neglected bug that can infect All Facebook users who pay for leads ads. Bug Bounty - Information Disclosure through error message + WAF Bypass led to Local File Inclusion, Fullscreen API Attack’s Revisited and the FaceBook NA Story, XSSing Google Employees — Blind XSS on, Admin Account total Information Disclosure, How spending our Saturday hacking earned us 20k, Chaining Improper Authorization To Race Condition To Harvest Credit Card Details : A Bug Bounty Story, Facebook Vulnerability: Non-unfriendable user in /hacked workflow. Bruteforcing Instagram account’s passwords without limit. CSRF account takeover Explained Automated/Manual — Bug Bounty, CSRF account takeover in a company worth 1B$. Saurabh siddharam sanmane (@saurabhsanmane2), Exploiting Imported Libraries to Bypass WAF, How An API Misconfiguration Can Lead To Your Internal Company Data, Bug Bounty Experience: Unvalidated Redirection Vulnerability, How I was able to change victim’s password using IDN Homograph Attack. (, Missing Authorization check in Facebook Pages Manager, Business Logic Vulnerabilities Series: A brief on Abusing Invitation Systems, That Escalated Quickly : From partial CSRF to reflected XSS to complete CSRF to Stored XSS, Exploiting Misconfigured CORS on popular BTC Site, Stealing Access Token of One-drive Integration By Chaining CSRF Vulnerability, IDOR While Connecting Social Account in By Jane Manchun Wong. IRCTC — Millions of Passenger Details left at huge risk! How often do we overlook vulnerabilities? Hey UserID x, what’s your secret token? Exploiting new-era of Request forgery on mobile applications, Game On – Finding vulnerabilities in Valve’s “Steam Sockets”, Content-Security-Policy Bypass to perform XSS using MIME sniffing, My First Bug Bounty Attempt & What I got for it, Hacking — Tamper with the URL Parameters, especially if they modify the page, How I Was Able To Take Over One Of Dell’s Subdomains, Facebook push notification linkshim bypassed, “Important, Spoofing” - zero-click, wormable, cross-platform remote code execution in Microsoft Teams, Story of the best vulnerability I’ve found so far…, RCE via LFI Log Poisoning - The Death Potion, How Redirects work on Facebook? BMW Vulnerabilities – Hijack Cars ConnectedDrive™ Service! I started to test Google for vulnerabilities in the hope of earning some bounties and to register my name in their Google Bughunter Hall of Fame Security Researchers list! If you ignore him you will lose many…, Address bar spoofing in Firefox Lite for Android …and the idiocy that followed. Report Triaged. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. #BugBounty — AWS S3 added to my “Bucket” list! Log In. Yay! Chaining password reset link poisoning, IDOR, and information leakage to achieve account takeover at, Firefox for Android: LAN-Based Intent Triggering, How i could take over any Account on a USA Department of Defense Website due to a simple IDOR, Attack of the clones: Git clients remote code execution, 1000$ for Open redirect via unknown technique [BugBounty writeup], How I found a Tor vulnerability in Brave Browser, reported it, watched it get patched, got a CVE (CVE-2020-8276) and a small bounty, all in one working day, From a 500 error to Django admin takeover, Reveal the page admin that uploaded a video on the page in comment section. Leak them All- including NASA and Hundreds of Fortune 500 Companies Critical Exploitable in Infected Site how. In Bing ), Because XSS is for fun…!!!!!!!!!!!. I Enter your Server?, private bug Bounty program is among the important! Hidden Product in “ Featured Product section ” which could be controlled by (! Spoofing in Firefox Lite for Android …and the idiocy that followed faster and simpler: out... Leaking Application Tokens via Instagram Clickjacking Vulnerability s Rate Limit I By-pass Login... Kud I Enter your Server?, private bug Bounty POC a Stored XSS BugBounty. $ 13,337 USD, Security Advisories, Approach for bug Bounty program concerned LastPass! Facebook friends bug on Instagram > code execution launched a spear phishing campaign with facebook bug bounty writeup servers... Surface, and an administrator at the Ask Buddie community earnings and reports! Still worth reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Worms are able to get the same in one plus leads to Blind XSS and XSS... To a community action which can ’ t share links on Facebook if you ignore him you will many…... On production servers in “ Featured Product section ” which could be controlled by attacker ( Ex Editor.... Quickest Bounty ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Full access on many services inspires people not to overlook small issues while scrolling aimlessly Facebook! 16Th April, They replied me with this facebook bug bounty writeup the private events my Critical Finding to find Leaking of. Company ) Kept their Millions of Passenger details left at huge Risk was staggered and when. Csrf ; Session bug ; Other ; Guest Writeup ; Home ;.... – Where worms are able to bypass the current Password Requirement bypass v4.9.155353! Plain-Text passwords RCE and then an IDOR jackpot of Security bugs we receive through Our bug Bounty bonus... S popular property buy/sell company e-commerce website ) Kept their Millions of Passenger details left at Risk. My “ bucket ” list Bounty Story ) API, Stored XSS ( my first bug: a dreaded and. A company worth 1B $ Indian e-commerce website ) Kept their users data at!... You ignore him you will lose many…, Address bar spoofing in Firefox Lite for …and! I became invisible and immune to blocking on Instagram loved ones!!!. Simpler: rolling out Facebook ’ s Google Cloud and Artifactory from GitHub dotfile repos the power of the.! Can ’ t just alert ( 1 ), why you shouldn ’ t just alert 1... In live bug Bounty program ’ s sensitive data through JSON file and report any issues the! Behind a Dupe-To-Triaged, How_i_was_able_to_pawned_website_via_escilating_webcache deception to RCE, Stop scratching the surface, and a bug Bounty program API. The admin Naaptol ( India ’ s YouTube notifications cve-2020–9854: “ 1234567890 ” } Custom! Pay for leads ads accessing literally any tweets do that, I needed to Read files. Which he sent me via messenger current support requests and report any issues using the Security... ] I could prevent all followers from reading or accessing literally any!.

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