Contact the IT Help Desk. They write about the types of literature they arc studying and write different types of literature themselves. See all info and communications about COVID-19 and our University. Visit the Maverick Store for assistance. If the word "understand" is in your objective, replace it. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing; e. to revise and reinforce structure already learnt. Academic and wellness resources for remote learning. Conditions. Objectives. In writing your own learning objectives, keep some of these key pointers in mind: 1. Literature Undergraduate Majors. Created: Nov 16, 2009| Updated: Oct 5, 2014. Aural-oral teaching and testing is an integral feature of the teaching-learning process. (Specialized Knowledge), Employ knowledge of literary traditions to produce imaginative writing. All CMU baccalaureate graduates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, communication fluency, quantitative fluency, and specialized knowledge/applied learning. 3 Promote Empathy. 1.3 Students will create aesthetic structures for the genre in which they are writing. (Communication Fluency/Applied Learning) Use research to assist in problem-solving. Objective :-A Receptivitiy (1) Reading Skills the ability to read English with understanding the student is able to: // ]]> They learn writing techniques to use in other school Secondary. Colorado Mesa University, • Advising, Registration, Financial Aid and more. View our campus maps to help you find your way around. learning, S/he presents language items, contrives situations which motivates the child to use English for the purposes of communication and expression. (B) The English language teaching has four objectives to develop four skills: These might include the literature of Colonial times, the Civil War, Transcendentalism, the 1920s, the Great Depression and the 1950s and 1960s. //