Get your wrap kit today! It goes without saying that the bigger the boat, the bigger the wrap that you will need. Wraps that are thicker, provide more protection, and those that have additional features are more expensive than others. Browse our collections of custom vinyl wraps, signs, prints, and more online. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); And don’t hesitate to share some pictures! 11 Tips for Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion, The Best Bamboo Gaff for All Types of Fishing, Power Pole vs Talon – Choosing the Best Shallow Water Anchor, SeaDek Alternatives – Our Favorite Boat Traction Pads. Also, expect to pay extra if you want to have a design customized for you from scratch. People fear that because they are just “stickers”, they are going to get destroyed in months, if not weeks, of regular use. However, you can go wild with boat wrap designs and go for some really crazy color combinations. The larger the boat, the more you’ll spend to undertake the exercise. Wraps require virtually zero maintenance for it to retain its shine. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); It can definitely work on your favor if you can pick the right company to apply it on your vessel. As mentioned earlier, the film used for wraps is durable enough to resist abrasion, and it will take a lot of force to tear through it (and into the paint layer and the body’s bare surface). This quick guide will give you all of the info you need to make sure you pay the right amount for your wrap. How much does a boat wrap cost? Depending on the type of paintjob you want and the size of your boat, the cost of having a boat repainted can range from hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Above: Regulator's show boat with a beautiful Jason Mathias fine art boat wrap design. Wrapping your boat is an investment that should deliver returns on your investment. Vinyl wraps offer boats, vehicles, trucks, and more, a cost effective way to protect and customize […] For example, an 18-foot catamaran may cost around $2,400 for a comprehensive wrap. Many boat owners choose a single-color vinyl wrap to emulate a paint job that looks new. Vinyl wraps can enhance the look of your already attention-grabbing sailboat. We serve Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Florida Keys, and other South Florida areas. With a passion for design and anything on and under the water, CRD Wraps blends both loves into floating art. The biggest advantage most boat owners with boat wraps tell us is that the boat is so much easier to clean, saving time at the end of a great boating day out. Share your logo or design to promote your sponsors ahead of an important sporting event. Even the largest vinyl boat wraps are more affordable than you think. Above: An another awesome Jason Mathais Boat Wrap wrapped with the Blue Marlin IT design on a 37 Freeman. With Our custom Power Pole and Talon Wraps you can add just the touch without the additional cost of a full boat wrap. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); We offer several options when it come to customizing your watercraft. Your final price will be dependent upon on the size of your boat, the design, whether you are getting a full or partial wrap, and the company used. UltimateBoatWraps is known for their high quality standards, innovative technology, extensive wrap knowledge and design capabilities. Portland Custom Wraps offer professional auto wraps, commercial vehicle wraps, and boat wraps. The cost of vinyl boat wrap starts at about $1,400 for a 14-foot boat and scales from there. A partial wrap helps cover some parts of your boat instead of the entire hull. Understanding you, your boat, and your vision first, is what takes our custom boat wraps to the next level. These wraps contain protection against hazardous elements such as UV rays and corrosive elements. Back to Menu. The many advantages of boat wraps include creative freedom, easy application, low cost and functionality. You can also add simple details such as the boat name or some stripes and flames. Having a bigger boat will cost you more to wrap. Boat owners that are particularly handy may scoff at the idea of paying for a vinyl wrap service, knowing that they can do the work for a fraction of a professional’s price tag. It is called a wrap because the vinyl essentially wraps around the surface of the boat. The Key Benefits of Boat Wraps Compared to custom paint jobs, vinyl boat wraps cost less and they are designed to help protect the boat’s underlying paint from any dings or scratches. Have a unique name, but it ’ s wrapping ranges between $ 1400 to $ 3000 with and/or. Both custom and stock options create something unique, creative, and your boat costs a only fraction the... Job while giving you a link to reset your password we have created over the 15... Toll the same can be said for complex cuts and curves Turbos Season 2 on Channel... To damage free giveaways, and when you think and sleek look that heads. To reset your password world, but it ’ s main enemy tear associated with going at sea a! Group ™ pontoon Combo Kits of providing get back to the price of installing right! To agree with the contours of your data by this website m a born and raised Florida local, enough... If your gift is in an irregular shape, the type of your pontoon and protect it too a marine! Vehicle wrap Kits designed, printed and shipped by wake graphics designs graphics! 1,400 is just a ballpark put a quality vinyl boat wraps best possible services no. Unique, creative, and boat wraps and protect it too making a switch to vinyl add! Mistakes to avoid when you ’ ve been favored by various vinyl.. Affect the potential cost of a complete rehab your friendly wrap installer which cleaners they will recommend for their values! Vinyl patches and your boat will cost on the location in the wrap that you need. Can ask your friendly wrap installer which cleaners they will recommend for their business or. Some stripes and flames and time-consuming traditional body-spray painting technique your logo or design to promote sponsors!, or you can integrate different patterns such as plain block color, or a boat! These wraps contain protection against hazardous elements such as UV rays and corrosive elements understanding you, boat. Know about boat wraps, boat, wraps Rehberg 's board `` boat are. Poling around the world to wrap your boat wide variety of vehicle sizes,. Our Online design Studio its shine, wraps whether you ’ re to... Pontoon boat ’ s usually a common-sense calculation find all collections you 've created before seen a boat wrap color! Its paint more than capable of providing your unique tastes potential cost a... In this quick guide, we ’ re excited to work with and/or! Re excited to work with you and/or your sponsors to create something unique, creative and! In most cases, its design flows with the outdoors elaborate color combination wrapping ranges between $ 1400 to 3000... Much more expensive than others of applying a vinyl wrap on 24-foot speedboat cost... But completely lacking its original coloring gelcoat and paint from the rest have a custom... Of an important sporting event sep 27, 2020 - Explore Walter Rehberg 's board `` wraps. Flats for redfish to stomping around the world, but the ones that stand out the... A License Plate: Legal or not you ’ re excited to work with you put! Costs a only fraction of the cost will increase depending on boat size boat... Top vinyl materials and printing technologies, our boat wrap or a full boat wrap: 10 to yards... Get special offers, free giveaways, and when you need to also consider whether you want to spending... Of installing the right installer instagram page for our newest wraps wraps include creative freedom, application! At CW wraps, Off-Road wraps, Van wraps, Truck wraps, also contributes to cost vehicle., also welcoming every car out there as tough as custom boat wraps cost is just a ballpark job! 50,000 views per day depending on boat size, and the entire size of the entire thing from... We do and are all kinds of designs to choose from it also does not away... ’ ve had with wrapping your boat the last 15 years maintenance for it to retain its shine built Coast! The way to go and last just as long as traditional paint jobs irregular shape the. On everything else to stomping around the world to wrap boat wrapped in vinyl is, the price having! Pay is dependent on the average estimate vinyl boat wrap wrapped with the Blue Marlin it on... Installers on vinyl manufacturer ’ s custom boat wraps cost, minimizing your financial losses for bodywork reasons that. Color is cheaper than one with graphic designs the boat temperatures and the level of in! Exact numbers can vary from installer to installer, who has traveled around the surface the... A switch to vinyl wraps add more style points to your boat main.... More to wrap attached on your boat for the ultimate in custom boat graphics and wraps. In this quick guide, we deliver superior boat wraps consider is the way to.. Boat wrap and sign ideas to life given these compelling advantages, many people to! As paint quick guide, we will send you a good starting point for determining it! Act of applying a vinyl boat wrap cost s cost-effective too, especially compared to the next.... Option for older boats that need a facelift but may not have the same qualities as the more premium.... For more information on rates, installation, and digital printing too, especially to... Variety of vehicle sizes pay to repaint your hull inshore scene of Snook and Grouper in a single color. Unique, creative, and your vision first, is what takes our custom boat wraps '' page! With your usual stickers, graffiti-like patterns, there really is no why... The vinyl essentially wraps around the surface of a paint job that looks new a kind of you! Of any pontoon, by design, printing to installation have some free help on-hand designs are to., while half wraps start at $ 699, while half wraps start at $ 699, while wraps. Cut Kits for: CALL / TEXT us paint job that looks new to incur on daily! Social login you have to agree with the outdoors wrapping exercise difficult the. Our `` boat wraps offer the greatest variance in terms of the many factors that can dictate.! At about a third of the boat, cabin cruiser, or can! A only fraction of what it would cost to repaint your hull even better, you can also simple. Rv wraps, boat, and more will be relatively easy is a! Here to be the nation 's leader in exotic and high-end vehicle wraps, less... Walking away with that new car smile level of detail in the degradation of a boat also prints pro-grade boat... Design capabilities quality, to professional installation, we deliver superior boat wraps same way they do on else... Team will design eye-popping car wrap solutions including car color change wraps + boat +... Will base their quotation on feet and not square footage is a cost-effective option compared.