If pruning back in this manner is done before the plant reaches three feet in height, the need for pruning can be eliminated. Europe and North America have fewer native species. Rhododendrons are heavy flowerers because they never set seed. Subordinate Taxa. ponticum, with a number of varieties recorded (Terzioglu et al., 2001). The adult black vine weevil causes a c-shaped notch in the leaves by feeding on the plant. function escramble(){ Bloom alert - Rhododendron aurigeranum, anoth. … The genus Rhododendron is the largest in the Ericaceae family with 1200 species. The status of the 1,961 species names for the genus Rhododendron recorded in The Plant List, are as follows: The status of the 2,379 names (including infraspecific names) for the genus Rhododendron recorded in The Plant List, are as follows: The confidence with which the status of the 1,961 species names recorded in The Plant List for the genus Rhododendron, are assigned as follows: The source of the species name record found in The Plant List for the genus Rhododendron, are as follows: © The Plant List 2010 — By familiarizing yourself with just a few of its needs and preferences, you can enjoy the beauty these lovely plants offer. Rhododendrons are not native to Africa or South America. Avoid this problem by planting rhododendrons behind other plants or structures that will act as a windscreen. We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. It is best to rotate the use of these products, to ensure that the deer never get too familiar with any of them. They may be propagated from seed or cuttings. Admired for their beauty, rhododendrons are popular throughout the world. Azzuro Rhododendron Hybrid. Rhododendrons can be susceptible to several diseases, including borer damage, major root rot, chlorosis, winter burn, leaf spot, and a twig and stem dieback due to a fungus. There are up to 750 species – and according to certain estimates this number could be double. The table below lists the names of all 317 currently accepted species belonging to Rhododendron subgenus Vireya together with subspecies, varieties and forms.. Click on a highlighted name for more information and photographs of the selected species. The basic difference is that azalea flowers have five pollen-bearing stamens while rhododendrons have 10 or more. Terms and Conditions — This species of rhododendron actually possesses a compound with antioxidant and fat control properties. Pruning Rhododendron In spring or summer, lacebugs will attack rhododendrons, especially those growing in sunnier, rather than shady spots. The best time for pruning is in early spring, before flowers appear. The rhododendron is native to many areas throughout the world, usually occurring in moist places in the Northern Hemisphere. Belladonna meaning “beautiful lady,” is a designation that lets us know this is a poisonous plant. Most are evergreen but some are deciduous. album, a form with white flowers, R. ponticum var. The following tables contain the names of some of the species and hybrids that do well in … //-->. sempervirens. ⚠ Version 1 of The Plant List has been superseded. Any flower terminals not pruned will begin growth a bit earlier than the other blooms, and usually do so by growing a long single shoot. The affected branches must then be taken away and destroyed, so as not to re-infect the plant. Relatively few are native to Europe and North America. mediocre Diels Rhododendron farrerae var. Rho¬dodendron schlippenbachii, or royal azalea, produces very large and fragrant pink blooms in the spring. ponticum, with a number of varieties recorded, R. ponticum var. The taxonomy of Rhododendron lochiae has been a source of confusion in recent years. Rhododendron is a large genus of over 1,000 species but only one occurs naturally in Australia.. Deer b='info' It is also easy for rhododendrons to be suffocated by nearby invasive plants. Rhododendron makinoi AGM (best narrow leaf) A stunning plant with compact trusses of pinky white flowers in May and June. Also, be certain the plants are well watered and mulched before the winter season begins. It is important to become familiar with the needs of rhododendrons if you want to include them in your landscaping. a='