 Switch off the power before wiring. Please see our wheel replacement guide. The battery power going direct with Photos of the finished Light modification - Razor Pocket Mod. Rascal 600 b power … No Luck….jumper did not make any difference bypassing either switch. Product Title Razor A Scooter Sweet Pea- Easy Open Packaging. Summary of Contents for Razor Pocket Mod Page 1 POCKET MOD Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide Issue Symptom(s) Troubleshoot Result(s) Possible Solution(s) Replace fuse and correct riding Unit shut off while in use Remove battery/motor cover & check fuse Product Does Not Run Fuse burnt out … All rights reserved. Razor launch wiring diagram version jd. Since the motor runs with the wheel off the ground that indicates that the brake lever switch is good so I do not think that we need to test it. Cisco Wireless Access Point WAP200 - Small Business Wireless-G Access Point, pioneer-djm-800-operating-instructions-manual-24.pdf, hp-compaq-proliant-dl320-specification-0.pdf, 3com-3c16681-operation-user-s-manual-2.pdf. It’s a stylish scooter with various models. Since the scooter was running for 6 months the throttle and controller would both have to have been replaced with 5-wire versions. One of our highest selling products here at Wild is the E100 … Razor Pocket Mod Pdf User Manuals. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Razor Pocket Mod Scooter. The problem must lie elsewhere then. It goes at a good speed for her , i even wanted one for myself to cruise around .  This instruction sheet only provides introductory information on electrical specification, …, Model No 23-231-BB 23-231-BG23-231-BL 23-231-BRIDTVUser GuideTEchnika Manual 23-50 colour models .indd 1TEchnika Manual 23-50 colour models .indd 1 20/01/2010 14:11:0120/01/2010 14:11:01 Razor Pocket Mod Parts . The Razor pocket mod electric scooter is familiar across the whole world due to its ultramodern features. $11.01 Part Number: W15130662020. Atari 19K4915 monitor repair super sprint HLR5067WX BP96-00674A MCU Samsung color wheel microcontroller 19K4901 5300 Arcade BP96-001103A Bella Coleman DLP Electric Scooter MPS420 PIC Pocket Mod Razor TM-202G arduino grease tray grill matsushita parts … If the scooter worked for 6 months then the parts had to be matched and correctly installed. Razor PR200/Pocket Mod/MX350/400 Battery Set (119-196) Razor scooter battery wire harness Shorai Lithium Battery 12V 7Ah - LiFePO4 LFX "L" Polarity Lithium Iron Battery The Voltage should react proportionally to 57. £16.61 delivery. Database contains 5 Razor Pocket Mod Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owner's manual, Troubleshooting manual . If you do not do this you may order the wrong part! It is best to avoid these circumstances at all times. I (Refer to Pg 6 in Owners Manual) Loose connection(s) Reconnect Loose Connection(s) No loose connection(s) or ... POCKET MOD Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide Issue Symptom(s) Troubleshoot Result(s) Possible Solution(s) Chain Keeps Coming Off Check chain tension Chain is too loose/too tight Adjust chain Rear wheel out of alignment A djust rear wheel (Refer to Pg 5 in Owner's Manual) Gear on motor shaft is bent Replace Motor Inspect chain ... POCKET MOD Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide Issue Symptom(s) Troubleshoot Result(s) Possible Solution(s) Product Makes 'Clicking' Sound Rear wheel barely moves Lift rear end up & manually spin rear wheel forward Should spin 3-4 times w/no resistance Wheel does not spin freely Replace Rear Wheel Remove ... Our main goal is offering our users the fullest information on the Razor Pocket Mod Scooter in the fastest possible way, as we admit that time is sometimes the most important thing. AMPLIFIER DA224-M 28/05/08• Differential input • Electronically balanced outputs • Fine adjustment of level ±6dB • Gain 0,+10,+24dB • Output impedance on 600Ω …, WAP200 - Small Business Wireless-G Access Point. red coming from the batteries direct to the circuit breaker and then The handlebars are too hard or too easy to turn. Before: After: Figure 10 - Tail Light: Figure 11 - Headlight: Figure 12 - Headlight output in complete darkness: Figure 13 - Headlight visibility from 30ft: Figure 14 - Tail light visibility from 30ft: Posted by Philip Doolittle at 12:12 AM . Razor Pocket Rocket Inner Tube $6.99. The green and yellow lights actually flash a bit with the red constant. We are making progress!! The power switch should light up and scooter runs. VICI 7AH Pocket Mod Battery. (Refer to Pg 6 in Owner ... POCKET MOD Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide Issue Symptom(s) Troubleshoot Result(s) Possible Solution(s) Fuse Keeps Burning Out Check riders weight & riding conditions Replace fuse and correct riding conditions. Razor e150 wiring diagram version 1 5. The document containing 4 pages. No Luck….jumper did not make any difference bypassing either switch. DO NOT USE NON-RAZOR PRODUCTS WITH YOUR RAZOR POCKET MOD. In addition to the pink Bella, the Razor Pocket Mod was sold in a variety of different models, each with its own name and color such as the purple Betty, the mint green Bistro, and other models. $13.94 Part Number: W15130638020. Is this compatible with the newer style throttle they also installed? If you figure out what the problem is please let me know so I will have a better idea what to recommend to others. by James Dunham Wild Scooter Parts. The output Voltage can be as low as 0.5V and as high as 5 Volts DC on a )2*%4*')NSTRUCTION-ANUALWWWLEXIBOOKJUNIORCOM-ODEDgEMPLOI View online or download Razor Pocket Mod Owner's Manual, Troubleshooting Manual X97-0480. I have a Razor 325 Scooter that will not move with any weight...like 60 pounds from my 7 year old. This forum is in read-only mode. Its such a cute girly motorcycle. The build quality on the Razor Pocket Mod miniature euro feels amazing. 4 Wire Single Speed Throttle Test (Two Orange and Two Brown Wires) 4 Wire Variable Speed Throttle Test; 5 Wire Variable Speed Throttle Test Please see our wheel replacement guide. … Pocketbike Forum Since 2004 A forum community dedicated to Pocketbike owners and enthusiasts. Fig # 3 Front Fairing W/ Headlamp Cover - Bella. two lines to the circuit breaker does not seem correct…with no output?? This is an example of a page. 0117071955 - FAX 011706210DA 224 DUAL 1x4 BAL. The viewing mode we offer will save your time, without downloading the manual you will have an opportunity to resolve any problems with your Razor Pocket Mod with the minimum time loss. I tried to fix it a couple of years ago after getting new batteries. position should have a high Voltage reading. Free delivery. It’s explicitly required that documents, obtained from our resource, were applied for any purpose other than revenue-producing. Show details . 24 Volt 3-Prong Battery Charger for the Razor Pocket Rocket $19.49 . Copyright© 2020 by ElectricScooterParts.com, an Electricruz Inc. company. The Pocket Mod has been built to certain Razor design specifications. My unit was replaced at the shop with the 5 wire with power indicator would this be an issue? The Pocket Mod™ gives every young girl with an eye for fashion and a passion for fun a set of wheels that is sure to be the hottest ride on the block. and motor so that the wires to each device do not require cutting? Voltage on the multimeter. Razor Pocket Mod Scooter manual, provided below, is available to view online as well as to download for free. If you need an electric scooter battery replacement or replacement batteries for electric bikes, find the right fit for your Razor Electric Bike and Scooter Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Razor A Troubleshooting . 320 Reviews. Razor Pocket Rocket Tire $12.99. Working throttles have a power output roughly between 1-4 Volts DC. Do not exceed the weight limit, go up a steep hill or attempt to tow objects. …, ORDER NO. Unlike posts, which are displayed on your blog’s front page in the order they’re published, pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your About or Contact information. The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooters have a large number of benefits, and these are completely environment-friendly. The unit only worked for about 6 months and then kept going through batteries and now it has brand new batteries (for the 5th time) but still will not operate with any weight. …, W415-0702 / 10.30.081$10.00W415-0702 / 10.30.08INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSWolf Steel Ltd., 24 Napoleon Rd., Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8 Canada • (705)721-1212 • fax(705)722-6031www.napoleonfireplaces.com • [email protected] HEATER HAS BEEN TESTED TO ASTM E 1509, UL 1482, ULC S627.INTERTEKWarnockHerseyCMC …, Set-up Code Tables6Manufacturer/BrandSet-Up Code NumberTVManufacturer/BrandSet-Up Code NumberCBL-IPTVManufacturer/BrandSet-Up Code NumberTVManufacturer/BrandSet-Up Code NumberTVManufacturer/BrandSet-Up Code NumberCBL-CABLE ConvertersSTEP2 Press the [COMPONENT] button (TV,VCR, DVD or AUX) to be programmedand [OK/SEL] …, STAGE® 1000/1600 DSP (This is the model name for warranty claims) Fender Musical Instruments Corporation 8860 East Chaparral Road, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 Issued February, 2005 1p/n 2267000030 / 2268000030 (120V) SERVICE MANUAL CONTENTS: Notices .............................. 2 Specifications.............. …, 8 1ELPRO BROADCAST s.r.l.Strada della Pronda 17 - TORINO (ITALY)Tel. X98-0570. Praised in Newsweek, TIME and Teen Vogue, the Pocket Mod… Turn power off; wait a few minutes & press reset button. So far the battery pack, circuit breaker, and power switch have been tested and are known to be good. Wholesale oem 12v 24v 36v 48v 60v 72v 30ah 50ah 100ah 240ah 18650 lithium ion battery pack for e bike storage. Here are the three throttle wires used for testing: The ZK2430HP-FS controller is an unusual model number. What do you recommend? Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, wiring, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, reviews, and more! Razor Dirt Quad / Pocket Mod / MX350 / Pocket Rocket (Blue) Battery - RAZ143 - 7.2Ah 24 Volt Battery Pack W / Fuse Holder (0) £64.99 £62.99 Delivery: 7-10 Working Days* Throttle has 5 wires...what are the 3 wires that are connected for the test? 4.3 out of 5 stars 30 ratings | 10 answered questions Price: $68.99 & FREE Shipping: Frequently bought together + + Total price: $492.13. Razor crazy cart owners manual. Non-flammable, non-toxic, water soluble, easy to use. good working throttle. Here are guides on how to test all of the possible throttles that the scooter may have. The repair shop replaced the Motor, Throttle and Control Box. 5. Based on one of your previous comments about trying a part or two that could be the issue (keep it easy) and since we have pretty much narrowed it down to only two. May receive 8ah battery, … Razor PocketMod 24V Electric Scooter Parts. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. AUDIO DISTR. Remains liquid, evenly coating the inside of the tube. 1. Can you please provide me the correct updated controller and throttle order info. PVT4308/PV-4311/PV-4315S/PV-4325S/PV-43.11-K, 2. More Options Available. PDF - Portable Document Format is a versatile file format that allows to preserve fonts, text, images, and the layout of the original document, regardless of which of the many platforms or applications such a document was created on. Different versions of Razor E325 scooters were made with different throttles. For testing the motor as I described above the throttle should not be connected to the test circuit at all. …, 350%246! The way toward expelling the battery from the razor scooter is a direct procedure. TMDR-2000 Install GuideFirstech, LLC.21903 68th Avenue SouthKent, WA 98032Phone/Téléphone: 888-820-3690Fax/Télécopieur: 206-957-3330Please visit www.dronemobile.com for additional informationVeuillez visiter www.dronemobile.com pour plus d’information.Guide d’installation DR-2000 I tried to fix it a couple of years ago after getting new batteries. Sold & shipped by VM Express. A released throttle I had a customer a few months back have the exact same problem with their Razor scooter with the motor not producing enough power. I would like to order a controller...since it is the easiest to install and to verify if the correct match was used by the previous shop. I was just inquiring if I did not have to cut the motor wires to test....figured it out myself ...all is required is the use of standard wire connectors at the end of the plastic connector...they fit fine. …, 530CNC KnopfannähautomatCNC Automat for Button SewingBedienanleitung / Operating InstructionsAufstellanleitung / Installation InstructionsServiceanleitung / Service InstructionsPostfach 17 03 51, D-33703 Bielefeld  Potsdamer Straße 190, D-33719 BielefeldTelefon +49 (0) 5 21/ 9 25-00  Telefax+49(0)521/9252435 …, Color TVDirections for UseColor TVRead this manual first!Congratulations on purchasing this Philips product.We’ve included everything you need to get started.If you have any problems, Philips Representatives canhelp you get the most from your new product by explaining:• Hookups,• First Time Setup, and • Feature …, #,,=.304<-