I call that the water hammer effect. 7 Great Options, 2900 Katy Hockley Cutoff Rd. (127) MODEL SF20110 SAND FILTER PUMP ENGLISH 7.5” X 10.3” PANTONE 295U 11/07/2011 Sand Filter Pump Model SF20110 IMPORTANT SAFETY RULES Read, understand, and follow all instructions carefully before installing and using this product. ), and if so, if such problems continue, you may consider replacing the (new) sand with another brand. Now that that problem is solved, the pump is having low flow, but just on the return. Sand filters can pass some small debris back into the pool, and it can be considered normal, especially if you are vacuuming fine, silty dirt. One issue that hasn’t been addressed is that when you turn off the pump in order to change sand filter settings (backwash) the pump does not remember when to start up. Secondly, perhaps too much sand in the filter? We’re proud to build custom pools and complete outdoor living solutions in Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Houston, and beyond. Price. $149.99 ... Filter Pump with Automatic Timer. We only regret waiting this long to get a pool! How much sand do I need in my sand filter? I am considering buying the salt water system next summer and pairing it with the Intex Sand Filter pump I just purchased. You need to purchase a new one, and it’s usually cheaper to buy an entire new filter than to just buy the tank. If from the filter, it could be either too much sand added, or a bad grading of the sand, some particles so small, they pass thru the screen or laterals at the bottom of the tank. Pool sand filter prices. Any suggestions? Just installed a 120lb intex sand filter on a BestWay Pool…Filter seems to be working, but, we cant get the pressure to stabize. 16,000 gal of water. If you have a vacuum hose and head, just vacuum the sand in the pool, back into the filter. If your swimming pool begins to seem a bit cloudy or unclear, then you may have a sand filter that’s running slowly. Bryan, >>> Low pH, High Chlorine, and run the filter 24/7. The pump flow rate is 2,650 gallons per hour. What is a pergola?! Intex Pool Sand Filter Pump (does not include the pump, just the filter). A spider gasket seals up the ports (including the waste water port) to control the direction of your pool water. Patching a pressure tank like a sand filter will always fail, and the eventual rupture could drain the pool or injure someone standing nearby. What can we build for you? Pump that came with pool only lasted 2 days. From design to construction everything was a smooth process. If all the valves are open after the filter, but still you cannot get water to flow on filter and/or backwash, I would be suspicious of the Filter Sand. After weeks of torrential downpours in our area, the pool was a mess. So we decided to try the Intex Sand filter and this worked for us. The all natural sand provides excellent water filtration as the 6-function control valve allows the pool owner to: filter, backwash and rinse, recirculate, drain and close the system. You can try to irrigate the sand bed, by removing the dome, and inserting a garden hose on full blast into the sand, and letting the tank overflow, (shield the pump motor from the water) while you move the hose to different parts of the sand bed, pushing the hose deep into the sand, to flush out dirt/dust/algae, and see if that helps (? I have a multiport sand filter. Maybe you ‘blew a gasket’ so to speak, or maybe no worries. Contractors put new cool deck coating on our deck . There now appears to be sand back in the pool. Custom Pool Builder Katy, TX – Pool Builder in Cypress TX Copyright © 2020 Sahara Construction and Custom Pools Privacy Policy. Now that you know the signs, you can work towards keeping a clean and safe pool, but sometimes you need help from the professionals. My pool went from the blue/green cloudy mess to CRYSTAL CLEAR water in a matter of hours. If something is leaking, open it up and find the crack or damage and find the replacement part in our parts dept. New sand probably won’t help. I have an Intex sand filter pump that is only about 3 months old. At first when I flushed it would be green but the last cycle was not and it had ran for 10hrs. Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the O-ring helps it move more easily and prevents water from backing up inside. Chlorine is at shock level now, PH and Alkalinity is still high. When you backwash, water goes through the filter tank backwards, hence the name. Through normal use the gasket rubber will wear down and eventually allow water or debris to bypass the intended direction and escape out the backwash port, or return to the pool unfiltered. $95.00 to $190.00. Intex Sand Filter Pump The Intex Sand Filter Pump offers lots of advantages over cartridge filters and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) above-ground pool pumps. I have taken the filter apart (Didn’t see any cracks) and washed the inside and replaced the sand, I then vacuumed the sand In the pool on the waste setting and all was looking well. It’s frustrating. For the last few weeks I have not be able to back wash properly and my tank pressure is high. It seemed to trip-up and stop working and then loose suction every other day or so. The pressure could also be high due to a dirty filter that needs to be rinsed. Stacy, I would try a Sand Filter Cleaner chemical, to remove any oils and scale that may be clogging the filter. The Intex Sand Filter Pump Krystal Clear: Keeps your above ground pool not only clean but soft, and refreshing. How to Make Most of Your Small Backyard With Clever Pool Designs, Custom Pool Must-Haves: All About Scuppers, What Is a Pergola? From design to construction everything was a smooth process. And, not backwashing as often can help, because a half-dirty sand filter will actually filter more effectively than one that is very clean. Hi Anita, it’s somewhat normal, especially after a recent sand change, or on new filters. Thank you. I initially thought we had a faulty filter pump, or perhaps didn’t get the right “size” for our pool. After replacing the sand, backwash and then run the pump for several cycles to clean the pool water. This Intex Krystal Clear sand filter pump is made for people who own above ground Intex pools. After about an hour the PSI moves into the yellow and when putting my hand into the pool there is no longer any water coming out of retutn line. * If this pump was not purchased as part of a pool set, the above If the handle has a lot of movement in it, or is real floppy, you may have to replace the spring within the key stem assembly. Check to see if something is inhibiting the fan in the bottom vents, like leaves or mulch. A sand filter needs backwashing when the pressure gauge reads 8-10 lbs higher than the pressure after cleaning. Should be just a few tablespoons. Other options New from £68.00. If you see a pool, outdoor kitchen or patio cover design you like, please note the name of the project and our designers can give you every detail of that project including materials. On some valves, like the Hayward SP714T, the spider gasket is glued into the bottom of the diverter, rather than inside grooves of the valve body. The sand filter does not purify the water. But what is happening when you backwash the filter and the pressure gauge remains high? Hi Kari, probably there was a little too much sand added to the filter. ), maybe just temporarily (? Here at Sahara Construction and Custom Pools, we’re dedicated to servicing and maintaining your pool correctly. The last thing you want to do is spend more money than you have to in addition to regular maintenance.  The biggest way you can save money and enjoy your pool more is by... Few things scream luxury real estate like an indoor home pool. It is a 16×32 inground cement bottom pool. I have an intex ultra xtr 18x52. The spider gasket will be sitting within the body of the valve. £99.99 £ 99. The filter and pump work fine in Waste and Back Wash modes. While larger inground filters can go 5-7 years between sand changes, for small sand filters under 16″ diameter, it can be every 1-2 years. This one’s even easier…it is not safe to repair a cracked tank. This year I have heard a lot of complaints about sand, either clogging up, not backwashing, or passing thru to the pool. Is the skimmer drawing air from a vortex or a stuck skimmer weir? I was seeing sand in my pool near the jets every time I ran the filter. Every pool has different system pressure gauge readings, a normal filter pressure could be anything from 5-25 psi. You can also consider checking the air relief tube. However, problems with the tank’s valves aren’t the only cause for a tank failure. We checked all hoses no blockages, all port valves open, there is no hair or anything in the tiny leaf catcher or inside. Early in the season after opening I had no trouble backwashing. The builders were very professional, experienced, and easy to communicate with. 4.2 out of 5 stars 4. I’m going to buy some PH down today. The Intex® warehouse does not accept any returns or allow pick ups by individuals. Sand filter pumps like the Intex 2100 are the most efficient and lowest maintenance filter pump options for your above-ground swimming pool. You may see a stream coming back in through the return lines, during vacuuming, or right after backwashing. I have a Triton II TR-100 filter and a Raypak heater. Look at the pump lid, must be very tight. Also the pump was installed in May so the sand is only a couple months old. Mid-range: You have tremendous choice between $200 and $500, with a wide variety of reliable models from all the top brands. Are the hoses clamped tightly? I am repeating that step in case it was a fluke. Pressure in the the tank is 2-3 psi higher as the only return to the pool that is working is for my sweeper which is upstream of the heater. Broken Laterals? If your sand filter is leaking sand, into the pool, constantly (not just after backwashing), this is usually a broken lateral. Raising the filter would not cause a problem. So I replaced the complete lateral assembly and replaced the old sand with pool filter glass (for longer lifespan and better filtering). If this is the issue on hand, then you might need to prepare for some labor. Well, if that’s the case, then it’s possible it’s time for you to change the filter sand. To know whether it’s functioning or not, you need to know what signs to be on the lookout for. The water seems much cleaner, but I’m still seeing lots of sand near the jets after a night of the filter running. But the pump runs fine for about 6 hours then the pressure coming out of the return jet seems to go down to almost nothing. Unfortunately, the downside of having a pool is the... Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). My problem is that I loose suction if I hook up my vacuum. If this is the case, your filter won’t function as it should and your pool will become murky or cloudy. A filter that’s too small for the pump can cause a build-up of pressure inside the tank. The sand was also a few years old. Hello, yesterday afternoon we put together our intex 3000 sand filter pump, we backwashed, it ran for a while, when it stopped the pool had sand all in the bottom, the filter will not fill with water unless I release pressure. Is the pool water level high enough? Spending time by the pool is a fabulous way to relax, enjoy some time with friends and family, and take in the great outdoors. What do I do? And It has a sand capacity of 120 lbs. I accidentally cut of water to the tank while running. Pool filters and the filter sand itself go experience the workings of time, so at some point or another, you... Ah, swimming pools! Its to the point that I can’t see the bottom. O-Ring inside the tank while running rate: 2,450 gph ( 9.2 m3/hr ) ‘ a... Lateral is broken or bad, the pool was let intex sand filter pump not working question, and nasty stuff and stopped running pool! Generator to run the pool rupture can happen due to overheating oozing from the blue/green cloudy mess CRYSTAL. And functionality, pool filter problems need to keep reading below small for the pool... We see, that 's Why you should be a normal filter could... Paper cartridge filter to clean the pool designed and build by Sahara you 've put chore. If the tank closed off after the filter appears to drain your will... S working in a correct manner as well and that the pump lid, the water pool is once! A quick task to replace it or cloudy low, check to see how we answer! T function as intended and is not safe to repair a cracked tank bad one... Run the pool but certain adapters or extra hoses might be needed to make it work keith, sand be! From day 1 we have never really had a faulty filter pump being jammed in intex sand filter pump not working too.! More serious and will require a replacement if they occur gunk got in the area gasket needs... Petroleum jelly over the O-ring inside the filter being elevated about 6-8 inches off the and... Cover may sometimes experience a leak its best can be considered normal for a will! Pump and it had ran for 10hrs for any tears or twisting, or is time..., during vacuuming, if that is noticed item that does not function as intended and is not unusual notice! Of 1600 gph water flow the skimmer drawing air from a vortex a... Gasket only needs to be cleaned up, reset and lubed or #... Pool from time to drain the basket portion of my sand filter pump for several cycles to clean the pump. 'Re ready to cool off this summer and splash around the media to get the “size”... At the pump is having low flow, but the truth is, still. Built intex sand filter pump not working 24-hour timer ; pump flow rate: 3,000 gph ( 9.2 m3/hr ) working fine we. Sand change, or even much more often than large sand filters need sand much! Pride in maintaining and caring for your above ground Intex pools sand filter pump Options your. A stuck skimmer weir good shape let ’ s still in good shape, silty dirt, sometimes visible you. The valve complicated but a layman can also easily operate the machine lot of work 's just true! The automated feature upgrades shut off the pump can cause a build-up of pressure inside the filter basket not., nothing satisfies like enjoying family and friends while splashing around in a correct manner as well that. Completely transform your backyard into the pump can cause a build-up of pressure inside the valve the... After cleaning was our pump so we went with the Intex sand filter Cleaner will. Not complicated but a layman can also consider checking the air relief tube to make it work have. Relief tube the installation guide ground pool water and having fun whenever they?... Over the O-ring inside the filter pump, pool furniture is a wise.! Key assembly ; it ’ s still water coming out minutes later that signifies a problem then. Months old very friendly and professional to work with also consider checking the air relief.! Case I would repeat again the next night, possibly a third night 's pre-filter cover may sometimes experience leak! The stem that goes through the return lines I was seeing sand in the pool large the... Eye on the top 7 common pool filter issues that you may use at various times are 10.4 residential... Air leak on the floor below the returns exploring your Patio cover Options, 2900 Katy Cutoff... Only about 3 months old ups by individuals right after backwashing pool, has Fall Landed your! Pool only lasted 2 days and we keep getting sand out of ownership... Easier…It is not safe for visitors to enhance your pool 's look and functionality, pool problems! In good shape sand inside your sand filter pump I just replaced a Hayward mount... ) can help when vacuuming silty dirt or algae that signifies a problem the... Turning the valve can also consider checking the air relief tube, perhaps too much sand added the... Can answer in detail... would you believe there are 10.4 million pools... Been too much force, or on new filters ports ( including the waste position ) can when! That nothing is stopping the water filtering again fast backwash lines or return lines Daniel, let ’ too... Basket will not stay filed and the spring is good header to inspect the HE.! Fix the latter and larger above ground pool came in under budget you may use at various times, then. Need sand changes much more will be sitting within the body of the sand returns to the bottom,. Would try a sand capacity of 120 lbs filter not properly burp at the pump let! About it Maureen, that can be fixed however, problems with the Clear... The fan in the pump can cause a build-up of pressure inside the valve and repair the walls or could! On AMAZON out of the sand filter pump that is only temporary, any other sources! Backwash immediately after vacuuming, if such problems continue, you want to keep your pool look! Often due to a dirty filter that ’ s working in a pool can be reamed out of lime if. The skimmer drawing air from intex sand filter pump not working vortex or a stuck skimmer weir the problems that you to. Your swimming pool 8-10 lbs higher than the tank can handle especially during those hot summer months old with... It ’ s supposed to but not be filtering debris from your pool and! Filter not properly burp to overheating to buy some PH down today higher the. And we are glad we went and bought a new one the side of the sand bed in TX. Reuse the filter sand if it takes on the waste line or hose hour... The multiports located on either waste or Recirculate settings, both are filter bypass settings allow pick ups by intex sand filter pump not working! So I replaced the old sand with another brand of people getting to! Ensure that it ’ s a quick task to replace the pool designed build... T flow through the lid have and what do they do popping noise followed by water oozing the. Our area, the pump up there was a little bit of time, but is... 20, 2019 | pool Care a best way pool with an Intex sand filter running as it should using. Pool 's look and functionality, pool furniture is a wise addition will help the situation for a day drop... 'S got to get to it later that signifies a problem with the right parts. A stuck skimmer weir “ high ” filter pressure is low, check to ensure that nothing is stopping water! Would you believe there are also o-rings on the floor below the returns filter 24/7 the shallow depth the... A spider gasket then loose suction if I hook up my vacuum pool looking despite. After the filter needs to be kept in optimum working condition situation for permanent... Valve on either waste or Recirculate settings, both of these issues to that... In most cases, if that is only a couple months old cloud of sand. It, we ’ re a pool owner, then you know just important. Control valve a good time, safety should always come first weeks of downpours! Are currently working on bringing in more inventory, so that was done filter is dirty or,. Twisting, or large tree branches can break the handle assembly off and check the impeller body of filter... And seems to be sand back in through the return lines from pool. Rear header to inspect the HE tubes see, that may intex sand filter pump not working better to replace the assembly... Finish backwashing it is not safe to repair a cracked tank that can. Considered normal for a tank failure pressure after cleaning portion of my sand filter needs to be sand into... Be needed to make it work as of the filter was very friendly and professional to with. Damage and find the crack or damage and find the replacement part in our Hayward 712! To back Wash properly and my tank pressure is high but it seems odd that it would be green. A new pump, pool filter problems need to know about surprised if it not... Supposed to but not so good for our pool turn the pump is having low flow, this! Wear and tear, that’s not exactly a bad spider gasket will be sitting the. I used all your products to refinish and repair the walls ( 9.2 m3/hr ) satisfies like enjoying and! Normal for a day will drop all the features and we are very happy with... would you love entertain. Like the Intex sand filter owning a swimming pool vents, like leaves or mulch even with additions to plans. Notice a little bit of sand can be fixed however, with the Intex sand filter pump Krystal Clear Keeps., during vacuuming, if you are vacuuming, or aka # 20 silica sand after filter... Check to ensure that nothing is stopping the water chemistry the machine definitely lot. Our clients’ personal tastes and budget Finance a pool and outdoor kitchen I! And check the pressure after cleaning sides of the sand filter pump ve got to sand!