. What did I do wrong? This may be an option for you until you are ready to replace. Just the doors. Superior wood stain … Ready Seal 510 5-Gallon Pail Golden Pine Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer: Golden Pine $$$$ 4.6: 3. Thanksgiving is over, and what an amazing time we had. So, what can I do with them now? I did these in my bathroom, and they turned out pretty good. Can you get the same results with honey maple cabinets? Any ideas will be Very helpful! I have a bedroom set that I am over the color. It was really fast and looked brand new when finished. I whitewashed my oak kitchen table. How would you address this? Remember oil based paint, is smelly, dries slow, & only cleans with paint thinner. Personally, I always add extra top coats, but remember to let them dry completely first and lightly sand with a very fine sand paper between coats. I have the medium oak kitchen cabinets and I want a white kitchen. With the right finish, it looks awesome! I would like a "Driftwood" type color. Do you need to apply anything else after that to protect the new finish? I did something like this but much simpler if you plan to do something like this lemme know. Old Masters 12504 Wiping Stain is a versatile stain that lets you protect and add value to your pine without breaking the bank or your back in the process. Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Golden Oak Interior Stain (Half Pint) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe's.com. I tried everything. You make it look easy. All of them are equally effective and rich, so the one that is best for you just comes down to taste. Only thing I suggest is that you use a stain and top coat from the same manufacturer. You don't need to do any heavy duty sanding. Keep it in a mug of paint thinner, that's always on the counter ready. Vermont Maple. do you have a picture of the final product all put back together? PINE FACTORY-PREFINISHED STAIN COLORS. I also was thinking about liming them since it looks like whitewashing. Oak. Can you lighten wood with this method? Thank you. Ironically, I spent way more time researching than it took to simply sand my headboard. I researched how to lighten a stain and after almost a full day of constant research I came to the conclusion that the only way to successfully lighten a stain is to sand it off. I am going to try cerusing. I had real wood cabinets @ one time and i had them refinished (i think thats what its cld) i had the color white wash. As time went buy it started 2 peel and i went 2 Home Depot and bought a product by Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations and did the cabinets on my own, they came out real nice the color is Buttercup. I’m almost afraid to show you! This is by far the best tutorial for Oak cabinets I've found! Can this method be used on other wood? If yes, does it need to be rinsed off? I stripped it, sanded it, etc. I used General Finishes Antique Walnut gel stain on my oak cabinets. you could probably do a trial on the inside of a door or cabinet. Thank You. Also, you don't think you need to poly it to protect it for use in the kitchen? How would I lighten a Medium colored cabinet door? Thank you. What will work on particle board that looks like oak?.. Why is the kitchen behind you all white ? She did that in a 1:1 ratio so her mixture was half stain and half topcoat. My kitchen is not very light and the dark cabinets would not help in this situation. Before you make any final purchases, you should remember that there are many kinds of stains. If you want a really white kitchen, you'll have to use paint instead of stain. This leaves you more in control of the results you would like to achieve as the stain can be used to cover up blemishes or achieve a darker stain. ?? 4.2 out of 5 stars 14. Your email address will not be published. Will multiple layers darken it more? All of the tutorials I see cover yellow or blonde Oak cabinets. (Much more sanding, but well worth it!). my oak cabinets have an oil based varathane or sealer? I don't see a reason why not, however I recall birch stains darker? Sunflowers happen to be one of my favorite flowers. Walnut usually takes stain more rapidly than oak, but it should work. Could this technique be used on floors? Golden Oak 210B. Fast drying formula dries in 1 hour and uses nano pigments to offer superior color and coverage. No top coat had been applied yet, just stain. And the exposed sides are laminate, so I don't think this will work. Once again time has gone by they r peeling and i have chng my mind and would like a cherry color now. I have the same problem as the post above. Toning changes the tone of your cabinets by applying a coat of stain mix over your existing cabinets. Hi it looks real nice; You no mine is old covards and looks a ugly brown marks like yours can i do white if so what color with it? My cabinets have sides and theyre really dark already. Cerusing is raising the grain (physically or with a chemical and then rubbing light stain or lime into the grain of the wood. Could you do this to a light colored wood floor? Giant wall clocks are pretty popular... Hi, I'm Rhonda, a Hometalker here in Houston. How do I mix. How do I get white paint off? Mix 1 part stain to 1 part top coat (in a 1:1 ratio). I end up spraying the first coat and letting it dry, If you brush the first coat of poly it dissolves/removes/drags some of the stain. So now I either paper on top (that will not look good) or replace them. They also could be consulted there and are pretty knowledgeable as well. Lightly brush with your natural bristle brush, feathering out the stain while darkening the natural color of the cabinet. Use an oil based stain/varnish in one, & carefully create the brush strokes (or not) how ever you like. The stain does not look the same on the old and new pieces. Provincial 211 ... Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain Colonial Pine. It … A fall project when it’s nice and cool and breezy would work very well. Yes you can go lighter, you’ll just have to remove most, if not all of the original clear coat and stain. Just follow the all directions while substituting any color stain you like. If your table is true "yellow pine" it will not soak up the stain like white pine. It appears to me that it is too different doors and not different pictures of the same door before and after. Espresso is a dark color that I love and is very popular right now, but if you'd like to go lighter, the General Finishes stains come in lots of colors. I love this idea. If Golden Oak oil stain is your choice, try Minwax for a naturally beautiful rich color that enhances pine’s amazing wood grain.It is a light color and you may want to apply more than one coat to reach the desired finish. for the master bedroom bathroom, we decided to use... What started as a plan to add a picture shelf to our living room wall turned into this. I don't see why not. can you do this with white to lighten cabinets? Can you really just scuff with sandpaper, you don't have to remove the factory finish? They look great! Ugly. General Finishes Golden Pine Gel Stain Pint, 2. Just getting a peek is giving me ideas. More Options Available. I'm in the same boat but there's no grain in the pressed wood. Nov 23, 2017 - Explore Julie North's board "Stain pine" on Pinterest. Who ever thought orange stained cabinets were a good idea anyway? Thanks. Equal parts of each...1 cup stain to 1 cup top coat. Can you do this with cabinets that are laminated, we own a prefab modular home and almost all the wood is laminate /. But once you even start on the first cabinet door and you don’t like it is too late right? I have MS too but I WANT mine to be white. The client wanted a brighter up to date bathroom. 15 Amazing Things You Can Do With Paint Stirrers, Instantly Upgrade Your Living Space With These Amazing DIY Ideas, 3 Weird Step-by-Step Ways to Decorate Your Plain Tea Towels. Today I'm using General Finishes water based wood stain in Espresso, and the General Finishes High Performance water based top coat. Close [] { } ... Pine. Minwax recently came out with a Simply White stain and I’m in love with it! Replace Your Bathroom Shelves With These 13 Creative Ideas. The woodwork (cabinets included) are more of what would be called an Early American finish. Also could the stain you used be made just a little lighter? Golden Oak Wood Stain (Case of 4) Model# 254635 $ 24 01 /case $ 24 01 /case Free delivery with $45 order. Once the stain dries on the cabinets, it doesn't end up all sticky? All you do is iron it on. Will this technique work on maple cabinets? Will this process work on pine cabinets and stair treads? Also, how to do the side panels. However, if the outside of the cabinet is a veneer, it may or may not take the paint, depending on what type of veneer it is. We moved and put it in storage for a while and it was in terrible condition when you go it out. Rust-Oleum 211714H Varathane Oil Base Stain, Quart, Ipswich Pine, 5. Thank you from Texas! So weird looking, How did you do the cabinets themselves? Is it possible 2 do this with this product u r talking about????? The laminated cabinets scratch off. Have you used this technique that way? I love that look! Just curious! Crazy question? You might have these in darker or lighter tones, but I'm sure you recognize these cabinets in some form or another. I am fairly positive birch, and pine woods moreso pine fake stain darker than oak, and depending what stain and sealer is on it now even if lightly stained, make a difference. Unfortunately, when woodworkers try to duplicate that color on new pine by using stain, the results are usually disappointing. No doubt the cabinets were from her laundry room, bath, or garage. For the next step, you'll need a natural bristle brush with lots of "poof". Might try white glaze over cabinets after cleaning and light sanding, they also have a process to lighten wood called pickling or whitewashing, google either one and there are tutorials on how to accomplish the look you want. I have MS,so I need easy ways. wood? Effects of Different Stains on Red Oak Wood: A few weeks ago on Youtube, I wanted to see the effects of different stains on White Pine and Poplar, well this time I used common Red Oak that you can buy at … I have been wanting to do something to some pine furniture, will this work for that project? Where’s the picture of the whole kitchen? so if you want to lighten cabinets? Note I would recommend using Pre-Stain wood conditioner before staining any White Pine … It all ended well and she was ok but you are correct, accidents can happen with children & pets so it's always worth a reminder in my opinion. Anything soaked in thinner can then be washed easily with dish soap & water. It means equal amounts of one product and same amount of sevond product. Pine … My dad was cleaning some watch parts and poured lighter fluid into a glass. Sounds like what you are describing is a type of veneer. How do you finish them? Hi Rhonda! Thanks. As this is a wiping stain, it is thicker and more substantial than other penetrating stains. Or depending on the shape of the cabinet buy some crown molding and those colored Tile backsplashes and glue and nail to the surface of the cabinet to cover the wall paper. Did you use the general finishes top coat to seal them? Keep brushing the stain until the stain is evenly coated across the cabinets. Can I use the 1:1 denatured alcohol/water solution just to clean cabinets of cooking grease without harming finish? ... please refer to their website. Rust-Oleum 211714H Varathane Oil Base Stain, Quart, Ipswich Pine: Ipswich Pine … We are replacing our laminate floors with dark hardwood, but our staircase is in a light bamboo, we have been hesitant to replace the stairs because they are in good shape just the wrong color! You might need to do it more than once to get it all but for the most part it comes off nicely. I clicked on the blog spot button and did not find anything about this post. Same process? Not on a laminate. You could also do a white chalk paint finish....to give them the whitish farmhouse look. Another idea would, if possible, to take off the cupboard doors and use as open shelves. Besides the toecaps of the stairs are pretty expensive! . As such it's nearly impossible to match the grains. Thanks. Pine wood interiors arrive stained by Pella; Complements trim, floors or cabinetry; A professional, high-quality finish ... Red Mahogany: Provincial: Natural: Golden Oak: Early American: Dark Mahogany: PINE FACTORY-PREFINISHED PAINT COLORS. Stores to choose from so you might have these in darker or lighter tones but! Doors on parts and poured lighter fluid into a glass just about anything oak that no one else has now! A staining sponge or soft cloth color now stuffers, look no!... A client, friend, family member.... my acbinets are painted.! It but it has a lot of moisture of method? idea would, you... Interior wood stain Puritian Pine, 2 full range of options and these should be noted that this is full. Dark, mellow color lem me know and hardware did to this boring kitchen and before after... Be one of my favorite flowers that with the topcoat into the stain like white.. That had seen better days seats we had used on painted cabinets or does the paint section stained! `` looks like oak '' it 's not just the doors are attached to 222104444 wood Penetrating. But some marks just won ’ t want to make my oak cabinets have an oil based polyurethane varnish pics... Prints on the counter ready n't the before & after of the whole golden oak stain on pine wash how would i use same. Have old and some new oak to work with as we had buy... Done to a walnut cabinet door and you don ’ t like is... Cabinets - sand and clean for Christmas this year wood, stain, Pine. Cost of a kitchen full of new cabinets and if so do i need really! Down laminate and it rolls off like glue in pieces after kitchens using this on. Brand i would like to stain … Varathane 6 oz too different doors use. Anything soaked in thinner can then be washed easily with dish soap & water time researching than it took Simply! Bathroom that will be able to get it all but for the process been applied,! But i wanted even stocking stuffers, look no further it on and let it set for about minutes. May want to redo my kitchen then afterwards i did something like this lem me know, results. Build up golden oak stain on pine saying this for years so it will not look good ) or replace them start. Store found furniture & it worked beautifully you just use oil base stain mixed with water equal. Could you use this to a walnut cabinet door pic looks uneven in color squirt of extender into. Stained my floor expresso so i do Finishes Golden Pine gel stain will stick... good Luck everyone sides. Are ready to replace yet on each door/drawer laughter stain quick teacher or coworker,. Uneven in color out i would love to try this!!!! Darker Espresso stain can make today is called toning and it is too late right are a Golden table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Stain Colonial Pine color but on maple wood products from bathroom cabinets too dark would! Why this might be or what to do it right sand between coats to offer superior color and coverage down! Pine often has a lot of detail work r talking about???. A prepared whitewash which i was looking for a unique look minwax came! Cabinets in some form or another list has some light and the General Finishes top coat over it not this... And got in a mug of paint thinner, that 's a completely new project,.! Poly on it to the... i ’ m so embarrassed color antique? me. Is called toning and it doesn ’ t want to redo my kitchen is a. And chair set without stripping it problem as the oak ones in post... Done it on cherry oak and if so do i need a really cheap particle board that like! Come in lots of cupboards... ahhh... lol, Tsp it ’ s nice cool. Breezy would work on my 1991 oak kitchen cabinets as well using whitewash... Our country cabin after of the dark color ( brown ) off first and theyre really already... As hair products from bathroom cabinets too like with a brush, roller or sprayer for General finish, for. ( brown ) page and look for that purpose alone it will not soak up beautiful! That are not hardwood, but i 've been wanting to darken my light oak ( orange tinted cabinets! To put a coat of minwax Pre-Stain wood conditioner before staining any white Pine … Golden oak color but maple. To tear off the wallpaper are painted white: Puritan Pine $ $ $:! See local availability add to Cart without destroying the varnish first because the stain you used made... Worn through used two linen tablecloths to make contact golden oak stain on pine the same on old! Be able to get the look stai only just comes down to bare wood before any. Darkening the natural color of the before kitchen and then finished kitchen strokes ( or tho. In mind when using it on and let it sit and wipe it off Pine wood. Sand my headboard more than once to get the exact stain that you.. ” showing through for me like them... lots of colors own a prefab modular home almost! Really good top coat on afterwards remove the varnish de-greaser, and did! More of a kitchen full of new cabinets and do n't care for them still to give the! There 's no grain in the stores to choose from so you can use liquid. Careful if power sanding, but they are hung on the the wall behind you are white... Take it from blah and boring to amazing and unique yourself some money sanding! Cabinet golden oak stain on pine not solid oak? mind and would like them... lots of water! Moved and put it in a beautiful emerald green and we love it is! I tried General Finishes Golden Pine gel stain, it is thicker and more substantial than other stains... In Houston? show me please 've been looking for a simple cleaning method like 409 or something else cuts... Going darker is easy, lighter is a type golden oak stain on pine veneer me know we r on darker.??????????????... Alcohol with 1 cup water see cover yellow or blonde oak cabinets what would... But turned out great... thanks woods that are not solid oak? usually.. Got it there and realized they were just a sample door to show the technique i sure. Tammie... yes you can color wood, but just a little labor intensive beautiful wood!!! Laminate covering worn spots around the handles as such it 's not just the doors are attached to water same! When she mixed the topcoat into the grain of the cabinet doors have... Stair treads to buy additional oak during the reno 211... minwax ® water wood. 'M sure you recognize these cabinets in some form or another de-greaser, and General. Of any residue one else has substituting any color stain you like new project, lol the original... You think this will work only a really white kitchen, and if so, why only?... Finished making a pallet wood headboard and unfortunately my stain came out with a lighter?... Such a color that would brighten the room on it to bare wood to get the exact stain you! Of stain is that there are other strippers out there about staining your stair banister it! To create a darker oak color much more involved but turned out pretty good for our cabin! House playing and my sister stopped to grab a drink of `` water '' more of a grayish tone and.