but I would prefer to not purchase a license for this simple function. However, a light one will suffice: instead of a Office 365 Business Premium we only assigned a Office 365 F1 licence. If this. 5) Type in email address of shared mailbox once ‘add shared folder’ popup appears and click add Note: If you mistype the email address of the mailbox, a second window will open up stating that the webpage can’t be found. For Office 365 there is a simple solution, but for Exchange* you might need a registry change which can be used for Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 . Users were added as shared mailbox members using Office 365 Admin centre. and use this *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and password in the SMTP Authentication details. They permit performing a wide range of coordinated activities with a team. You can even invite external guests to Office 365 groups if you want to have them join in on the conversation and collaboration. It seems that including IMAP credentials to use an Office 365 shared mailbox as own email server do not work. When setting up client's copiers to scan to email are you purchasing an office 365 email license? TargetRootFolder – This is the folder name, which will be initiated at the destination mailbox of Exchange Online tenant that comprises of imported PST file A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send email messages. Enter the Mail Server, User name, and Password for the Office 365 mailbox account. Office 365 has been updated over and over in the past 24 months, unfortunately this means half of the tutorials ‘out there’ are out-of-date (including Microsoft’s own), I couldn’t find anything current pertaining to the very simple process of converting a Shared Mailbox to a User Mailbox. When you’re working in an individual (i.e. When you create an Office 365 Group, you get a mailbox, shared calendar, a document library stored in the cloud, a OneNote Notebook, a SharePoint team site and a planner. We want a solution so when an email is sent from a shared mailbox, the sent email goes into the shared mailbox sent folder, rather than the user’s sent folder. If you're not sure if you should create a shared mailbox or a Microsoft 365 group for Outlook, see Compare groups for some guidance. With this ability, everyone can easily see where team members are scheduled to be located any given day and Office 365 shared mailbox is one of the best features of the platform, which is generally used to hold the data commonly shared by many users. (NB: syntax is user@domain\