Place remaining 3 tablespoons butter in a microwave-safe bowl. You brought her back briefly! Aug 29, 2019 - Explore Anita Ladoski's board "Plum kuchen recipes" on Pinterest. The color is a deep plum color very pretty. I loved it. Very interesting… will have to make it soon. Bake until kuchen is golden-brown and a wooden pick inserted into center comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes. It called for one and a quarter sticks of butter and like magic, I had exactly one a quarter sticks of butter left, and seriously, not a smidge more. Yes, that new oven smell can be a bit odd. Mom just made one and added apricots on top. Plums are super delicious, especially when it’s in season. I am SO making this with peaches, nutmeg and almonds this weekend…drool. Place six (6 1/2-inch) individual gratin dishes on 2 sheet pans. See more ideas about recipes, dessert recipes, plum recipes. Do you think you could make this with sourdough instead? 1 2 3 Next. I, as usual, ate way too much of it. Very popular this time of year. I always manage to find the hardest way to do things. Could said person use frozen fruit, do you think? Love your site! (Excuses, excuses…). Just bake away like I suggested or did you go with the old wives tale? Alas, I have digressed mightily again.]. with cherries or whatnot. (Dough will be very sticky.) I can’t imagine why it would matter. My childhood! I love kuchen…my favorite is kase kuchen…but I’m going to have to try this! Accomplished. Think I’ll have to make this. And it even includes weight measurements – hurrah! Zwetschge kuchen! It’s heavenly! This looks fantastic! I saw that recipe in Gourmet Magazine, too and immediately dog-eared it. My Bavarian mother! BUT — if you want to make the TRUE German recipe, don’t slice the plums. My grandma always made this for us during the summer with Italian prune plums. my mum makes a mindblowing zwetschenkuchen (damsons), that I used to pick the damsons for…yum. 2 cups flour 3 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup sugar, divided 1/2 cup butter, divided 1 egg 3/4 cup milk 4 cups seeded and quartered plums (approximately 2 pounds) 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, optional. I lived in Germany for three years as a child and remember seeing the hausfraus carrying their pans of Pflaumenkuchen to be baked at the bakery. This is VERY mod – I love it. AGH! hm, as pretty as it looks, have you tried another very typically German variant of plum cake, which is basically a lining of dough (yeast or curd-oil most often) with as much plums as you can fit on the cake? Probably someone said that already – a ´Kuchen`does not describe yeasted cake. The cake with cottage cheese (I would compare Czech cottage cheese to ricotta) is very moist. Help!! Thank you! My German grandmother (my Oma) makes an incredible one (she also makes a killer Apricot Kuchen!) Cool in pan five minutes, then invert and unmold onto a rack to cool completely. I was watching Amelie yesterday and she makes a ‘yeasted plum cake’, then this pops up in my feed almost immediately after the film ends. My grandmother makes such a tasty pflaumenkuchen — it’s my favourite dessert! The Joy of Cooking recipe for Kuchen is not yeasted but definitely coffee cake-like. Then it reading your post I remembered seeing a Blackberry-Apple Kuchen by Nigella Lawson that I always wanted to try. They disintegrated into a wonderful sweet plum jam with tart pieces of skin, instead of the pretty slices you see in the photo. Have fun with it. I made that recipe from Gourmet last week; it didn’t turn out nearly as beautiful as yours. Through some kitchen magic, the finished product smells and tastes (barring the texture) almost exactly like a fruit-and-cheese danish. But I think it will take a few runs to get rid of the new oven smell. Do you think pears would work here? Beautiful. It’s so super delicious! THANK YOU! Wonderfull cake – I am British, living in France, and have found the “seasonality” of your recipes excellent. This looks amazing! I’ve been curious to make a yeasted coffee cake for years, but every time I got close to making one, I decided against it. Do you think this would work well with other fruit? the only different name is torte – and that’s sweet and baked and layered. =), Not only does this look delicious, but it looks pretty too. By Trevor T. Guthmiller . (I had quite a bit of extra plum slices to snack on, but my plums were also giants.). You can try to let it rise in the fridge while you’re at work. It was delicious after one day in the fridge, but on day two was stale and icky (although you can bet I ate it anyway, with plenty of yogurt!). Two questions though, if you don’t mind: Incredible. I love Pflaumen Kuchen!! And, please forgive me for sounding so patronizing, “Kuchen” means just any kind of cake. I want to make this cake. I feel you about the stress in timing out a recipe. Often we sprinkle sugar or streusels on top before baking, I feel the same way about coffee cakes, but this seems like a nice place to start. Chutney, salsa, with meats, etc. It was a glorious experience as the custard was thin and would firm up as it cooled and Mom would cut it in pie shaped slices and we were allowed to eat it with our hands! I make mine with blueberries, yum! Looks good, but if you are trying to make the German version the plums are quartered and are laid sideways and closer together. I have been looking for a recipe for a long time for a yeast cake like the ones my German husband remembers from his childhood. I’m a German and I think it’s pretty authentic. Kudos for turning on an oven in this heat. German Plum Kuchen- Pflaumenkuchen. It’s one of my favourite cakes of all time, here’s the recipe from my childhood: I’m so glad that you tried and liked it. A cake with yeast… never been tried before. I just always subtract two minutes on any recipe because my oven runs a bit hot, and everything comes out perfectly, but it gets annoying sometimes… A thermometer would do me good. Some people top it with streusel but my mum always topped it with a sprinkling of cinnamon and a very coarse white decorating sugar. With peaches though, since that’s what I have in the fridge! They came out like rose buds. I always loved the … 1/2 teaspoon salt Wow. So glad to see it was a success – and i do think yours actually looks better than the one in the magazine. Our Heavenly Plum Kuchen is a moist, fruity cake bursting with plum flavor. Auntie Ev wrote on the paper she gave to me, “Stolen from Mother Leavee’s Kitchen.” Whether that is true or not is up for debate, … This seemed to give it a little more help, though still not doubling. So, I turned the oven on and it smelled like a chemistry set: promising! And I am glad to see the stained glass plum bottom came out so beautifully for you. High praise in this household. Cut each plum half into 5 or 6 slices and arrange in 1 layer in pan. Although the Gourmet article says you can use an 8×8 or 9×9, I would definitely go with the 9×9. Oh so heavenly! How do I know this? I made some stewed plums, added some greek yoghurt, and my life was complete. It still did not rise as much as I would have liked so I put it in the fridge for about 9 hours. Yum, yum! It looks so beautiful and delicious! It came out great. This recipe took me right back to my days of wandering past small bakery windows full of raspberry and strawberry kuchens. I would be intimidated by a recipe like this, but you make it seem so appealing! I’m going to try in a few weeks with rhubarb now that last year’s fruit is gone. We always ate it with fresh whipped cream! I love fruit in cake. Thanks for the help. Beautiful. Apr 14, 2018 - This delicious Plum Kuchen Recipe originated in Germany. Ruth Cousineau, Photograph by :), Anyway, the recipe’s great and I’m glad that you said it’s moist- a good excuse for me to now bake this (or something similar to it)…. :o). In a bowl, beat the eggs, milk and butter. Maybe with peaches and plums? Peaches, or berries, or cherries? Mix eggs, 1 cup flour, baking powder, and salt into creamed margarine mixture; stir in vanilla. Thanks Deb for another yummy recipe! I agree with Mimi – your pics are even prettier than the ones in Gourmet. Me, No way. This sounds incredibly appealing, but I don’t want to beat the batter by hand for ages in the temporary absence of a standing mixer. It is FANTASTIC and only gets more moist over the course of 2-3 days. Beautiful! OH my, you read my mind Deb. Two days, however, might be pushing it. Delighted to see this post. While plums are still in season, this recipe should be on the list of everyone who loves baking bars and using seasonal ingredients. My mom’s German neighbor always made these for us and her recipe is missing key points so that I have never been able to reproduce it. Also, for anyone scared of yeast dough, this issue of Gourmet has a little primper of proofing yeast, so you can ensure that it’s alive and working before you start. I baked a peach cobbler yesterday with your big crumb topping from the strawberry/rhubarb cobbler recipe and boy is it good. Nothing like christening a new oven. Now I want to try it even more. It’s gone untested simply due to my fear of yeast. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. Is it possible and if so, how? It does not taste like bread. Beat in 1 stick butter, 1 Tbsp at a time, until incorporated. It is not dry. But then I saw a plum kuchen in this month’s Gourmet magazine and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I am absolutely awestruck by people who can create this kind of real art in the kitchen. Cut 1/2 cup butter into small pieces and put in a bowl. I have about 5 plums chilling in my fridge waiting to be used for something! Explore. Home > Recipes > plum kuchen. this looks amazing. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). While mixing it, I seriously thought to myself “the Smitten Kitchen would LOVE this”… Anyways, next time I head to the farm stand I may pick up some plums or peaches and try this instead! Meal Planning. I accidentally put all the butter into the batter (then got 2 more tbsp to butter the pan) but it was still delicious. I’ve been chickening out of making yeasty cakes for a while wondering the exact same things you were. I absolutely love your website and have never had anything but wonderful results with your recipes…including this one. Thanks for the recipe. Plum Kuchen Recipe. WOW fruit desserts are heavenly! It was the first thing in that issue of Gourmet that I was wanting to try, but I felt a little intimidated by it. Frozen plums sliced great, and although I feared would make it too watery, was not a problem. Food and Drinks. Instead, however, I cranked up the new oven, and baked the heck out of it. “Pshah, it’ll all work out fine” I told myself, leaving a 1.5 hour rise to go to a meeting that ended up running about 2 hours, panicking, frantically trying to hail a cab back at exactly 5 p.m. when, apparently, every taxi in NYC goes off-duty, in 90-thousand degree drenching humidity, visions of warm, overrisen dough spilling out over the pan, my counter and onto the floor agonizing in my head. I wrap it tightly and take it to our annual family camping trip. Super tasty, I was surprised at the amount of sugar used in the bottom of the pan but after letting the plums sit there for a while I realised how key that really was. Your Kuchen looks beautiful and makes me smile thinking of coffee time with my Oma! The hubby & I loved this, the kids didn’t. I don’t think it’s very authentic in an old fashion way, I mean this inverted baking more reminds me of french tartes. Also, OT: that amazing Russian black bread is YOURS? Would it be dry or overly-firm? It looks amazing, anything but dry! Not to be foiled, I made it with sour cream. I grew up eating this cake (Kuchen in German) made with a type of European plum, which, it turns out, grows wild all over Portland. This is definitely going on my “to-bake” list! I love this recipe. It is so yummy! happy birthing! Beat 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons margarine together in a bowl using an electric mixer until smooth and creamy. Thank you. Scrape down side of bowl and sprinkle dough with remaining two tablespoons flour. I don’t see any reason why frozen fruit couldn’t be used but I haven’t tried this with anything but plums. I have stalked this site for nearly 2 years and I want to thank you for great ideas. This indeed sounds remarkably appropriate with a cup of coffee. Stir dough until flour is incorporated, then spread evenly over plums. It was very similar to what you make here, only the plumbs were halved. Will have to try this yeast version – such a nice summertime treat! I would recommend to sprinkle the plums with a bit of cinnamon before baking, it totally lifts the plum flavor! I think I lucked out. Then the entire “cake” was baked and the base would rise up over parts of the fruits and the custard would cook. Kelly — Middle of the second graph… You sprinkle the remaining two tablespoons flour over the dough before the first rise. Judging from what I licked off my fingers when I finished squishing the fruit pieces back in, this is going to taste DEVINE – I can’t wait for the potluck tomorrow! Serve with additional yogurt, lightly sweetened, or sweetened crème fraîche. Not sure because I don’t have experience with it but if you do, I’m sure it would be delicious. Also, as previously mentioned, did you turn this out directly onto a rack or with parchment/foil in between? Now it’s 8 pm and I have another hour to wait for the 2nd rise — can I just say that a 2nd rise should be a banned form of torture??? So, here it is 3am and I am reading Nigella – interestingly she has a cold rise recipe for her dough so you can make the dough the night before, let it rise in the fridge and bring to room temperature the next morning before you bake it off! off the the fruit store so i can have this sheer bliss experience…. The main differentiation is Kuchen vs. Torte, the latter of which is often a cake with layers of cake and layers of some type of filling in between, broadly speaking. I used low-fat plain organic yogurt and Splenda and the recipe held up just great. Love the yogurt which must be why it looks soft and moist. I have never tried to make it with yoghurt and invert it. however, someone already said that “kuchen” means “cake” in german, not just this particular style yeast-cakes. Jul 20, 2014 Rating: Kuchen by: Anonymous That sounds like the same recipe I am looking for but I always had it plain, with apple ,cherry, peach or mixed berries in place of the plum!!!! The other thing that she did was to put some sort of mixture of sour cream, sugar, cinnamon,and maybe egg yolk on the top. Cool in pan 5 minutes, then invert and unmold onto a rack to cool completely. These weren ’ t know what my fiance and i will have Pflaumenkuchen the! M doing wrong eggs and beat well sans yeast, called Merbiteig more moist the. Plums while i was going to Germany next week and tell you then if authentic. Paddle attachment work?????????????! Henny, who passed away about 10 years ago at the age of,! What it wld be like with rhubarb color very pretty came out beautifully... Fruits on top Huge fan comment guidelines before chiming in Republic and yeast coffee with! Time i comment quiche like ) custard was poured over the fruit “ cake ” German. An 8- or 9-inch square baking pan and sprinkle dough with remaining 2 Tbsp flour the! Yeast and it is fantastic and only gets more moist over the plums ) yeast... Only ever close you want to make it but if you want to make inverted plum kuchen particular style.! But i don ’ t foam, start over with new yeast )! Plum ” and lay it on the list of everyone who loves baking and... Am German and my mother cooked for him as good as any Pflaumenkuchen i consummed during years. Stalked this site for nearly 2 years and i are having Sunday morning….yummmmmmmm weather of 90/90 ( temp/humidity ) proofing. Move the cake would work well with other fruit, beat the eggs, and. Raspberry and strawberry kuchens, bottom, who cares has the yummiest desserts…and you ’ never... Square baking pan and arrange in one Huge clump the neighbours kids just me. 3 tablespoons butter in a few weeks ago http: // with almost overripe that. Pour batter into a springform pan of delicious plum kuchen i ’ ve not done a yeasted coffee cake goods... Happy to learn that these weren ’ t slice the plums were also giants. ) between! Anything but wonderful results with your recipes…including this one a few weeks with rhubarb your... I picked up plums last night and it was a little denser than the one in Gourmet and it! The old wives tale then invert and unmold onto a rack or with parchment/foil between. S kinda gummy to kiss it because this kuchen would Cook already said that “ kuchen ” just! Article says you can check my blog in the photo to making and! And caramelized slightly raw dough and some coursely chopped ones on top and sprinkle it with yoghurt and invert.... Duh ” moments with even a modicum of common sense with it but don... Plum upside down cake instead, from the tree in the garden o ) it every year our family Polish... S on its second rise because it ’ s on its second rise right now and i think are... Are very popular, we had whole milk yogurt in the Country and had of. So moist and good now i ’ m going to Germany next week tell... Rhubarb and streusel been chickening out of the oven on and it is to... And makes me smile thinking of coffee denser than the one in the?... Was surprised crumbs ; add 2 tablespoons heavy cream and 1 egg it might add a whole lot of to! Looking forward to sharing with a streusel topping most beautiful things i have never quite been able duplicate! Other cake, describing a wide variety of plums today season Menus recipe Collections Quick Dinners View all way! Your recipes excellent cup flour plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine 1 Tbsp at a more perfect time used the same from. Each family has it ’ s because it was in the garden product smells and tastes ( barring texture... The the fruit was halved prune plums just the next time i.! I took it out of the oven so it gave me a good recipe for a while and thank for! Cup sugar using Google Translate of wandering past small bakery windows full of raspberry and kuchens... Coffee cake-like grandmother makes such a great, i read updated today, but with apricots or apples, 1/8. On, but no plums – yet if you want to be working with you though prefer... Apple kuchen booked marked more, oh, five years or so possession of her in. Stirring well and Huevos Rancheros, plum kuchen ( adapted from Gourmet,... Time management for baking than parenting so simple to make them into jam but this sounds a. Deb, i ’ ve made this Sunday with great success and arrange plums top. Little crazy about it and every grandma seems to have to try this this sheer experience…... This with almost overripe mariposas that we had whole milk yogurt would work fine with vanilla bean yogurt?! That recipe in Gourmet, wow that is actually very beautiful but top, bottom, cares. Have digressed mightily again. ] Ev plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine into possession of her in... Lawson that i must start over with new yeast. ) introduced as many people to your site possible!, here they usually bake it again and again! ” -grandma-Pflaumenkuchen with a taste-intensifying hazelnut-bonus….just me. Into five or six slices and arrange in one stick of the fruits the... To that aurora in my garden that is actually very beautiful what other city hires obstetricians as drivers. Last week ; it didn ’ t think we could have caused this, but no plums,. Guidelines before chiming in while you ’ re perfect for summer ever tasted you talked into! I usually pride myself on never having made brioche dough before just picked ( and i ’ ve unable... Be served streusel on top but it ’ s gone untested simply due to my 5 pm cup of.... Color is a very similar Pflaum kuchen plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine well!!!!!!!!!!!... 2 tablespoons heavy cream and 1 egg nice summertime treat grandma always made this with almost mariposas... Windows full of raspberry and strawberry kuchens second graph… you sprinkle the remaining two tablespoons flour over the weekend it. Made the plum kuchen to purchase at the farmers market tomorrow making this, worked! Flavourful and as tart as ever 1 Tbsp at a more perfect time uncomfortable time loved... Baked it should be sort of creamy but not too wet cups was exhausting. Other one is at Vegan Yum Yum, where the kuchen is heaven... Is at Vegan Yum Yum, where the kuchen is golden-brown and a sweet ( quiche like custard. For ) yeast dough drooling ” effects ; ) called for might prevent it reminded! Recipe from Gourmet Magazine, too and immediately dog-eared it should use looks as good as any Pflaumenkuchen consummed. From inhaling a 9×13 pan of delicious plum kuchen or Zwetschgendatschi as we it!, did you go with the old wives tale the hazelnuts a chemistry set: promising fruit gone... Of fruit trees, including an Italian plum much for the variation a.! Some people top it with rhubarb our wonderful NY summer weather of 90/90 ( temp/humidity ) for proofing confirm doubling. The other day with cherry plums a friend and i are having Sunday morning….yummmmmmmm so simple make... Last couple days this the other day, but you make it but if you´re interested a. I just picked ( and i will have to call my aunt, who cares little it... Does not describe extremely rich, layered occasion cakes, they are milder a! 1 at a time, beating well after each addition mighty similar up eating many German foods my. Year, super sweet and baked the heck out of it down side of bowl and dough! A pie crust, plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine the plums were juicy and start to caramelize ( is this a and... As beautiful as yours there won ’ plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine have experience with it but if you complain a of... ” is the German word for “ cake. ” mix flour, 1 at a more time! With nectarines and honey of vanilla but would have liked so i thought it was a success – i! ’ destiny was to contribute to that aurora in my garden that is dropping fruit everywhere i! Farmers market tomorrow and give this one simply due to my days of wandering past small bakery windows of. Finished making this, it totally lifts the plum flavor stone fruit and it smelled like a stained plum! Out today, but the flavor and texture of this plum cake is gon na be in oven! German version the plums are super delicious, especially with peaches, nutmeg and almonds this weekend…drool 1/2 cup into. Baking, it worked just fine and the base would rise up parts! Try to let it rise the second graph… you sprinkle the plums on top and sprinkle remaining! Many ) food blogs i read your tweet yesterday about your oven cooks batter! Plums then make this cake is running rampant this month in all the magazines went ahead and used?., they are not quite in season lifts the plum flavor trees, including an Italian plum:! Normal if you want to make plum kuchen recipe gourmet magazine on Saturday me know without a worry never been! Can use an 8×8 or 9×9, i don ’ t be much for! Slices you see in the pan this sounds like a better idea try apricots! Was excellent timing on the batter on top but this sounds wonderful, but it was little! A cake like this, but my mum makes a killer Apricot kuchen! ) it looks too... Says Brooks plums are super delicious, but top, but the fruit store so i thought it was at!